Are zach and jenna still dating

Zach Nichols Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating and Real World

are zach and jenna still dating

Then, while he was on his first Challenge Zach turned his attention to RW Cancun beauty Jonna Mannion and they, too, also were together. ‘The Challenge’: Jenna Defends Zach As Amanda Threatens To ‘Expose’ Him — ‘He Has Nothing To Hide’. After Zach and Amanda’s blowup on ‘The Challenge’ this week, she took to Twitter and threatened to ‘drop a bomb’ about him at the reunion. Of course, one of. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jenna Compono (@jennacompono).

All of the ups and downs in his love life is clearly out in the media. Dating History Zach has a long list of girlfriends in his dating history.

‘The Challenge’ Exclusive Sneak Peek: Will Amanda Ruin Cara Maria and Zach’s Alliance?

The love story with this couple has not been a straight journey for both of them. This incident took place in front of the camera in The Challenge. To protect their love, Jenna even backed off from the show. After cheating on her, it was again Zach who blocked her number.

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Being the perfect girlfriend, Jenna has also been defending her love from the rumors that other girls want to create. His fellow from the show, Amanda, challenged him and said wait for the bomb she is going to drop. Replying to this, Jenna said she just comes up with anything so let her do it. She and her boyfriend have nothing to hide, and nothing else matters in their life.

are zach and jenna still dating

Zach and his girlfriend posing as a perfect couple Photo: Instagram Despite all these up and down, Jenna chose to be with him. The two are together again after the hurdle in their relationship. Jenna posted a picture on Instagram that confirmed their relationship and wrote a very long caption. You don't get the man that you plan to. Now Kyle is victoriously beating his chest in the main house over Paulie being gone.

are zach and jenna still dating

As they catch everyone up, Paulie again mentions he had wanted to take on Joss and Sylvia. Maybe he will have his chance next time… Meanwhile, Chuck and Brit have found a way to mend fences for now and decide they can move forward to work together as a team.

‘The Challenge’ Exclusive Sneak Peek: Will Amanda Ruin Cara Maria and Zach’s Alliance?

Britni just wants to get back in the house to see Brad. Racing to work any kind of psychological warfare he can if he gets back into the main house, Paulie tells Chuck and Brit that he is going to spread a rumor that they had sex.

Kayleigh and Nelson These two are like fire and powder. Last season, Kayleigh and Nelson got close only to turn into enemies over the revelation that Kayleigh kissed Johnny on the first night in the house. The Johnny-Kayleigh kiss was a joke and done before Kay even started to get close or develop any feelings for Nelson. He brings it onto this love roller coaster ride he has with Kay this season. There has to be some strong feelings involved for this ride to keep going. And go it WILL — because, believe me, I lived with these two, and they both only had eyes for each other.

View photos Jenna and Zach I am so here for this. These two have me all kinds of melted. However, Zach had to go through some personal growth before he could be the right kind of man for Jenna.

Luckily, she was there with her arms open for him when he was ready.