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Looney Tunes, starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Road Runner and all their zany friends. Brought to life by the creative genius of Tex Avery, Chuck. Hyde and Hare is a Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny cartoon, directed by Friz Freleng. The cartoon pits Bugs against Dr. Jekyll, who continues to turn into Mr. Slick Hare is a Merrie Melodies Bugs Bunny cartoon, directed by Friz Freleng. . Bugs Bunny shorts in chronological order by release date "LT" stands for Looney . The club's Latin American-themed decor designed by Tony Duquette cost The cartoon pits Bugs against Dr. Jekyll, who continues to turn into Mr. Hyde.

I was intoxicated by the joy I got from the great virtuosos playing and my dreams were filled with fantasies of following his footsteps…Inspired and fired with ambition, I began to practice with a fervor that made my previous interest in the piano look like neglect. Paderewski later became a family friend, the Depression was financially hard on the Liberace family. Liberace concentrated on his playing with the help of music teacher Florence Kelly.

He gained experience playing music in theaters, on local radio, for dancing classes, for clubs. Inhe played piano with a school group called The Mixers. Liberace also performed in cabarets and strip clubs, though Sam and Frances did not approve, their son was earning a tidy living during hard times.

For a while, Liberace adopted the stage name Walter Busterkeys and he also showed an interest in draftsmanship, design, and painting, and became a fastidious dresser and follower of fashion 5. The Honeymooners — The Honeymooners is an American television sitcom created by and starring Jackie Gleason, based on a recurring —55 comedy sketch of the same name.

The popularity of the sketches led Gleason to rework The Honeymooners as a filmed half-hour series, the final episode of The Honeymooners aired on September 22, although Gleason revived the characters sporadically until The Honeymooners was one of the first U. The majority of The Honeymooners focused on its four principal characters on fixed sets within a Brooklyn apartment building, played by Jackie Gleason—a bus driver for the fictional Gotham Bus Company based out of Brooklyn, NY. He is never seen driving a bus, but is shown at the bus depot.

Ralph is frustrated by his lack of success, and often develops get-rich-quick schemes, Ralph is very short tempered, frequently resorting to bellowing, insults and hollow threats. Well-hidden beneath the layers of bluster, however, is a soft-hearted man who loves his wife and is devoted to his best pal. Ralph enjoys bowling, playing pool and being a member in the Loyal Order of Raccoon Lodge.

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Ralph was given membership in the union for real New York City bus drivers during the run of the show. Ralph Kramden is the inspiration for the animated character Fred Flintstone, Alice, played in the first seven episodes by Pert Kelton and by Audrey Meadows throughout the Classic 39, is Ralphs patient but sharp-tongued wife of roughly 15 years. She often finds herself bearing the brunt of Ralphs insults, which she returns with biting sarcasm and she has grown accustomed to his empty threats, One of these days.

Right in the kisser. She studied to be a secretary before her marriage, and works briefly in that capacity when Ralph is laid off, wilma Flintstone is based on Alice Kramden. Another foil for Ralph is Alices mother, who is even sharper-tongued than her daughter and she despises Ralph as a bad provider. Alices father is mentioned but never seen. Alices sister, Agnes, appeared in one episode, Ralph and Alice lived with her mother for six years after getting married before they got their own apartment.

Ralphs mother is mentioned, but appears in one episode. Ralphs father is mentioned in one episode as having given Ralph a cornet he learned to play as a boy 6. He was, in fact, the voice for all of the major male Warner Bros. Spacely on The Jetsons. Blanc was also the voice of Woody Woodpecker for Universal Pictures.

Having earned the nickname The Man of a Thousand Voices, Blanc is regarded as one of the most influential people in the voice-acting industry, Blanc was born in San Francisco, California to Russian-Jewish parents Frederick and Eva Blank, the younger of two children. He grew up in the neighborhood of Western Addition in San Francisco, growing up, he had a fondness for voices and dialect which he began voicing at the age of He claimed that he changed the spelling of his name when he was 16, from Blank to Blanc, because a teacher told him that he would amount to nothing and be like his name, a blank.

The program played Monday through Saturday from 11,00 pm to midnight, with his wifes encouragement, Blanc returned to Los Angeles and joined Warner Bros. The first role came from a mishap when the recording of the automobiles sounds failed to play on cue, prompting Blanc to take the microphone, the audience reacted so positively that Benny decided to dispense with the recording altogether and have Blanc continue in that role.

Blanc continued to work with him on radio until the series ended in and they last appeared together on a Johnny Carson Tonight Show in January A few months later, Blanc spoke highly of Benny on a Tom Snyder Tomorrow show special aired the night of the comedians death, byBlanc appeared on over 15 radio programs in supporting roles. Blanc played himself as the owner of a fix-it shop.

Cartoons — Cartoons, Inc. Pictures during the Golden Age of American animation, one of the most successful animation studios in American media history, Warner Bros. Cartoons was primarily responsible for the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies theatrical cartoon short subjects, inSchlesinger sold the studio to Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies were briefly subcontracted to Frelengs DePatie-Freleng Enterprises studio from untilCartoons studio briefly re-opened in before shutting its doors for good two years later.

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That company continues to produce Looney Tunes-related works, in addition to television shows, hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising originated the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated short subjects in andrespectively. Both cartoon series were produced for Leon Schlesinger at the Harman-Ising Studio on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, pictures releasing the films to theaters. InHarman and Ising parted company with Schlesinger over financial disputes, as a result, Schlesinger set up his own studio on the Warner Bros.

The Schlesinger studio got off to a start, continuing their one-shot Merrie Melodies. Avery directed a string of cartoons starring Porky Pig that established the character as the studios first bona fide star, Schlesinger also gradually moved the Merrie Melodies cartoons from black and white, to two-strip Technicolor inand finally to full three-strip Technicolor in The Looney Tunes series would be produced in black-and-white for much longer, because of the limited spacing conditions in the Schlesinger building at N.

During this period, these creators introduced several of the most popular characters to date, including Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny. A few months earlier he banished all unionized employees in what became known in retrospective as the Looney Tune Lockout, bythe Schlesinger studio had surpassed Walt Disney Productions as the most successful producer of animated shorts in the United States.

Between andthe Schelsinger studio produced a number of films for the United States military in support of its efforts in World War II, inSchlesinger sold his studio to Warner Bros. In September Frank Tashlin left, and in Octobertashlins unit was initially taken over by Robert McKimson who later took over Clampetts unit 8. Freleng, was an American animator, cartoonist, director, producer, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.

The nickname Friz came from his friend, Hugh Harman, who nicknamed him Congressman Frizby after a fictional senator who appeared in satirical pieces in the Los Angeles Examiner. There, he made the acquaintance of fellow animators Hugh Harman, inIwerks friend, Walt Disney, moved to Hollywood and put out a call for his Kansas City colleagues to join him. Freleng, however, held out untilwhen he moved to California. Freleng soon teamed up with Harman and Ising to try to create their own studio, the trio produced a pilot film starring a new Mickey Mouse-like character named Bosko.

Freleng was very unhappy living in New York and made the best of it until another opportunity opened for him, Bosko was finally sold to Leon Schlesinger, who would produce the series for Warner Bros. At first Freleng was reluctant to return to California when Harman-Ising asked him to work on the series, at the insistence of his sister Jean, Freleng soon moved back to California to work on Looney Tunes.

Harman and Ising left Schlesingers studio over disputes about budgets inSchlesinger was left with no experienced directors, and therefore lured Freleng away from Harman-Ising to successfully fix cartoons directed by Tom Palmer which Warner Bros rejected.

The young animator became Schlesingers top director, and he introduced the studios first true star, Porky Pig, in the film. Porky was a character, unlike Bosko or his replacement. As a director, Freleng gained the reputation of a tough taskmaster and his unit, however, consistently produced high-quality animated shorts under his direction.

InFreleng left Schlesingers after accepting an increase in salary to direct for the new Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio headed by Fred Quimby. To Frelengs chagrin, he found he would be working on The Captain, the series failed to achieve much success, much as Freleng had predicted. Though skillfully animated, the characters could not compete with the animals that prevailed at the time 9.

Coyote and the Road Runner, the Tasmanian Devil, and many others and these characters themselves are commonly referred to as the Looney Tunes. From toLooney Tunes and Merrie Melodies were the most popular animated shorts in movie theaters, many of the characters have made and continue to make cameo appearances in various other television shows, movies and advertisements.

Several Looney Tunes films are regarded as some of the greatest animated cartoons of all time, in the beginning, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies drew their storylines from Warners vast music library. From toMerrie Melodies were produced in color and Looney Tunes in black, afterboth series were produced in color and became virtually indistinguishable, varying only in their opening theme music and titles.

Both series made use of the various Warner Bros. Beans was later phased out when his popularity declined, leaving Porky as the star of the Schlesinger studio. The inspiration for the changeover was Warners decision to only the color cartoons in the Blue Ribbon Classics series of Merrie Melodies.

Schlesinger sold his interest in the studio in to Warner Bros. Elmer quickly puts a mirror into a pot. Bugs, taking a look inside, soon realizes that he himself is the main course. Bugs eventually manages to escape the kitchen, dressing like Groucho Marx in an attempt to fool Elmer. Elmer then appears next to Bugs, dressed as Harpo Marx.

Bugs tries to make a getaway, but is stopped by the large stomach of Sydney Greenstreet. He runs into Carmen Miranda 's dressing room and hides in her fruit headdress.

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Carmen then performs a song and as she exits the stage, Elmer starts chasing Bugs. Elmer runs away from the audience leaving Bugs to dance to the orchestra's samba rhythms.

Bugs then makes his way back to the kitchen, where he revels in the audience's appreciation of his performance "Ah, my public! How they love me! Fudd then runs towards Bugs, and Bugs immediately pretends to be a waiter ordering pies and twice splatters Elmer in the facefirst with a lemon meringue piethen with a banana cream pie.

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The third time a comic triplewhen Bugs orders a coconut custard pie with whipped creamElmer finally realizes that the waiter is Bugs "Say, ya know what I think? I think that's the wabbit! Well, he who waughs wast, ha ha ha! Bogart walks into the kitchen, grabs Elmer by his collar and asks him, "Why did you hit me in a face wid a coconut custard pie wid whipped cream?

Elmer searches frantically, but cannot find one in time. Bogart returns, and sticks his hand in his jacket menacingly.