Charlieskies and amazingphil dating advice

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@AmazingPhil why do bus timetables have to be so confusing?! Me and my friends hate getting the bus just because we don't understand it:(0 replies 0. flamboyant-lester is a fanfiction author that has written 9 stories for Web Shows, and It. History of AmazingPhil and friends This is a timeline of the career of Phil starts a blog/service on MySpace where he offers advice on photo editing and talks about his life. channel with Charlie Casey (aka CharlieSkies) called Pabloislove. June - Stephen Byrne and Charlie Casey start dating.

Dan Howell, Phil Lester, danisnotonfire. The title is a lyric from my favorite musical, Rent, just so you know. Dan Howell is chosen as the first ever Youtube Bachelor. What happens when he is left to chose the love of his life from seven men who all want to win for their own reasons? But was it just a dream? There is lots of Phan sexiness and maybe a little bit of sadness. I hope you enjoy it. D Web Shows - Rated: Hiccup always fails at telling Astrid that he likes her, but when he meets Jack will the trickster be able to help him with his dating problems or will Hiccup fall for him instead?

T - English - Romance - Chapters: As a seventeen year old boy raising a child isn't easy.

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I promise it'll be good. He meets Phil and finally things get better, but will it last? I know it's really long, but I can promise you it's worth it! An offended, defensive remark.

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A pillow flies across the room. A door opens, a door closes. Starring AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire, hope you enjoy! Z is for Zebra Web Shows - Rated: Please note this story involves sex, attempted suicide and an eating disorder.

Charlieskies and amazingphil dating

I cannot really summarise this fanfic so just give it a go and follow it if you like it. Dan misses his chance when Phil gets a boyfriend. M - English - Romance - Chapters: This secret is slowly killing Dan and he can't take it much longer. What will Phil do to get it out of Dan? Will Dan tell him? Phil Lester, Dan Howell, amazingphil, danisnotonfire, Phan. His jokes went so far that it hit a nerve with Dan. Dan normally stays away from arguments, or tries to not make things escalate any further.

charlieskies and amazingphil dating advice

But this time he didn't. They full on went after each other. It was a full on argument on Twitter. A few other YouTubers caught on and chose their sides. Phil wasn't in any of it. He stayed completely silent through it all. But after a period of joking, insulting and offending it all went silent.

Dan removed Charlie on Facebook and unfollowed him on Twitter. They didn't even try to work things out. They didn't even try to fix what they did. It all came down to one person. People were asking Charlie if he thought that Phil would forgive him. People were praying for the best.

But it didn't end too well for him. People asked Charlie if he was alright. He said that times change and that stuff like this can happen. He shared on tumblr and twitter that he was kind of disappointed but still held on to the possibility of maybe fixing things between him and Phil. He always said how he would be there for him, even though he probably hated him, even though Phil probably didn't want anything to do with Charlie.

Charlie held on to the possibility. He stayed online for a period of time. But he got a lot of hate. People who sided with Dan started to send him unsettling and hateful things. There were people who had known him for a longer time, they saw a different side of Charlie, so they were sending Charlie nice things. He still occasionally posted videos, even after deleting all of his older ones.

charlieskies and amazingphil dating advice

So it went on for a few years until at the end of he went completely offline. After saying that he was fine. He left the internet completely, as far as we know at least.

He was known for leaving and coming back, he was known for taking breaks from the internet, he was known for starting off with a fresh start, but this time it was different.