Christel khalil and michael graziadei dating

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christel khalil and michael graziadei dating

Michael Graziadei dating history, , , list of Michael Graziadei relationships. Who is he dating right now? . Christel Khalil and Michael Graziadei. Michael Graziadei (born September 22, ) is an American actor, known for . (Chris Carmack) and his girlfriend Dani (Laura Vandervoort) are dive surfing a love story and marriage with Lily Winters (Christel Khalil, Davetta Sherwood). Daniel Romalotti and Lily Winters are fictional characters and a popular supercouple from the American soap opera The Young and the Restless. Daniel was portrayed by Michael Graziadei and Lily is portrayed by Christel Khalil. The specific problem is: Out of date Please help improve this article if you can. ( February.

Casting[ edit ] Winters was first portrayed as a child by Vanessa Carson infollowed by Brooke Marie Bridges from to After screen tests with co-star Kristoff St. John and casting director Marnie Saitta, Khalil was given the part. Latham noted that Sherwood did a "fine job" as the character, but "shows generally prefer to have original players back when they can get them".

Saying that she hoped she and the show could come to a mutual agreement but that the show didn't seem interested in continuing negotiations with her.

She described Lily as "a lot like her mother": She spent a lot of time with her mother growing up and she's seen how her mother reacts to certain situations when there is a problem or a dilemma.

Khalil described her happiness with her character's evolution, with more adult storylines and having to "deal with things like losing a baby or breaking off her engagement [to Cane]". Daniel and Lily Greg Rikaart portrays Kevin, formerly an internet predator who targets Lily and infects her with chlamydia.

One of Lily's first storylines centered around her manipulation by internet predator Kevin Fisher Greg Rikaartwho gives her the sexually-transmitted disease chlamydia. The meeting on the Internet, getting an STD, it was really great stuff.

Smith promised the character's recast would "bring an entirely new level" to Lily and Daniel's romance. Sherwood's interpretation drew comparisons to Lily's mother, Drucilla; that "fire" was brought into Daniel and Lily's relationship. Sherwood said that "Dru can be a little dramatic", and when Lily faces an issue with Daniel "she's not going to remain calm, she's going to do what she saw her mother do".

Daniel's addiction to pornography. The pair tried to work through Daniel's addiction, but it ended their marriage. Their pairing has garnered significant fan attention. Lily was later written into a romance with Cane Ashby Daniel Goddard intertwined with a modeling career. Love triangles and questioned paternity occur frequently in soap operas, but he felt that Maria Arena Bell made the plots fresh. For their wedding, Lily wore the dress her mother Drucilla Victoria Rowell wore at her wedding to Neil.

christel khalil and michael graziadei dating

Bell agreed; there were "little details" about the original dress she wanted to keep, and it became "a really beautiful dress". However, she eventually discovered that Cane was trying to protect her and they remarried. Lily was born into a paternity storyline, with brothers Neil or Malcolm Winters her father.

Well, if you think about it as a storyteller the potential for interesting drama is much more interesting if Malcolm is the biological father and not Neil.

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If Neil was the biological father, the whole sub textual romantic potential between Drucilla and Malcolm fades away. But if Malcolm is the biological father then, wow! You've got the potential for years to come for fireworks. It helps that on our writing team, we have one writer who's currently suffering from breast cancer, who put a lot of her own heart and soul into this story.

I myself am a survivor [of] two different cancers. His relationship with Lily was used as a way to show a different side of the character. In that way, the Lily character was said to have "tamed" him. The website, SoapCity displayed the letter and the emails. Smith planned to recast the role and promised to "bring an entirely new level" to Daniel and Lily's story. I haven't gotten any Lily versus Lily, or Christel verses Davetta mail. Sherwood's take on the part brought on comparison's to the character's mother, Drucilla.

Lily Winters

That new "fire" was brought into the Daniel and Lily relationship. She's going to do what she saw her mother do. Viewers instead sympathized with the character. This addiction and the lies surrounding it ended the Daniel and Lily romance.

christel khalil and michael graziadei dating

The following year, they get romantically involved. Their mothers, Drucilla Winters Victoria Rowell and Phyllis Summers Michelle Stafforddo not approved due to their rivalry and attempt to keep them apart. While at a party, Daniel and Lily break up, causing him to drown his sorrows in alcohol. His under-aged crush Cassie Newman Camryn Grimes decides to drive a drunken Daniel home, as they both live on the same property.

However, Cassie ends up crashing the car, injuring both of them. Daniel is arrested after Cassie dies when neither of them can remember the incident, and he is expected to have been driving. He goes on the run with Lily to Los Angelesbut they are soon caught.

Daniel's trial ends well, when evidence that Daniel wasn't driving is presented. Lily, however, is arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

In a plea bargain with the courts, Lily's parents send her to a boarding school in New Hampshire. InLily arrives home from boarding school but tricks her parents into believing she broke her relationship off with Daniel by sending him a Dear John letter. During this time, Lily decided to announce her romance with Daniel, thinking her parents wouldn't mind after this news.

However, both are still objective to Daniel and Lily, demanding she go back to boarding school. This causes Daniel and Lily to run away to Las Vegas to get married.

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As they are under legal age to marry, they forge Dru and Neil's signatures. They are soon tracked down and brought home. While their families are devastated that they are married, they soon learn to accept that this is what the couple truly want.