Colton haynes and holland roden dating tumblr

holland roden with colton haynes | Tumblr

colton haynes and holland roden dating tumblr

Yeah how the hell is Colton Haynes friends with Rahm?? . It's funny that he's been asked about dating LC, Lucy Hale and Holland but no one . do you think the "coltonhaynesinfo" tumblr blog is legit? they claim hes gay and have . of the doubt, but the "big city girls" and "I want to date Holland Roden" and "Emma Stone. Teen Wolf may have wrapped up earlier this year, but it turns out that there was a mini-reunion at Colton Haynes's wedding that's giving us all. “I love my friends, my family on set, and I really love being the leader and setting a tone, and just that family- we've really grown into a family, and I'm gonna miss.

I think Britt won her in the divorce. You look good too.

colton haynes and holland roden dating tumblr

Enjoying New York and shit. He began jiggling his leg as he watched Colton and Tyler smirk at each other. Dylan chuckled and folded his hands over his stomach and leaned back in his chair. He was relaxed getting to talk about you. What does she look like? Give me the details, man. Tyler leaned forward a smidge as well, curious to learn more about the girl that Dylan had been spending his summer with.

He handed the phone to Colton, who zoomed in on your face, and tilted the screen so that Tyler could see it too. Yo, Khylin, Shell and I are going upstairs for a smoke, you coming?

Colton Haynes: One day I will pretend I was never in the closet! The saga continues.

Dylan smiled and shook his head. Dylan nodded, then stared down at the floor and thought about you, a massive smile breaking out on his lips. What does she do? What have you guys been doing? I was going through her iTunes the other day and she had all this shit you listen to.

She had been all over Asia this spring, and was in Vietnam when she had to come home unexpectedly. Dylan laughed and nodded. Dylan smiled genuinely and rubbed the screen of his phone against his black trousers.

Colton Haynes: One day I will pretend I was never in the closet! The saga continues.

It was fucking great. He continued listing off the things you had done. We went to a winery on the North Fork.

colton haynes and holland roden dating tumblr

We went to The Met and she showed me all her favorite art. Dylan smirked and then felt his phone buzz. Is she part of the Cult? I am so stoked on this chick right now.

Dylan sat back down; he knew it would be about five minutes before he would get to go upstairs to the panel. He checked his phone. He had seven text messages. Dyl, have fun today. Enjoy it for the both of us. I miss you tons. The two of you were best friends. Just try to remember that. Love you too boo boo.

Dylan snickered at the text from Tyler, and scrolled past one from his mom that he swore he would answer later, and one from Taylor Kitsch stating how excited he was to start press and see him again.

Then he got to the text he wanted to see: Dylan laughed out loud, took a screenshot of the text conversation, and sent it off to Posey. He then went back to text you.

Posey is in love with you now. An uncontrollable smirk broke out across his face.

holland roden x colton haynes | Tumblr

For Colton Haynes, coming out opened many doors for him and enabled him to live a more honest, open life, but not every actor has that happen. And CS has made it clear that he likes to keep his personal life private.

colton haynes and holland roden dating tumblr

It was there for about six months. But they never outright said it. On NY Daily News, they speculated about the pairing. They went to a club afterward. It was either a purposeful PR stunt to leave some relationship breadcrumbs, or they got someone to claim to have seen them. Colton Haynes never dated Lauren Conrad, or any of the many women they set him up with. They knew [I was gay] the whole time. This one is accompanied by pictures, where they do look like a couple, but as we later learned, they are both just good friends.

colton haynes and holland roden dating tumblr

Colton Haynes and Holland Roden. Their characters were together for most of the first season. These are all public outings and events. The main thing they have in common is that the two actors are touching in some way. It also catered to the romance of actors dating in real life when their characters date on the show. And even though their characters Jackson and Lydia broke up on the show, picturing the actors together helped keep the interest alive.

Friends do matching costumes, sure, but this was done strategically as an attempt to improve viewership ratings. It was nothing more than a PR stunt.

The two did not go on a date afterwards. They went to hang out with other Riverdale cast members. Ratings have been dropping each week since the premiere of Riverdale, which had an astounding 2. And now for our final Colton Haynes PR relationship. Arrow is a CW show. This is proof that CW has done PR relationship stunts in the past.