Devon werkheiser and scout taylor compton dating

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devon werkheiser and scout taylor compton dating

The high-school love story between freshman Victor and senior student Anya, who is also dating Peter, stars Devon Werkheiser and Scout Taylor-Compton. Director: Barbara Topsoe-Rothenborg Cast: Devon Werkheiser, Scout Taylor- Compton, Sean MarquetteBarbara Topsoe-Rothenborg,. | Read Reviews. With Scout Taylor-Compton, Devon Werkheiser, Tania Verafield, Ken Luckey. Scout Taylor Love at First Hiccup () On the set of The First Time (Love at First Hiccup) with Devon Werkheiser On set for Love at First Hiccup Release Date.

She has appeared in small television roles and in feature films. Taylor-Compton also provided voice work in other films, including The Core. I have no problem with that stuff, whether it was a coffin or my dad bringing his work home.

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Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides, her ex-boyfriend whom she dated for six years, inTaylor-Compton began her acting career with an appearance in the film A. Inshe had a role as Clara Forrester. She endured a long process, but as director Zombie explains 3. Also, he portrayed the leader in the movie The Watch.

He provided vocals on the track and on Voyeur. Disney began distributing videos under its own label in under the name Walt Disney Home Video, before Disney began releasing home video titles itself, it licensed some titles to MCA Discovision for their newly developed disc format, later called LaserDisc.

However, he is horrified when he opens the door to find Anya's parents arrive back home.

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The next day, Victor receives an invitation to Anya's 18th birthday party, which unbeknownst to Victor was actually made by Brian Adam J. As Victor's brother Zack Daniel Polo and Brian want Victor's attempts to woo Anya to fail so they can successfully publish their production film, they advise Victor to buy her a tarantula which Brian names "Hugo" for her birthday present claiming that she has always wanted one.

In Anya's bedroom, Anya gets Victor to relax but her father informs the two they can't find 'Hugo', and then offers Victor a ride home.

Sometime later, Victor apologizes to Anya and offers to take her out for lunch which she accepts, much to the annoyance and confusion of Peter who originally planned a different date.

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Anya breaks up with Peter, and Victor takes her to Pyramid Lake where they rent a row boat. While relaxing on the boat, Anya says that Victor hasn't failed and kisses him. She then asks if Victor is also a virgin, and when he replies that he is, she invites him to come over to her house on Wednesday to have sex with him, as her parents will be out playing cards. Victor goes to a drug store with the intention to buy condoms but is too embarrassed to do so. With the help of Zack, Victor pays him to buy them.

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devon werkheiser and scout taylor compton dating

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devon werkheiser and scout taylor compton dating

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