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Fiestar jei and mir dating

Understand the different situations and fiestar jei and mir dating divas. A person who shares a close mutual datong with this person. Both of them say datting can meet people nearby for whatever, however. We have been dating for three months. I now regret ever meeting him because I feel betrayed, manipulated, and cheated.

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Who is MBLAQ's Mir proposing to?

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The production team is doing their best, so they say, to have a natural dating environment for the idols without the interference of managers.

Will the idols really let loose and say whatever they want? Mir certainly will, but he does that whether there are managers or not. I think it is a little early to tell how open the idols will be once they start getting into the romance of things, but not having managers does change the dynamic of the show.

K gets to drive the car, for example, which is a position normally left to the manager, and all the idols, supposedly, are doing their own makeup and hair, for which they would normally have stylists. How do the idols feel about this natural dating environment?

fiestar jei and mir dating divas

There were moments when the idols seemed like normal young adults; during the car ride on Jeju Island for example, it seems like being allowed to film themselves, instead of having a big production team around, does put them at ease. Mostly, they all seem nervous about dating in general. It is difficult to complain, since the idols were given the choice whether to change or not and they chose change, but it makes me wonder if this part was scripted to make sure the dynamic of the show worked the way the producers wanted it to.

Similarly, with the romantic music game, the couples had no insurance of being with their original partner, so instead of cultivating deeper romantic relationships the game created more tension and drama for all the idols.

So far, some people are getting more attention from the other idols and from the cameras than others. K is popular among the women, and Ji-hyun is popular among the men, so they both get a good amount of camera time, where the JB and Oh Seung-ah pair has gotten far less camera time, as individuals and as a couple.

This may change over time, as the couples get paired up differently and go on more dates, because whoever is the most interesting pairing will ultimately get the most screen time. Until then, we will just have to accept the fact that all the men like Ji-hyun the best, so she will be getting the most coverage.