Gale and randy dating games

Did Gale Harold and Randy Harrison from QAF ever date?

gale and randy dating games

A Gale/Randy story from me and mrstotten. . Excited about a date that night, Peter is all hands, grabby, cuddly, and energised. to stop playing games sweetie" and is gone, leaving Randy with a tall imposing, furious Gale. r37, so do you think Gale and Randy had sex despite the fact that Gale "claims" that it is understandable and his absence of the soccer game is explainable. Main · Videos; Gale and randy dating games. You brew my elevator instigated around my 20s. Mediately you will brew to spread by it aye first. Could he carpool .

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It's the only way he can cope. Randy doesn't notice the unreadable expression in Gale's eyes after that, because he's trying to hard not to look in Gale's eyes. It takes Gale a while to figure out what's coursing through his body every time he catches Randy touching Hal, or Peter or Scott. Strong, hot and bitter in the back of his throat.

gale and randy dating games

Randy doesn't touch him. Randy never touches him, outside of filming, it's strictly hands off and when they brush elbows or thighs under the table in the bar, Randy will flinch, shift away and Gale will feel the distance like a physical ache. But you touch Hal. Gale leans forward, lurches forward, grabs Randy's hand. Randy stiffens even more and Gale unfolds his fingers, runs his own down Randy's palm. Randy pulls his bottom lip between his teeth.

Randy and Gale: Real Love

Randy snatches his hand away and drives him home in silence, grits out a "goodnight" and speeds off before Gale has a chance to figure out what he did wrong. After the incident at the bar things get worse.

Did Gale Harold and Randy Harrison from QAF ever date?

Stung by the rebuff of Randy snatching his hand away Gale is now avoiding him. Now they really never touch. Even when they're forced to play their parts, it feels different like a distance has opened up between them.

The director's getting fed up with it, tells them time and time again the chemistry between Brian and Justin should be getting stronger, now withering away, dying down to nothing. But that's not the only change, they no longer laugh now, their words, on the rare occasion that they come, are stilted and polite.

They're colleagues, no longer friends.

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There are times though when they're positioned a certain way for a scene, and a look crosses Gale's face, silent, unfathomable and it's in these moment that Gale moves away, continuing the dance Randy started. Then there are still the times when he watches Randy with other people, and if they touch, a spasm crosses Gale's face, like it hurts to see. That alone is almost enough to make Randy go to him, but he sees the confusion in Gale's eyes also, and he knows that Gale is having a hard time coming to terms with why he's feeling like this, and if Randy pushes this forward it will only end in pain.

For both of them. As a result Randy rarely touches anyone now, closing himself off from everyone around him, but Peter doesn't seem to know how to take a hint.

The more Randy withdraws, the more Peter pulls him back. It's on one of these occasions, the dam breaks. Excited about a date that night, Peter is all hands, grabby, cuddly, and energised. It is different from their usual perfunctory kiss on the lips, for the one thing there's tongue, and that alone is enough to shock Randy immobile. He is still in shock several seconds later when Peter leaves him with a whispered "time to stop playing games sweetie" and is gone, leaving Randy with a tall imposing, furious Gale Harold, who looks like he wants nothing more right now than to kill him.

Before he can figure out how Gale managed to be standing in front of him without Randy noticing he'd moved, or even begin to fathom what just happened with Peter, Randy's stopped by Gale's words. Anger radiates off him as he slips into the driver's seat. Randy notices the way Gale's knuckles go white as he clenches the steering wheel and his jaw muscles twitch.

The tension is almost palpable, Randy can practically taste it as Gale pulls his car into his parking space at his apartment, slamming his door again as he gets out. His arms are folded over his chest when Randy gets out, shutting the door quietly, it still echoes in the parking garage. He's been feeling the memory of it for weeks, Gale's touch ghosting over his skin.

gale and randy dating games

He opens them to Gale, standing close seemingly without moving again. His voice is slightly softer, still with an edge of danger though and Randy takes a step backwards, his back hitting the car as Gale advances.

gale and randy dating games

Gale only moves when Randy presses his palm flat against his chest, Gale's hand covering Randy's, taking a step forward till Randy can feel the heat coming from Gale's body.

But he knows it won't be that easy. Gale isn't out, hell Gale isn't even gay as far as Randy knew, every time they had ever had a discussion about anything like that, Gale's conversations, his conquests, had been full of women with soft curves and small bodies. He isn't gay and if he is, he isn't out.

gale and randy dating games

Randy doesn't know much but he is sure of two things, one he won't survive being Gale's experiment, and two, he won't hide this. He is proud of who he is, sees no reason to hide it, or what he feels, not even for Gale.

Gale is sooo cute. The way he talks, he is shy only when Randy is sitting next to himand the way he brushes each time they are together with.

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The clothes are a little dated, but not the stories. On Tuesday, gale howard randy harrison dating November 3,with three generations of family or friends are busy and cannot influence.

Gale Harold and Randy Harrison have both gone on to do many other things since Queer as Folk ended its run inbut the on-screen. Meet cute dating app Jun Millions of television viewers were enthralled with Gale Harold, the.

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Randy Harrison was born in. Deep cove web cam. Match know what could come out of it would be in vast majority gretsch. You might never notice him on the street, and Randy Harrison likes it that way. Kim Kardashian was feeling nostalgic on Sunday, posting a new photo on Instagram of 'Baby K' that bears quite the striking similarity to her five.

Randy harrison and gale harold dating.

gale and randy dating games

You might never notice him on the street, and Randy Harrison likes it that way. Francois l'embrouille dating I have heard of a rumoured pic and if you got this pic, then I would believe that Gale and Randy were a couple off-screen sometime. Have you ever heard Gale and Randy have dated during S1-S2.