India introverts and dating

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india introverts and dating

“I just can't do the whole dating thing,” confesses Sarah, “It's not that I don't want to find love, it's more that I'm shy and awkward so I find the whole dating. For an introvert, dating is quite a task. It requires you to talk, open up – and that's exactly the kind of thing you would like to avoid. There's definitely more to introverts than just being silent or shy.

Introducing him to your buddies is a great move since it establishes a connection.

Your guide to dating an introvert |

Sonawani suggests going about it carefully: Allow him to get comfortable with a few people first and then introduce them to the rest of the circle. Give it some time and they will be able to open up more and more with your squad. Remember, society and the world at large already judges them, so this is the last thing your partner wants from you.

Be it their wish to stay indoors, get some me-time or maintain a small, close-knit group of friends—always respect their choices.

india introverts and dating

Sometimes, introverts have small social circles and when they start dating someone, they may get dependent on that person for their social needs. While there is no universal answer, it might be best for your partner and you to openly talk about your needs and how the two of you can help the other person achieve it.

Your guide to dating an introvert

A great relationship always comes with a generous sprinkling of communication and a dash of awareness. And the strangest thing was, he never called me much on the phone either. Encourage your partner to engage in the conversation and repay the favour by being a good listener as well. And if you are with a group of friends, brownie points for introducing topics of interest you know your man will enjoy so he can pitch in too.

Dedhia suggests that patience and time can be your biggest allies in helping you overcome this hurdle. And remember, a little acceptance can go a long way! Instead of trying to get your man to always see your way of life, agree to the middle ground. Neha shares the solution she found with her boyfriend: I felt that I needed to head out and party or do something after sitting in one spot for work through the week. But for him, some creative stimulation is all he needed so hand him a book or a new TV series and he would be good for the weekend.

Yet, we found our balance. On Saturdays, I get to call the shots and Sundays are his to plan. Dedhia too is of the same opinion and believes that since relationships are equal partnerships, it takes two to keep the boat from sinking. And the easiest way to do that? Swap a list of things you like and take turns deciding how the two of you will spend your time together. Go on, get started right away! And when we love hard, we tend to push hard too. Instead of forcing your partner, be patient and wait for him to open up at his own pace.

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert? Yes, extroverts who like some quiet time and introverts who like having a lot of friends do exist! Think of it more like a spectrum, where you can have varying degreesof both. But to get a general idea of which side you swing more towards, pay attention to these things: Love being the centre of attention? Thank your extroverted side for that.

Introverts tend to shy away from the spotlight and hate being the centre of attention. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Be the first one to review. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message Now Reading: Share fbshare twshare pinshare Comments 0 Are you an extrovert and dating an introvert?

india introverts and dating

While an extrovert is an outgoing, expressive and life-of-the-party person, an introvert is a shy person who might prefer communicating through text messages rather than expressing his or her feelings in person. In case you have fallen for an introvert, these seven tips will help to understand your partner and strengthen your bond. You cannot change the basic nature of a person and you have to fall in love with their shy personality. But this does mean they do not have a fun side, the key is to understand them better as a person.

They need this me time to recharge themselves and therefore, never ask them to compromise on their solitude. Hence, inform them about the event in advance and give them the time to mentally prepare themselves. At the event, stay close to them to make them feel comfortable amongst strangers and give them your attention.