Is spencer and caleb dating on pll who took

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is spencer and caleb dating on pll who took

This 'Pretty Little Liars' Pair Isn't Dating, But Spencer Sure Looks Love time with Caleb to Jordan, and then brought up the time again when. Before you pick your side, here's a little reminder of the Haleb and Spaleb love Caleb takes the blame and gets fired by Veronica and punched by Toby. Spaleb Pairing: Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers Status: Broken Up, Close Their friendship took eventually a more intimate turn in 6B when they .. and I'm guessing that Hanna met/dated Jordan about a year after the break a year ago.

After finding out Caleb was living at the school because his foster parents threw him out, Hanna invited him to secretly stay at her place. The night under the stars.

When Hanna's mom found out Caleb was living in their basement, she told him to leave. Hanna left with him and they spent the night, ahem, 'camping' in the woods The first break up Haleb's first romance was short lived when Hanna discovered Jenna had paid Caleb to spy on her and the other Liars. Although Caleb told Hanna he stopped when he started to fall for her, Hanna felt like she couldn't trust him anymore.

Hanna soon trusted Caleb enough to tell him about A.

is spencer and caleb dating on pll who took

And they worked together to try and bring down A. It was super cute! But would it last? BUT they get back together and Caleb vows to help stop A no matter what. And then Caleb left for Ravenswood In Season 4 Caleb met fellow runaway Miranda who he promised to help out.

And when Caleb grabbed Spencer's hand later that night, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel some sort of giddy anticipation for what was to come. Spencer and Caleb have always been one of our favorite, albeit criminally underused, dynamic duos on "PLL.

Let's not kid ourselves here: Spencer and Caleb are the only two people in Rosewood who use a thing called logic. Not to mention, they're both highly attractive intelligent. He's a hacker, and she's a political mastermind. Think about how weirdly smart and intense their children would be or, you know, don't.

Regardless of what we think about this major romantic development, it's none of our damn business who Spencer and Caleb decide to hook up with. After all, they've both been single for years.

Later, Spencer calls Caleb to tell him that she and Gill didn't have a lunch scheduled but that Yvonne had shown up instead. Yvonne seems to forget she had a lunch with Spencer as well.

is spencer and caleb dating on pll who took

Caleb warns Spencer this could be a threat from Evil Emoji and to be careful. After lunch, Spencer realizes Yvonne left her phone and she hastily puts it in her purse before anyone notices. She returns to the house and finds Caleb helping Hanna. She reveals she stole Yvonne's phone and Caleb congratulates her.

is spencer and caleb dating on pll who took

While slipping him the phone, Caleb touches her finger slightly and rubs her arm; a tender act witnessed by Hanna, who then leaves to take a phone call from work but not before looking back at a joyful Caleb and Spencer.

Later, Caleb works on finding the signal from Yvonne and Spencer's phones. He texts Spencer, Where R U?

Are Spencer & Caleb Dating on ‘Pretty Little Liars’?

Do Not Disturb Spencer and Caleb chat about Caleb's findings on the 'Hastings Opposition Research' file and discover that someone took a photo of Veronica's medical records and that the opposing team will likely leak it to make it seem like Veronica isn't capable of running. The next day, they discuss Mona's involvement in making sure Spencer got Yvonne's phone after she confesses to Spencer that she meant for Spencer to find it.

Caleb tells Spencer that Veronica would need to go public before it got leaked and that it wouldn't be a secret much longer. Caleb gets a text from Hanna asking him for a drink and he accepts but cuts the meeting short to talk to Mona. He confronts her and promises to make her very sorry if any of her actions harm Spencer.

is spencer and caleb dating on pll who took

After returning to the house, Caleb finds Spencer sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking wine. He remarks that maybe the opposing team would take the high road, how Veronica is, and they share a cute moment. She tells him that even though her mom might be sick, she's happier than she's ever been and has everything she needs. Caleb caresses her cheek and asks her if there's anything that she needs.

This makes her laugh and she tells him that he should also get a glass because "his girlfriend's drinking all alone and it's really sad. Caleb suggests to Toby that he does the talking because he speaks cop. Spencer says wait, because Toby's job is on the line, so Caleb turns to her and yells angrily "Are you serious, Spencer?

Hanna's life is on the line!

Are Spencer & Caleb Dating on 'Pretty Little Liars'?

The group runs to Hanna's rescue at the bell tower in the church, with Spencer watching tearfully and horrified as Caleb is the one touching what he believes to be Hanna's dead body. It is revealed to be a mask and a doll and the real Hanna has 24 hours left to be saved. An hour later in Spencer's house, Spencer and Caleb are next to each other sitting at her kitchen island, leaning on the counter and looking distressed.

They talk with the group, the rest of whom are on couches and sitting in her living room beside the kitchen, about how to proceed. Soon the entire group is sitting around the kitchen island and Caleb and Spencer are no longer directly next to each other anymore Mona is between them.

is spencer and caleb dating on pll who took

Everyone's focus is on solving Charlotte's murder so that they can rescue Hanna but Caleb keeps bringing up Hanna's name more urgently than the rest of them.

Caleb stops Spencer and Toby from joining him and Mona in the car, saying there's no reason for all four of them to tail Mary Drake. Toby says he's right and Spencer reluctantly follows Toby and leaves Caleb, mumbling "Yeah, sure.

She says she'll go over the Mary Drake file again and tries to continue the sentence but he cuts her off with an "Okay. She says "Bye to you, too" to the phone before throwing it down in a huff on the kitchen island.

Caleb and Mona spy on Mary Drake throughout the day and at night they see her approach Spencer's house. Caleb texts Spencer and warns her not to answer the door but Spencer doesn't read the text in time, so Spencer answers the door and invites her in. Spencer and Caleb share another brief phone call about the intel Mona and Caleb have gathered through spying on Mary Drake at the Lost Woods Resort that night. Later Caleb hangs up with Mona and tells the whole group, who have reconvened in Spencer's living room, that Mona needs backup at the Lost Woods Resort right before Emily walks in, says Ali confessed to killing Charlotte, and reveals the red coat.