James and lily dating fanfiction

The Year of Lily and James Potter Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

james and lily dating fanfiction

Lily and James have been secretly dating for that past 8 months or so, when Sirius comments to James that he's got this new fling, named Lily. It all began with one force date and a very special kiss. I wrote Lily/James story before, but it just didn't work so now I am starting a new one. Lily gets into a fight with Petunia and says she has a boyfriend, when she really doesn't. So, she's forced to turn to none other than James.

james and lily dating fanfiction

He kissed his way around the soft flesh of one, slowly circling his way to her rosy nipple. He swirled his tongue around the little nub and Lily moaned, arching her back to him and holding his face to her chest. Kissing his way across her chest, James repeated the process, then slowly and gently laid Lily back on her blankets and pillows he'd conjured. He trailed his tongue down her stomach, licking, kissing, sucking, and gently nipping at her soft skin. James loved her belly; it was so soft and feminine, yet tone and he could never resist the opportunity to slip his hand under her shirt to feel it.

And if he happened to slip higher to another soft area of skin… He reached the waistband of her skirt and stopped his downward progression to toy with her stomach and let the tension build.

Lily needn't be disappointed, though, as his fingers were lightly dancing their way up her legs, tickling her. Oh, how I love when she squirms, James thought with a smirk.

His fingers reached her poor excuse for knickers and began tracing the edge. Lily knew they were skimpy underwear, and that's why she pulled them on this morning; because she knew she was meeting James later in the night. James brushed his fingers against her center and she arched to him.


He breathed in deep her aroma, loving the intoxicating and arousing smell of her. James kissed his way up her inner thigh and brushed his nose and lips against her auburn curls to kiss her other leg. The near shriek Lily gave when his face grazed her clit told him she was more than ready for him. Catering to her desire, James pressed his lips to her sensitive bundle of nerves for a gentle kiss before running his tongue along her slit and tasting her sweetness.

Her legs wrapped about his head, holding him in place as he returned to her clit and focused his attentions there. Lily let out a deep moan as James slipped a finger inside her, moving it in a steady rhythm she matched. He added a second and she gave another long moan at the stretched sensation she felt.

No, she wanted him to fill her as only he could.

Whispers on the wind: a Lily and James Date, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

She knew he would, he always did. James always took care of her. His other hand looped around her thigh to hold her and rested on her stomach. He was so tan from quidditch and she so fair-skinned; the contrast between them was a fetish of his and turned him on every time he saw it. His hand setting there gave James an idea, and he pulled his mouth from Lily's clit, never breaking the rhythm of his fingers. Lily moaned at the loss of his talented tongue and was curious why he stopped.

She stared at him from between her breasts and watched as he pulled up the hood of her clitoris. James stuck out his tongue, flicking her uncovered clit and she screamed at the pleasure. His lips descended on it, surrounding it completely, and sucked gently. Lily saw stars explode behind her eyes as her orgasm overtook her. Before she came down from her climactic high, James had moved so his body hovered over hers, his penis resting between her vaginal lips, sliding it along, lubricating himself with her body's juices.

She twitched and uttered a squeak as the head bumped her sensitive clit. She never had to beg him, though; he'd give anything and do anything for her. He positioned himself at her entrance, gliding his member gently and easily into her, and Lily arched her back at the pleasure of being filled by him.

James dropped his head to her shoulder, relishing in their union, their joining as one. No matter how many times they did this, it always felt perfect. James began moving in a gentle rhythm Lily matched, drawing in and pushing in steadily eliciting moans from both teens. Lily rolled James onto his back, gazing down at him with a small smirk as she took control. She rotated her hips with him buried deep within her.

james and lily dating fanfiction

She groaned at the sensation as James gasped. He trailed his hands up her sides and cupped her breasts, gently kneading them as she arched into his grip. She leaded forward to hold James while she continued her movement and he wrapped his arms around her, massaging her back as she rode him.

She changed her motion to rocking and joined James in a deep groan at the feeling. He began thrusting into her from below and Lily couldn't help her screams of pleasure. They continued their harmonized movements, increasing the pace, then slowing down, drawing out their time of intimacy together. Lily reached her peak from James being inside her once, then twice, James continuing strong each time.

Her inner walls clenching around him on her third climax pulled him over with her, and they collapsed together, breathless and sated, cuddling together in the little time they had left.

I just don't want to lose focus so close to N. His arms tightened around her body as he continued. And I can't do anything about it. I can't tell them to bugger off because you're mine.

james and lily dating fanfiction

I have to just sit there. I feel the same when those girls go up to you. They were supposed to be patrolling, she had told him off countless times since the start of term that they should be taking their roles seriously, that they were Head Boy and Head Girl and had an example to set But he couldn't keep his hands off her. Two weeks ago she had agreed to give him a chance and since their first kiss, he felt like he was going to drown and she was his life support in a sea of chaos.

They were both passionate about each other, finding it difficult to resist the other.

They were yet to sleep together, she had stated she wanted to take it slowly until they got to that part of their relationship and he had respected that, but it didn't stop him from throwing her into a broom cupboard in between classes to kiss her senseless and it didn't stop her from placing her hand on his thigh if they happened to be sitting next to each other in Transfiguration.

He chuckled as he kissed a path of kisses up her jaw and along her cheek, finally reaching her lips and sucking on that bottom lip that had tempted him for Merlin knows how long. He had forgotten when the first time was that he felt an attraction to her, it had been so long ago now that he was finally glad to have a chance to be her boyfriend.

james and lily dating fanfiction

They were yet to have an official date in public but for now they were both content in kissing in secret without their friends knowing. She may say that they needed to carry on with their duties if they were to get to bed at a decent time but her actions of her pulling her closer to him and forcing her lips onto his in another fiery kiss said that she wanted nothing more to keep up what they were currently doing.

He pulled away from her lips, "Five more minutes Lily, I haven't been able to do this all day. She smiled as she pulled him back to her, determined to let him have his five minutes of fun with her before they returned to their patrol. Sirius sniggered, "It will last a week, call it his punishment. The caretaker snored away and the cat slept soundly, none flinching or moving as they finished off applying the dye to Mrs Norris.

Sirius dropped the hair removal tonic into the goblet of water that Filch had sat beside his bed. Well," she said thoughtfully, "Now that I think about it, I think he might have said to dress up a bit.

That'll be fun, I haven't gotten to wear my new dress robe yet, and you know the green one. If you want you can borrow my diamond necklace, that would go with the dress perfectly. Lily hugged Mayda, "You're the best," "First go take your shower, I'll get things ready here. Then we'll do hair and make-up and finish up with the gown and accessories. She thought back to the hurried kiss in the hall. Rinsing out the conditioner and turning off the water Lily pulled on her dressing robe.

Well I guess it's your right to complain about you hair, all girls have that right. Ten minutes latter she turned Lily around so she could see herself in the mirror. Lily gasped, her hair looked magnificent. Mayda had put most of it in the back in a loose knot secured by hairpins. She had taken some loose strands and curled them tightly so they gave Lily's face a fun yet mature look.

By the time she was ready for it they had decided on dark eyes, light blush, and pearl lips. Soon Lily was ready to put on her emerald dress robe. She put on her underskirt that made the robe look puffy around the base. She had to call Mayda back to tie the gold lacing in the back while she fixed her shimmering belt around her hips. When Mayda had finished with the strings Lily took a last look at herself in the mirror.

Mayda nodded and moved to put the necklace on Lily. It was perfect, shimmering just above the hemline. They stood admiring the finial picture when a voice broke through the air. The girls shook their heads but said "Coming. James didn't look that bad either, in a simple yet elegant black dress robe and the white of his dress shirt peeking out of the top. Lily thought he looked extremely handsome. They left out the portrait hole and were soon on their way to Hogsmeade.

james and lily dating fanfiction

James caught up with her "I don't make you feel uncomfortable do I?