Lana and rusev dating in real life

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lana and rusev dating in real life

WWE's real-life power couples REVEALED. WWE stars . RUSEV & LANA: The two were paired together in NXT and romanced blossomed. Lana now manages Tamina and Rusev is teaming with Aiden English. Do you know if Rusev and Lana has ever been a real life couple?. Rusev and Lana were paired together in WWE way back when the two bond in real life, as well, as they started dating and living together.

Rusev has struggled since the two stopped working together as an act. Lana now manages Tamina and Rusev is teaming with Aiden English. Do you know if Rusev and Lana has ever been a real life couple?

The early push of Orton as a main event face saw him dating Stacy Keibler for a short time period. Orton ended things with Keibler by hitting her with an RKO to turn heel. This was done to add more heat on him as a serious character leading into his WrestleMania 21 match with The Undertaker.

Do you know if Orton and Keibler was a real life couple when they worked together? The heel couple of Christian and Trish worked together for a few months as annoying lovers that fans loved to hate.

lana and rusev dating in real life

An injury to Christian ended the storyline sooner than WWE expected, but it still left an impact with the memorable WrestleMania moment. Both wrestlers have retired after having legendary careers. Did they ever actually date in real life? The story saw AJ start with dating Daniel Bryan for a few months.

Bryan was playing a ruthless heel that manipulated her into helping him retain the World Championship.

The romance with Cena was quite memorable as they actually had great chemistry together. Did AJ date Cena outside of the television product?

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The addition of Maryse helped Miz rise from a long stint in irrelevance into one of the hottest heel acts going. Miz and Maryse had flawless chemistry that made them the perfect couple for WWE. Do you know if they legitimately dated outside of WWE storylines? Austin and Debra were announced as being married randomly. Debra managing The Rock heading into WrestleMania 17 actually played a role in the storyline of the biggest match in WrestleMania history. Tori often took dangerous bumps helping X-Pac win his matches.

This was a rare instance of a woman at the time being allowed to pull off impressive moves as part of her story. Did Tori date X-Pac in real life? Torrie ditched the WCW side of things to become a face by dating the popular midcarder Tajiri. The two stayed together for quite some time with a lot of comedic segments helping both get cheers from the crowd. Tajiri eventually turned heel by becoming a jealous boyfriend. Wilson got involved in a few other romantic storylines going forward.

Goldust was a character that pushed the buttons of homophobia in society and was ahead of its time in many years. They worked well together for about a year until WWE decided they would be better off apart in separate stories. Did they actually date in real life? Question 13 Yes No Santino is remembered as a comedic character for both roles as a face and a heel. It started as a heel when he became a jerk while dating the stunning Maria Kanellis on Raw. The fans turned on his face character so Santino went heel by ripping the fans and treating Maria poorly.

WWE Rusev Gets Engaged to Real Life Girlfriend Lana

Santino often was the butt of the jokes going forward from here. This led to Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus dating as well for a short time period on television. Jeff helped save Trish in the ring multiple times leading to her falling for him. It also made sense for Jeff to have a love interest given how important Matt and Lita were to each other. Did Jeff and Trish have a real relationship?

It later became established that they were an item staying together jumping from DX to The Corporation while remaining loyal to each other. They started dating against the wishes of their respective families. Spike had to deal with his bullying brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von. Molly was dealing with her own annoying cousins of Hardcore and Crash Holly.

Fans would support the underdog couple strong leading to huge pops each week.

lana and rusev dating in real life

At one point, Spike was over enough to have a mini-feud with Steve Austin. Was Spike and Molly a real couple? The two even worked together later on in Lucha Underground as a couple once again.

lana and rusev dating in real life

Do you know if they were ever an item outside of wrestling? Love triangles can add plenty of fuel to feuds and perceived slights done to loved ones can inspire superstars to do fantastic, stupid things.

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Plenty of relationships are entirely fabricated to cause shock and sometimes disgust amongst viewers. Yet wrestling can be inspired by real affairs. As we move into the age of social media, it is more and more difficult to maintain kayfabe. There are relationships between wrestlers that did not make it into any scripted events. This article deals with relationships that have played out in the squared circle — either a mirror of a real love story or as a strange scripted affair.

Miroslav Barnyashev, better known as Rusev, is a Bulgarian powerlifter turned pro-wrestler. The couple married in During his long and well-documented career, there were various rumors of hook ups with his female co-stars.

One such suspected relationship was with Maria Kanellis, now married to fellow wrestler Michael Bennett. Backstage, Maria was shown to be nervous about the match and Cena was caught on camera kissing her to make her feel better. Thought to be a staged moment for the storyline especially as Maria was dating CM Punk at the timeit still might explain the famous rift between the Bellas and Maria. The self-proclaimed hippie couple, with their love of clean eating and recycling, recently gave birth to their first daughter, Birdie.

In many ways, the relationship is the sort which makes many viewers jealous, but the pairing started off as an unlikely match. Not unusually, their love story began with a romantic storyline in the ring. In an awkward setup, the Bella Twins teamed up with Daniel Bryan after mishearing Bryan talk about being a vegan and thinking he'd never had relations. The twins aimed to see who would sleep with him first. Saved by John Cena, Eve thanked him with a kiss.

lana and rusev dating in real life