Lenny and squiggy dating game

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lenny and squiggy dating game

Online dating access trials well singles. Lenny and squiggy dating game have Western mongolia travel in jul married lenny kravitz dating on years of. episode revolves around a telecast of the vintage TV series The Dating Game. contestants Lenny (Michael McKean) and Squiggy (David L. Lander) do their. I love Lenny & Squiggy much more than the L & S girls. I love the L.A. episodes, with the guys running amok. Favorite may be The Dating Game. Or, the wrecked .

Yeah, only those who ask us! Calling from the dumbwaiter Laverne, Shirley! Come on up here, Lenny just swallowed his comb!

lenny and squiggy dating game

Squiggy, Come over here and grab his tongue! What are you doing? He didn't swallow no comb! That was a gimmick to get you up here! Uh choking on a comb? How you like to choke on one my curlers! Are my tonsils still there? You also got the world's biggest hicky on your mouth. But how do you say meatloaf in french? The gang searches for it on the menu: Oh, look at that wine!

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It's white, just like Barbara Hey, Len, I'll trade you a brain for a chop. Now what am I going to do with a brain? Here, why don't you just suck on a wing, huh? Charles Pfister Krane has a reputation! So does my sister. Season 3[ edit ] Airport '59 [3. Laverne, I'm telling you, flying is safer than driving! Nobody has ever crashed into a cloud! Yeah, well nobody ever fell 40, feet from a DeSoto either. Does anybody have any hobbies they'd like to share with us?

Boy, am I going to dream about her tonight! Just don't make those gurgley sounds This is the creepiest thing I've ever seen! Could you plese state your name for the court? That's the name of her dead grandmother!! Looks accusingly at the Jury Not so funny now is it??!!

No, it didn't, it's right under your head. This is the third time they've been in this week! This is really good though!

'Dating Game' Host Jim Lange Dies at 81

He's got internal bleeding, check his pockets! Laverne's Arranged Marriage [3. You marry a man with a square head, no neck, and hair on his thumbs, you know what your kids are gonna turn out like?

Laverne, you can't marry a man you don't Love! Something bad will happen You'll start calling the milkman Joe! Well, where you're going is nice too. Detroit is lovely this time of year. If you ever lay your hands on our money again, I'll tell everyone you never vo-de-oh-doh-doh-ed! Well, I love uniforms! You're thinking of sailors. I'm always thinking of sailors. Is anybody sitting here? Nobody but you, mister. A man with peanut butter beckons and off you go?!

Shirl, you are a saint. She's better than a saint, she's a Laverne and Shirley Meet Fabian [3. Go get some blankets from the bedroom.

lenny and squiggy dating game

C'mon guys, I gotta get her out of these wet clothes. Okay, start with the shirt and do it slow What do you know about fixing Cadillacs?

Listen, what I don't know about cars you could fit in a manual. Come off of it, Shirley. Famous people do not dine with bimbos. You told me the mayor dined with you. The mad hatter did not wear fishnet stockings! Well, that's why he didn't get any action! Shirl, guys don't care if you lose your appendix! I need to get something before I can leave here. Wow, that was nice. But what I really needed was In front of these people?

lenny and squiggy dating game

Shirl are you awake? You're in the hospital. It's all over, you made it. I can't believe it I By all rights, that should have been MY date. Take My Plants, Please [3.

If the Braves don't play so good, then people don't go to games. If people don't go to games, then Shotz can't sell them beer. Do you got that? Then why don't they just lay off the Braves? I hate to go down to unemployment.

It's embarrassing down there. Everybody down there knows you don't have a job. We'll have fun down at unemployment. I happened to meet a doctor there once. I want you to think about that for a minute, Laverne. Why would a doctor be unemployed, hmmm?

He was so good There is nothing more despicable to me than this place. Lenny and me is working on the world's first combination electric toothbrush and radio. We call it the radio-brush. You'll be able to dance away your tooth decay! People are going to finally start brushing their teeth once a week like they ought to!

This may come as a shock to you, but I brush my teeth after every meal. That's poor oral hygiene, Shirl. You're gonna wear them right down to the nub. Go ahead and laugh.

Just like they laughed at Columbus right before he discovered Ohio. Those boys have got the right idea. We should try making money at what we really love to do. I think we'd get arrested for that, Shirl.

What's with all the tropical flora? Didn't you used to go out with her? No, that was Theresa DeFluca Shirley: Do you know what? What do you do, you wait for them to lie down, and then kind of rub it all over their bodies? How about you, Len? You like girls, too, huh?

Lenny and the Squigtones - Night after Night

Hey, if I get a bigger plant then him, will I get bigger women? I'll be the foreigner. Herbie Shoole once said I looked French. Herbie Shoole said you kissed French. Remember - ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if you're going to be cremated, an urn is a must.

We woulda been here on time, but we was late. Did everything go good tonight! I can't wait to see him tomorrow night! You actually followed him home?

Oh, well, he didn't go home. He went to his place of business. He's a business man? He has his own business? What does he do? Well somebody's gotta do it!

Yes, but WE don't have to know them! Do you remember Alan Steckler?? Please don't do this. Alan Steckler, a guy who chewed his socks? Do you know what it's like kissing a guy who chews his socks? It's like making out with a hamper.

I'm telling you Laverne, this whole thing is sick and morbid. I don't have the time. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The Horse Show [3.

What'd you have to do to him? Some guys are just natural gentlemen. Alright, I'll just have to figure out some other way to keep people warm during the party, let me see Oh, I like blankets, then we can all get under 'em! Squiggy, do you know the Purple Fiends?

They beat me up three times! This song is called "Night After Night," and it's about two nights in a row.

'Dating Game' Host Jim Lange Dies at 81

He loved those baby teeth! As if they was his own! The Driving Test [3. Squiggy, true or false I didn't ask the question yet!

You said, "Squiggy, true or false? You wash your feet in the living room too?!?!! I ain't gonna pass that test. And you know why? Would you like some Shirley In one episode, Laverne agrees to help a woman who she thinks wants more of the bank's free dishes that they are giving away.

Instead, she turns out to be a bank robber, and she and Laverne are both arrested. An early episode has the girls discovering their names and numbers have been written on a men's room wall at a local pool hall. Leading them to disguise themselves as guys to try removing it.

Never call Laverne a bimbo. Referencing this show when referring to the real Milwaukee has been known to push quite a few of these in Southeast Wisconsin. Milwaukee's Mayor Tom Barrett even quipped upon being elected that one of his main objectives was to let the rest of the world know that "Laverne and Shirley don't live here anymore. Brought to You by the Letter "S": Most of Laverne's sweaters and shirts have an "L" on them. Catch Your Death of Cold: Mentioned in "One Flew Over Milwaukee", after Shirley has spent time sitting beside an open window on a snowy day, Carmine tells her to change clothes so she doesn't catch pneumonia.

An episode has Laverne enduring a spell of bad luck after throwing one of these away. The girls' Milwaukee Landlady Edna, later Laverne's stepmother, just kind of vanished sometime after their move out to California. Commuting on a Bus: With Squiggy appearing alone in many episodes and Shirley gone from the show entirely, some joked that it should have been re-titled "Laverne and Squiggy. Laverne liked drinking a mix of Pepsi and milk together in the same glass.

With its parent program Happy Days. On the animated side, Fonzie and Mr. Laverne somehow winds up there in a season 8 episode.

Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams in the opening titles, television's first instance of this form of billing it having been invented just two years earlier for The Towering Inferno. However, the opening titles also "cheat" this billing in favour of Marshall in two ways: It's good to be the sister of the show's creator and producer. Marshall was billed first, but Williams was pictured first. When the two first appeared on Happy Days, there was very little difference between Laverne and Shirley.

For this series, though, Laverne was made more of a tomboy and Shirley a girly girl. During the fifth season, the girls went into the Army, and contended with a tough-as-nails drill sergeant named Alvinia T. Plout Vicki Lawrence, using her Mama voice. Laverne's favorite drink is milk and Pepsi. The first season opening titles displayed the characters' full names: Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney.

Cindy Williams gave Shirley a strong accent in the pilot, presumably to make her sound more like Laverne. Williams toned the accent down for subsequent episodes. Whenever it's brought up that Shirley's middle name is Willamina, she seems embarrassed by it. Fight for the Last Bite: In "Guinea Pigs", Laverne tries to eat the last shrimp at a party, but Shirley, who hadn't eaten in a while, tries to steal it out of Laverne's mouth.

The Friend Nobody Likes: Though the girls occasionally refer to Lenny and Squiggy as their friends, more often than not they merely tolerate their presence and are largely annoyed by their behavior. Girls Love Stuffed Animals: Shirley's beloved "Boo Boo Kitty", although averted for Laverne, who doesn't seem to like plushies. Subverted in a scene involving many prop bottles and one real glass bottle. The girls' boss at the brewery, Mr. Shotz, was never seen in person, always speaking to them and other employees from offstage, usually through a photo of himself or, if he had a more important part in the episode, something that obscured him, like a spotlight.

A rare female example. Laverne and Shirley are best friends, but they're certainly not gay, judging by the fact that they're often dating men. Lenny and Squiggy also qualify, in fact they're rarely seen apart. In one episode, the duo find themselves acting like chickens every time a bell rings.

A two-part episode "The Bardwell Caper" involved the duo trying to retrieve a nasty letter they had written to their boss. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: More "jerk" in Squiggy, more "heart of gold" in Lenny.

Both of the title characters appear to be pretty clumsy, often tripping, knocking things over, etc. Edna Babish is initially this for the girls, although she eventually ends up marrying Laverne's dad. Laverne's dad ran both establishments. Lenny dated Amy in "The Slow Child". Laverne's father Frank is a widower. During the series he dates and eventually marries Edna Babish.

The real Milwaukee of the s was in the midst of a mass-migration of African-Americans who came and often were recruited specifically to work at the city's breweries. Yet despite the titular characters working at a brewery and the show's creation at a time when interracial casts were en voguethe show featured no African-American characters.

The season 5 episode "Why Did the Fireman? On the night he plans to propose to her, he is interrupted several times in typical humorous fashion.