Lisa and freddy bodyrock dating

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lisa and freddy bodyrock dating

Lisa marie bodyrock dating freddy | Casual Dating With Hot People. I think this is why I always had issues with Lisa. She always kept telling us to be happy with ourselves when she clearly was not happy with. Sean, Lisa-Marie and Freddy Light (the creator of and man ex- BodyRock host), and then he started dating Lisa-Marie (LOTS of.

The Official pagefans Why so many pages? Because the BodyRock hosts put their heart and soul into each community. These people get personal, and their fans have no problems saying whatever they feel or think. Since I started following the BodyRock community, I have seen drama after drama hit their pages on a daily basis.

Next, Lisa-Marie got a boob job, followed by hair extensions. In fact, for every change they make - whether it involves a host or the program - they hear about it from their fans. My first thought was, what a community manager's nightmare! Some of these comments were just down-right cruel! About a week ago, Freddy posted yet another rant about how pissed off he was. In it he stated his frustrations that he and the other hosts were graciously letting their followers into their lives and providing them with free workouts and not getting any respect in return.

The comments again were filled with positive affirmations about how wonderful the hosts were - but this timeI wasn't one of them. Anyone with half a brain knows how the internet works. Though the workouts may be free for us, Freddy and the gang aren't exactly struggling to make ends meet.

Between the site advertisements and exercise equipment endorsements Oh, did I not mention that?

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The primarily bodyweight workouts are a thing of the past - you now need a wide array of specialized equipment to complete your "free" Bodyrock workout. Freddy and the hosts are pulling in over six figures a year. Despite what they would have you believe, these guys aren't putting together these workouts out of the kindness of their hearts - it's their job. And the increasingly provocative content proves that they are trying to pull in viewers wherever they can, whether they are interested in fitness or something a little more raunchy.

As dedicated to fitness as they might be, the Bodyrock bunch is also clearly interested in revenue. The demands for appreciation and respect rubbed me the wrong way. After all, the creators of Google don't send messages to my gmail badgering me for their due adulation.

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Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg haven't been pestering me for an appropriate expression of my gratitude. As a business, you should be accepting of the fact that not everyone is going to agree with your business practices, especially when those business practices are controversial. People are going to express their discontent, differing opinions, and unhappiness with your product, especially when the product has changed so dramatically from where it began.

I had stayed out of the many, many debates roaring across the Bodyrock terrain up until this point, but I finally decided that enough was enough and I needed to express my opinion. I worded a thoughtful response, and without personally attacking any of the hosts or the site, I expressed why the recent changes had put me off and made me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't unnecessarily negative, I didn't call anyone names, I didn't speak disparagingly about anyone's appearance or even discuss Lisa Marie's decision to get cosmetic surgery.

All I did was express why the negativity and glorification of drama made me feel like Bodyrock was heading in a dangerous direction. Within minutes, my comment had been deleted.

In the beginning of my Bodyrock. TV journey, I was smitten with the site.

lisa and freddy bodyrock dating

I preached the Bodyrock gospel with the fervor of a recent religious convert. But the site I loved isn't the site sitting in front of me now.

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The comment sections and discussion boards, once filled with other bodyrockers posting their workout scores and offering encouragement, are now filled with hate and spitefulness. Anyone not drinking the kool-aid and expressing any sort of unhappiness or discontent is immediately deleted or, if it's a repeat offender, banned from the site. The hosts, Freddy in particular, that once seemed so proud of their encouraging and inclusive community, now seem to thrive on creating unnecessary conflict and controversy.

No one can express a valid opinion, unless it's to shower praise upon the Bodyrock team. I finally realized that the site I had once loved, isn't for me anymore.

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While I personally don't really have a problem with the hyper-sexuality or cosmetic enhancements, I am concerned for Lisa Marie. Freddy has already demonstrated an ability to be controlling and creepy and it makes me wonder how much influence he had over her decisions. The perkiness and zest for life that she had when she first started seems to have all but disappeared, and she has dropped an alarming amount of weight from her already lean frame.

The last video I watched with Lisa Marie, her face looked like a lot like it does here - frighteningly stiff and unnatural. But even aside from from my concern, my true discontent lies with the zealous destruction of the community I once held dear.

A site that encourages blind fanaticism and censors any sort of constructive criticism or disapproval even in the face of controversial topics isn't a site I can comfortably be a part of. The upside of all this bitterness is that I have rediscovered Zuzana. TV seemed to hit the self-destruct button, Zuzana was quietly rebuilding her life and her fitness empire. She's created a brand new program, dubbed Zwow, that reminds me of why I loved old-school Bodyrock in the first place.

Have you all been working out!? I've been struggling with workout motivation mostly over the past several months and have posted about it. I've been lucky in the sense that I DO keep working out even if it is just going through the motions. Since I work at a gym it is hard NOT to at least the find the time.

Working out is my medicine in life and without it I just don't feel right, so I always do something! Zuzka I have found more motivating lately. I like her handstand and stretching stuff. I continue to follow Bret Contreras and do his workouts regularly that way I don't have to come up with my own stuff and follow a program. I took a peek at BR. TV the other day and WOW how it has changed.

I did do one rep of a 35 lb weighted pull-up this morning!

lisa and freddy bodyrock dating

I did a lb deadlight for 4 reps too - I've done more weight, but for lbs, I've done 3 reps, this morning I did it for 4 reps, so I was happy with that. I tried it with my kids and I'm addicted!

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It is so challenging and so damn fun! And also so damn expensive! I cannot afford to do it as much as I would like. I need to find a way to fit more of that into my life. My kids love it, I love it. I want a rock climbing wall in my backyard, LOL. I could do this everyday all day long. Have any of you tried it? There is another woman that I follow on Instagram - Sohee Fit. She has her own web-site too soheefit. She gets a lot of her workouts from Bret. She is one smart ANF fit woman.