Mine and tatsumi dating services

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mine and tatsumi dating services

Thanks for the reviews! Mine one day realizes that she may have a crush on Tatsumi. After the two start dating they end up in a bit of a mess. but I think next chapter will most likely be Esdese x Tatsumi service and Esdese doesn't yet know who Tatsumi's girlfriend is, so all of night raid is . Mine over Esdeath, he shouldn't have said that he was dating someone. I don't think Akame has a chance though unless Mine dies, but then it'll just Besides Tatsumi is ready dating Mine and he really loves her.

Tatsumi reacted with a small blush on his cheeks at the woman's compliment, while the pink haired had a tense face. That's something very rare to happen, but it's still possible to occur during the first weeks of pregnancy.

You were the one who wanted to do 'this and that' that night, remember!? We did it because both of us agreed to! I guess you're right about that The young couple got back at Night Raid's headquarters by nightfall.

Both were greeted by a relieved Akame, who was wearing an apron above her usual clothes and cooking the dinner that included grilled meat, favorite dish of the girl in her late teens who had very long black hair and red crimson eyes.

Meanwhile, a hungry Leone was sniffing and salivating at the delicious meal that her friend was preparing for everyone. At the living room, Lubbock was sitting at the couch while reading some erotic novel books with a perverted look on his face. The leader of Night Raid was a tall woman with who was in her mid to late twenties.

She had short white hair and an eyepatch, but what really caught the attention about the young woman was her dark green robotic arm due to the injuries caused by the fearsome woman known as Esdeath some years ago, after she deflected from the Imperial Army. Akame, Leone and Lubbock stopped what they were doing and gathered in the living room to hear about what the young couple was going to announce. The baby will be born in approximately half a year Lubbock visibly enraged by the unexpected announcement pointed his index finger at a silent Tatsumi and began to rant against him.

You never told me that you have been engaging in that kind of 'lovey-dovey' activities with Mine! So you two have been doing 'lewd things' all this time? I really wonder who took the initiative your first night together!

mine and tatsumi dating services

Tatsumi didn't react at his comrades witty comments because he was too focused on thinking what to do about this situation. Meawhile, Mine started to become angry by her teammates teasing words. Besides, we have been going out for months, also that's none of your concern, you big breasted drunk! Akame asked with a lot of curiosity about the place where the babies come from, although nobody seemed to pay attention to the question she made.

The Revolution will soon reach it's peak and we need to fight with all our available members to have a chance against Esdeath and Budou, the Empire's two strongest generals.

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I won't repeat it again! The leader of Night Raid was a kind and calm woman but also had a very scary side when someone disobeyed her orders. Everyone agreed that obeying her was the best thing to do, or else, hell was going to be unleashed. Geez, no need to get upset about it By that time, you won't be able to participate in any missions due to being pregnant and close to giving birth, so you will have to decide between leaving Night Raid and giving birth to your child, or abort it and having another child later on.

Mine obviously wanted to take part in the final stage of the revolution and put a stop to the Empire's evil acts of violence and corruption, but after spending a lot of time with Tatsumi she desired to marry and have a family with him someday. Sadly, having a child at this crucial point of the war would be a bad idea because of the reasons previously stated by her superior.

However, the girl strongly disliked the idea of taking the life of a defenseless living being, much less a being that was inside her body and the product of the strong love that she and Tatsumi professed to each other, besides that there was no guarantee that she would be getting pregnant again after aborting, so Mine felt very conflicted about what to do.

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As they battled, she nearly destroys Koro's core, so Seryu has him transform into his berserker form. During this moment, Mine is momentarily defeated until she recalls her past as well her memories of Sheele and Chelsea. As Seryu and Koro descend upon her, the surge of emotions allows her to unleash Pumpkin's trump card and bifurcates Koro as well as Seryu. Mine told her she made her mad which cost her the battle so Seryu's final act was to detonate the bomb inside of her body in a last-ditch attempt to kill Mine unfortunately, Mine is unable to finish Seryu due to Pumpkin being overheated.

Akame ga Kill... will tatsumi choose akame?

Mine attempts to escape, but due to her injuries, she cannot move far enough in time. The bomb detonates, which finally kills Seryu and Koro and Mine is saved at the last second by Tatsumi. A month after her battle with Seryu, she spots Tatsumi about to leave with Lubbock and volunteers to go with him.

mine and tatsumi dating services

While investigating they once again meet up with the path of peace leader who sits down to talk with them. He tells the pair about how he came to power and Tatsumi tries asking him if he can sense human darkness. He admits that he can sense some darkness in some of the leaders but since they helped the organization reach as far as it has he has chosen to trust them.

Before leaving, the path of peace leader casually comments that Mine and Tatsumi are closer than they were before and that they should treasure the moment.

mine and tatsumi dating services

The day before they attacked Bolic, Susanoo prepared everyone's favorite dishes. Mine received a strawberry parfait.

Mine tries to offer Tatsumi some but he was too busy being distracted by Leone to notice her. The team is split into two groups. One group who acts as a diversion and the other who has to assassinate Bolic.

Mine is put into the latter. Afterward Mine and Najenda bath together and Najenda tries telling Mine that she should try to confess to Tatsumi before it's too late but Mine decides that it would be better to confess after the battle so that her will to live will be slightly stronger.

Run ambushing the assassination team While riding the manta to the cathedral, the assassination team get ambushed by Run who kills the flying manta that they were riding on. Run attempts to shoot the team down while they are still falling but Mine manages to graze him with her pumpkin while Akame blocked the feathers. After they land on the ground, they are attacked by Wave who is able to fight all three of them at once.

Mine and Akame managed to escape from Wave while he is distracted by Lubbock. After a getting a decent distance away Mine ambushes him and sent Wave flying, effectively taking him out of the fight. Akame and Mine join the others, where Akame eventually assassinated Bolic. Mine was thrown through a hole in the ceiling along with the others.

Several days later Tatsumi and Mine are saying farewell to Kyroch, where Mine tries to cheer Tatsumi up after Susanoo's death. Tatsumi tries asking Mine what she wanted to say right before the battle but she quickly changes the subject. Mine kissing Tatsumii Several months later, Mine and Tatsumi are out hunting in the snow where she finally confesses her feeling to him however at first Tatsumi misunderstood her intentions telling her that he likes her too and that she's an important comrade.

Frustrated at his obliviousness she forcibly grabs him and kisses him. Mine tells him that she began liking him after he saved her. She tells him that she was willing to let her go out with him and he should be grateful.

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He accepts her offer and they meet up with the others holding hands. Back at their hideout Leone tries teasing Tatsumi but is soon interrupted by an angry Mine. Seeing as how she can't let him out of her sight, she will have to stay by his side. Mine shot Cosmina from behind. As she was about to help fight Kurome and Run, Run ran away from the group and Mine said that it felt like Run used his remaining strength to run away.

Mine making Tatsumi forget Esdeath A few days later, Mine is complaining that the Wild Hunt hasn't left the palace, labeling them as chickens. Tatsumi tells her that he is going to go look for them in the capital but since Esdeath is returning soon he can't go too close to the center of the capital.

Mine asks Tatsumi if he did anything perverted to Esdeath which he immediately denies but admits that she did kiss him. Mine holds Tatsumi's telling him that she's going to make him forget all about Esdeath. After receiving word that Tatsumi is being rescued, she attempts to rescue him on his own but is stopped by the remaining Night Raid members.

Akame reminds her of what she said the first time Tatsumi was rescued but she still insisted that she was going to rescue him. The remaining Night Raid members agree to go with her.

mine and tatsumi dating services

Mine agrees and tells them she has a plan to rescue him. Mine arriving to rescue Tatsumi Right before Tatsumi is killed by Esdeath, Mine breaks into the palace and announces that she is here to rescue her boyfriend.

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Budo attempts to attack her but due to the extreme pinch she purposely put herself in she is able to blow him away and fight off Esdeath.

During the fight, she manages to free Tatsumi from his restraints. While she and Esdeath argued over Tatsumi, Tatsumi activated incursio and incursio went through another evolution. Tatsumi fought Esdeath with new found strength and soon Esdeath jumped up to dodge. Mine took advantage of this opportunity and fired a shot at Esdeath while she was still in the air but Esdeath used Mahapadma to avoid the shot. Before Esdeath had a chance to kill Mine, Akame attacked Esdeath to stop her.

Soon after Leone joins the fight to protect Akame. After the four reunited, Budo returns vowing to execute all of them. Akame begins fighting Esdeath with Mine backing her up asking Akame to trust her.

Soon her focus shifts on Budo and avoiding his attack. Mine tries firing at Budo but he easily blocks her attack and Pumpkin begins to crack. When Budo tries charging at Tatsumi, Mine shouts out that she is going to use her trump card, distracting Budo and allowing Tatsumi to send Budo flying away. After escaping a worried Mine holds Tatsumi in her arms but is interrupted by a lightning attack from Budo. She is able to blast Budo away one last time, however, she used up all of her remaining energy to do so, resulting in her falling into a coma.

Mine reuniting with Tatsumi Later on, Tatsumi vows by her bedside that he will fight her share as well. Not long afterward, she is taken away by a member of the revolutionary army. Sometime later, Tatsumi would return to Mine's side and wait for her to awake. Upon her awakening, it is revealed that she is pregnant with Tatsumi's child. Because of the mental and physical injuries they sustained during battle, Tatsumi and Mine retired from service and settled down away from civilization where they married and had a child.

Pumpkincapable of shooting in three modes: