Private practice fanfiction addison and jake pregnant dating

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private practice fanfiction addison and jake pregnant dating

Can we maybe do the ultrasound this week and not next week?" The next morning Jake made time for Addison and she just arrived in time. . She gently rubbed her high pregnant belly knowing that her little girl could be. Addison and Jake finally get married and take that trip to Fiji, Professionally, she'll stay 'Doctor Montgomery,' but outside of work and the medical field, she It's a pregnancy test—the last of the ones she bought back when. Yet, she had hoped that by some small miracle the pregnancy test drink her sorrows away over Addison's pregnancy only to put herself . "Well, you're definitely pregnant" Jake said, walking back into the examining room.

Once she and Archer left home, Fathers' Days with her family stopped. The Captain and Bizzy didn't even let Addison and Archer call them Dad and Mom when they were growing up; the last thing he wanted or needed was a holiday to remind him of his parental status.

Then she met Derek. And, still, she had mixed feelings about Fathers' Day. Derek had lost his father when he was young, so she and Derek spent Fathers' Days with his family, remembering his father. But during the strong points of her marriage to Derek, she began to imagine the day when Fathers' Day would change its meaning — for both of them. When she and Derek had a child. When Derek became a father. But that day never came for them, and her marriage exploded. From there, things began to spiral out of control.

She stayed with Mark, got pregnant, had an abortion. And even though she loved Mark, their relationship was one full of missteps and regrets. But her biggest regret when it came to her relationship with Mark wasn't the abortion. It wasn't looking the other way when he cheated on her with woman after woman, until she finally confronted him about Charlene. It was telling him that he wouldn't have been good dad: We weren't a great couple, and you would have made a terrible father, Mark.

He, of course, went and proved her wrong — first with Sloan, and then with Sofia. Sure, she had meant the words when she said them, but to this day, she regretted them.

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She knew that she and Mark wouldn't have worked as a couple, and her keeping the baby wouldn't have fixed things. But Mark had been a good father. There was no denying that. Things didn't get much better after she left Seattle. Her infertility was a devastating blow, and she hopped from relationship to relationship, hitting rock bottom when she ended up dating her best friend's ex-husband, a man who made it very clear that he didn't want children with her.

But then, unexpectedly, two amazing guys entered her life — her son, Henry, and her husband, Jake. And they made her happier than she ever imagined possible. Just a smile from her son somehow instantly made a bad day better. And it was literally impossible for her to be upset about anything when she was holding him in her arms.

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Henry would have been enough for her. But, somehow, she got lucky and ended up with not one, but two incredible guys. Her relationship with Jake was the type of relationship that she didn't believe was possible for her.

It was the type of relationship she'd always wanted, but had come to believe she didn't deserve. She and Jake accepted each other for who they were — for better or for worse. And he respected her as his wife, as a doctor, and as a mother. He never made her feel guilty or selfish for wanting children, and he was amazing with Henry.

And maybe that's why it was so important to her to make sure that she planned the perfect Fathers' Day for him. It was their first Father's Day together as a married couple, and it was the first time she found herself looking forward to celebrating Fathers' Day. She wanted things to be perfect for Jake tomorrow — because he deserved it.

He stepped in and acted like a father figure to his three younger sisters when his own father abandoned his family. He was an incredible father to Angela, picking up the slack for her biological father who, from what Jake had told her, wasn't much of a father.

And Addison knew she couldn't ask for a better man to be Henry's father. That's why it was so important for her to make tomorrow amazing for him. Because he had always given of himself so willingly and selflessly, and she wanted to make sure he knew just how much she and Henry loved and appreciated him.

But the stress of planning everything was apparently getting to her, and that's how she ended up curled up on her office couch, feeling truly miserable, the day before Fathers' Day.

Addison looked up and met Amelia's eyes. Did you eat anything weird?

private practice fanfiction addison and jake pregnant dating

I'm exhausted, I feel nauseous, I…I don't know. I think I'm just stressed out.

private practice fanfiction addison and jake pregnant dating

I've been so caught up in trying to put together the perfect Fathers' Day for Jake tomorrow, and I think…I think the stress of it all is getting to me. I'm old and barren and-" "Are you late? A wide smile formed on Amelia's face, as Addison met her eyes.

I've been nauseous and late before, and it was nothing. So don't get excited. She was already feeling horrible. The last thing she needed was a negative pregnancy test to confirm what she already knew — that she couldn't have children. But don't get your hopes up. Remember, it's me we're talking about. She didn't blame her — after all, she'd been burned time and time again — but she just had a feeling this time.

Two minutes had definitely passed, and the anticipation was killing her. She admires him, and he makes her want to be better person. He adores Henry, and Henry adores him. They are going to be a family, and she feels so completely content and at peace because she just knows that this is the way things are supposed to be. When she walks down the aisle, she can't stop smiling, and when he smiles at her, she gets butterflies. As they exchange their vows, she can hardly contain her joy, knowing that this man and this whole life are hers.

When they are first sitting next to each other on the plane, he leans over and teases her by saying, Oh, hello there, I'm glad you showed up this time. It makes her laugh, and she kisses him, letting him know that she is glad that she showed up, too. Hours later, in their private villa that overlooks a tropical ocean sunset, he has her gasping as he takes his time slowly loving every inch of her with his hands and mouth until she can't take it anymore.

Her heart is beating like crazy, and she closes her eyes even more tightly in anticipation of the overwhelming sensations that will soon follow. He is her husband now. She is his wife. And she has never been happier. Flu season is in full-swing, and she is kicking herself for never taking the time to get a flu shot.

She sits up and watches as he reaches all the way to the back, fumbling around until he pulls out a small box and shows it to her. Though it's been more than a year now, she couldn't find it in herself to throw the thing away.

She didn't expect to ever need to use it, but getting rid of it just seemed so final, like she was conceding a loss. And now, she wonders. She is in his lap now feeling anxious, sick, terrified, and very cautiously optimistic. She doesn't want to let herself get her hopes up too much, but she can't help but think of how well another baby would fit into their lives.

She would love to parent two children with Jake. She would love to see him witness their child's birth, and she would love to see Henry become a big brother. But she can't expect that it's going to happen—especially when the likelihood is so slim. She melts a little more now when she considers the possibility that within a year, he might be saying "our sons" or "our kids.

He is perfect for her. This is taking forever. Do you want to look first and tell me, or do you want to look together? She watches as he examines the stick, and when he doesn't immediately tell her the result, she prompts him. Her hand flies to her mouth to stifle a sob of pure elation; she can't believe it.