Smallville clark and lana start dating

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smallville clark and lana start dating

From Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen to Lex Luthor and Lana Lang, While Lois and Clark's relationship didn't properly start until Season 9. Although lots of what you're looking for starts around seasons 3 and 4, Such as Lex getting into a real relationship lol, Clark and Lana's first. Clark Kent and Lana were together a short time at the end of Season Two. Lex and Lana start dating fast, and Lana is even loyal to him when he is possessed.

When Clark finally told Lana the truth about his extraterrestrial origins, she didn't reject him as he had always feared, and they were able to have their first real shot, living together on Clark's family farm.

However, due to her traumatic relationship with Lex Luthorthey had to face the fact that Lana was no longer the girl that Clark originally fell in love with. Despite attempts to patch up their relationship, Lana eventually decided to leave town, telling Clark that the world needed him more than she did although she was actually kidnapped by Lex. During her brief return to Smallvillethey reignited their relationship, which was ultimately ripped apart forever by a vengeful Lex. Contents [ show ] Clark's secret Clark was afraid of Lana's reaction to his secret, as he felt guilty that Lana's parents had died in the meteor shower.

He faced his worst nightmare when LuthorCorp accidentally released a dangerous toxin into the air, causing Clark to hallucinate that Lana had discovered his secret and wanted vengeance for her parents' death, killing him with a piece of kryptonite.

This made Clark more convinced than ever that he could not tell Lana the truth, especially as she had stated several times that she was fearful of people with superhuman powers. To maintain his secret, Clark constantly lied to Lana, driving a wedge between them. Clark was not only doing this for selfish reasons, as he also believed that his secret would put her in danger, especially as Pete Ross claimed that it had ruined his life.

Despite Clark's attempts to maintain his secret, Lana became suspicious, particularly when she had vivid memories of Clark's face as she was pulled into a tornado. This bothered Lana for a long time, as she even pondered what had really happened five years later. Lana directly questioned Clark about this, but he brushed it off. Unconvinced, Lana later tried to reassure Clark that she would not be bothered if he was different.

Lana soon became involved with Clark's secret when she received a magical tattoo that corresponded with markings from the Kawatche Caves. She questioned Clark about the cave paintings, but he lied to her again, claiming that he couldn't read them. Nevertheless, she had an instinctual feeling that the Stones of Power were meant for Clark and gave him the Crystal of Air.

It was only when his powers were gone that they were able to embark on a serious relationship, indicating that Clark's secret was the biggest barrier that they had to overcome in their relationship. When Clark's powers returnedhe decided not to tell Lana, despite Lana claiming that she had never felt so close to him as when she absorbed some of his powers when she became a vampire and drank his blood.

However, this could've been due to the kryptonite-induced psychosis effects she was suffering. Lana trusted Clark, despite his secrets, and barely even questioned his resurrection after he was shot and bled to death.

smallville clark and lana start dating

She even angrily confronted Lex about his inquiries into Clark. Clark regularly risked exposing his secret to rescue Lana from near-death experiencesindicating that she meant more to him than his secret. Clark became nervous that Lana would discover the truth when she admitted that she had been investigating the meteor showers and believed that an alien threat had been residing in Smallville all this time.

Nevertheless, Clark eventually confessed his secret to Lana and asked her to marry him. Although she was shocked and reserved at responding to his proposal at first, Lana accepted Clark for who he was and agreed to marry him. Clark then realized that he could trust Lana to keep his secret, but soon realized that it was dangerous for her, as Lex accidentally caused a fatal car accident that killed her. After the day was resetClark reconsidered his decision to tell Lana his secret, after which their relationship fell apart as a result.

Lana realized that Chloe Sullivan knew Clark's secret and tried to get to the bottom of it, even rifling through Clark's belongings.

She told Clark that she was aware that he was always the one saving her when he rescued her again from Mack. Lana eventually set up a trap for Clark to expose his powers and she witnessed Clark's super speedheat vision and super strength. Overwhelmed at first, she ultimately realized that it didn't change the way she felt about him. However, she didn't confess to Clark that she knew about his powers until he told her that he was an alien from Krypton.

Season One "Statistical fact, Clark Kent can't get within five feet of Lana Lang without turning into a total freak show. Clark's feelings for Lana grew, and a tentative friendship blossomed. However, Lana continued to date Whitney. Clark dreams of Lana. Their relationship caused tension between Clark and Whitney.

smallville clark and lana start dating

Noticing their friendship, Whitney suspected Clark's feelings for Lana, which led Whitney and his friends to make Clark the traditional freshman " scarecrow. Despite her relationship with Whitney, Lana grew closer to Clark and even nearly kissed before they were interrupted by her Aunt Nell. Lana often found herself in danger, with Clark regularly coming to her rescue, although she was not always aware of this. Nevertheless, their relationship grew and when Ryan Jamesa telepathic boy, came to Smallville, he tried to tell Clark what Lana thought of him, but Clark said he didn't want to know because he would rather find out himself.

As Clark began to lose hope of a relationship with Lana, he became closer to Chloe. However, when Whitney decided to become a Marine, Lana and Whitney parted and Whitney relied on Clark to take care of her.

Lana Lang Relationships

However, when Clark heard that three tornadoes were heading to Smallville, he became worried for Lana's safety. Making his priorities clear, he abandoned Chloe and super-sped to save Lana, as a tornado sucked her truck up. Season Two "Just remember, you can't hide out here forever.

Lana really wanted to know how Clark saved her during the tornadobut Clark evaded her questions. Lana expressed hope that they might become closer someday, which triggered Clark's newly-developed heat visioncausing him to nearly burn down the Talon. Lana was annoyed again with Clark's secretiveness when he wouldn't share with her his problem with Pete. Also, while under the influence of red kryptoniteClark showed his true feelings by kissing Lana for the first time, but then he danced with Jessie Brooks and almost kissed her in front of Lana.

Lana was both shocked and engaged by their first kiss, but her feelings for Clark quickly changed after witnessing his fickle nature. They were able to be just friends for a while, but when Whitney died, Lana decided that she didn't care if Clark had secrets, and they were a little more than friends until Clark became infected with red kryptonite again and Lana walked in on Clark and Chloe kissing in the Talon.

Clark tried to apologize and applied for a job at the Talon but he ultimately failed his career, as he was too busy saving people, making Lana realize he wasn't reliable. Nevertheless, Lana wanted to remain close to Clark and started boarding Whitney's horse at the Kent Farm so that they could see each other every day. Their relationship finally came together the night of Clark's birthday. In the morning, Clark tried to get Lana to up Lana and Clark their status from friendship but she declined because she was scared that what happened to Whitney would happen to him.

During Lex and Helen Bryce 's rehearsal dinner, he gave a speech for Lex and Helen, but was in fact aiming it at himself and Lana, which managed to convince Lana to embrace their love for each other. They kissed, but the next daytheir relationship fell apart when Martha Kent was injured and lost her baby, which Clark blamed himself for and decided to leave Smallville. He invited Lana, but she insisted that Smallville was her home and his too; with a quick reply of "not anymore," Clark rode out of Smallville and her life.

Season Three "We're not together anymore, and that was your choice. However, as Clark was infected with red kryptonite again, Lana was disgusted and confused by the way he was living, and how he was treating everyone else's feelings with complete disregard. Clark returned to Smallville, but he didn't believe Lana could love the parts of him that he kept secret. Clark's fear that Lana might reject him caused him to put their attempts of a romantic relationship behind him.

Lana, in turn, tried to reassure him that she would care for him no matter what, asking Clark for a second chance. She confided in Martha that she hoped Clark would open up to her one day. Lana persisted with her friendship to Clark and helped him solve the mystery of her great-aunt Louise McCallum 's death. Clark then realized that his love for Lana was somewhat parallel to his biological father Jor-El 's love for Lana's great-aunt.

Like his father, Clark loved a female member of Lana's family and ended up not being with them.

Clark and Lana

When Lana met Seth Nelsonshe decided that she couldn't wait around for Clark and quickly embarked on a relationship with Seth, which Clark quickly became jealous of. When Seth proved himself to be a psychotic meteor freak, Lana apologized to Clark but when he got Lana involved with Lex's mental breakdown and she nearly got killed, she decided that knowing Clark was too dangerous and decided to call it quits.

When Clark was blinded and became concerned for his father's healthhe and Lana reached out to each other again, resulting in a kiss. Lana was upset and disappointed that she kept getting left in limbo about her future with Clark.

Although she wanted to believe that Clark could change, she admitted that she was losing faith and decided to put an end to any further potential romance. Nevertheless, Clark invited Lana for dinner at his house to tell her about his powers in the hope that she would reconsider having a relationship with him.

When he realized how difficult it was for Pete to deal with his secret, he changed his mind and didn't tell Lana, further frustrating her. He planned to take her to the airport, but when another crisis made him late, Lex met her at the airport instead.

Seeing Lex hug her goodbye, a jealous Clark left without saying goodbye, although Lana briefly spotted him through the crowd. Season Four "That is Lana Lang, the love of your life. During her time away from Smallville, Lana started a relationship with Jason Teaguewho then became the assistant football coach at Smallville High School.

When Lana returned, Clark was happy to see her again but when he discovered Lana's relationship with Jason, Clark was shocked and, after that, they had a very strained relationship and avoided each other.

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When Lana and Jason split up, Clark and Lana became closer again. They shared a dance at the prom and, when Clark lost his memoryLana was keen to restart their relationship when Clark promised this time it would be different. However, when his memory returned, Lana was left disappointed again. Nevertheless, they assumed the role of parents when they found a baby in a field and took care of it together. Before the second meteor shower they declared their love for each other and said goodbye, preparing for the worst.

Season Five "I don't even know if you can hear me but I need you to know that from the first moment that I saw you, I knew that no one could make me happier than you. But I also knew that you'd never change. You'd always be running around trying to save the day. All those times I pulled away Suspecting that Lana didn't mean what she said, Clark shrugged off Lana's comments, but she insisted she meant every word.

This led them to Clark and Lana make love. When Clark lost his powershe felt he could embrace the relationship and they lost their virginity to each other. Clark proposes to Lana.

When Clark died and came back with his powers restoredthings weren't the same between him and Lana. Transference When Lex revealed the relationship, she blames Clark. Transference At more than one point, she gets defensive, talking to Clark about Jason as if the latter were Whitney Fordman. Gone His apparent lack of interest about her condition while she was in the hospital was jarring to say the least.

Devoted The writers play on her potential rejection of him in the dreamscape. Despite these tensions and everything the writers threw at themthe bond gradually reformed between them. Crusade She trusts him enough to ask for his help on returning from Paris. In spite of his feelings, he defends her to Lex. Jinx I think the turning point is Spell.

smallville clark and lana start dating

She turns to Clark once again Spell. Lana also talks to Clark about Jason, trusting him for advice. Love his quote here in response to her query about being shallow: After their return, she talks to him about Isobel and the effect that have something hidden can have on a person and their relationships. He also sacrificed his feelings for her benefit twice: Sacred When he loses his memory, she talks with him about things, dealing with her own pain in the process.

Forever and Commencement Although this does get lost during the chaos related to the latter. In a move almost reminiscent of Season 2 and driven more than likely by ratings pressurethe Clana bond turns romantic once more. Although we see glimmers of this throughout the first half of the season, the episodes following Sacred really show a progression.

Transference, Spell and Scare After several episodes where they hardly speak directly to each other, the relationship blossoms once more. Also Onyx The whole matter related to the Prom also brought this feeling out.

The Prom Dance was truly something special and watching it, we knew that Jason was officially history. Had to love the way she was looking at Clark throughout the eppie and the Hug at the end.

Ageless The flashbacks to freshman year both literal and memories harkened back to those simpler times and their feelings. This is something that Brennan picks up on and tries to use against Clark. Forever Last but not least, there is the scene in the barn at the end. Before the meteors hit, she gives him the stone to let him find a piece of himself and guard it. Of course, the pivotal moment in that concerns a revelation. In that moment, they admit their feelings for each other and share a kiss!

Commencement Thus, the relationship has bloomed once more. So where will they go from here? They went through a great deal and realized a lot about themselves and each other.

In particular, she learns what it means to live with a secret. Could this be a building block toward her finally learning the Secret? Who knows where these writers are concerned? Jonathan and Martha seem to be leaning toward letting Clark tell her. With Lois, Chloe and Lex still in the picture, the picture grows more complex. Lionel—if and when he comes out of the coma—now knows everything.

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Or is this another insidious tease by the writers to get ratings? He sacrificed his powers Arrival, Mortal and Hidden. He defied Jor-El for her. He even pushed back time itself to save her. Reckoning She defended him against Lex at the start Hidden and Reckoning among other places. She anguished over his near death. Hidden She actually learned about his powers and learned what it was like to be him.

From the end of Hidden onward, he goes back on the promise he made to her during Season 4. Vengeance Why did he not trust her to help more with Victor Cyborg? Hypnotic Of course, his behavior touched several of her nerves and led to some key arguments between them. The writers chose to stick it to us the way they did the Chlarkers earlier. They could barely deal with each other much less speak to one another.

What had started with such awesome promise was now dust. Lex could be blamed for the three escapees Mortalthe reversal of the Clana betrothal Reckoningbringing Simone into the picture Hypnotic not to mention bringing Lana into the whole Ship investigation pick an eppie from the first half of the season.

He worked on both Clark and Lana, angering them and preparing himself to jump in at the first opportunity to inflict Lexana-ness on them, Smallville and us the audience. Clark misinterpreted her interactions with Lex on at least two occasions Sliver and Lockdown.

Lexana with Clark on the outside looking in. The supporting cast carried its share of both credit and blame for these developments. To her credit, Martha provided a steadying influence as needed. She supported the relationship during the high times. Hypnotic Jonathan inadvertently did more to break things up through his continued paranoia concerning the Secret, the pressure of the senatorial race and inadvertently his death. Chloe continued to vacillate in almost schizophrenic fashion week to week and even within the same episode between being Clana Advocate General and co-Clana Public Enemy Numero Uno with Lex.

Jor-El pressured Clark where the relationship was concerned at several key points. Hey, Louise, a little beyond the grave help might have been nice at this point! Ironically, Lois has her helpful moments in this regard too. Guest stars and recurring new characters influenced matters as well. The silver kryptonite mentioned earlier was one example.

Lex-Mas Victor Stone and his girlfriend, Katherine, actually provided a positive example albeit one that was too late. While developing the story in other ways, Season 5 wasted its potential. They had everything going for them or so it seemed.

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However, Fate and their jealous cohorts conspired against them for their own differing agendas. It even seemed that Earth and Krypton combined efforts in this regard. If he could have trusted Lana with his Secret and let her stand by her as a true partner, the split never would have happened. She gave him chance after chance in that regard. He could not take advantage of it. She only ran to Lex after Clark pushed her away.

In a way, the destruction related to Dark Thursday as it was called in Season 6 offered an apt picture. What had been so beautifully crafted in the midst of rebuilding now laid in ashes amidst the destruction and utter chaos at the end. And Clark could only blame himself for allowing Lex to succeed in that way. With faith and trust between himself and Lana, they could have overcome anything in their path. Now we can only wonder.

Untangling the Lexana Web…. In this case, Lexana re: Fresh off of the events at the end of Season 5, Clark and Lana reacted emotionally—not trusting themselves or each other. Each one had to deal with the respective issues they had uncorked during the previous season s. As the season wore on, they came back to each other before tragedy struck.

Phantom During the first half of the season, distrust and separation remained the theme. Then again, Lex had been trying to get to her since Season 1. As he admitted at several points, he wanted what Clark had. Lana was top on that list. Wither Her hostility toward Clark appeared at several points. She asked Lionel and Martha where he was and told them that Clark talked with Chloe about killing Lex.

Zod She questioned his motives to rescue Lex. Sneeze At the medical center, she told him to stop making excuses and just be honest. Rage Clark is tied up with dealing with the Zoners not to mention his feelings toward the Lexana union. Zod He repeated this to Chloe later. While these trends continued, this point clearly represented the low point of the season.

The next few episodes sparked a complex reawakening of the Clana connection. Rather than be hostile, she was warm and cordial. She looked back to him while walking out with Lex. One might argue that was a true turning point between them. Crimson She confronted Tobias and asked him to stop identifying meteor infected people so as to protect Clark.

Promise Her need to know his secret resurfaced here as well. Remember how she was early in Season 2? Hydro She saw Lex stab Kal and the blade crumpling on impact. Freak Finally she trapped Chloe in the wine cellar and watched Clark reveal both the Secret and his feelings for her. Promise While Clark always held strong feelings, his vacillating between duty and lament ceased at this point as well. Hydro The psychiatric nightmare dreamscape brought a version of the old Clana scene for Clark and us to consider.

Still being with Lana strongly tempted him. Crimson He dreamed of killing Lex to save Lana from marrying him. He talked to his mother concerning knowing who the One is. This was one of several key conversations between Clark and Martha in this regard. He talked to Lana and almost got her out of the marriage. Both he and Lana showed shock and regret over the vows.

Promise Finally before and after he defeated Titan, Clark feels angry and empty about the wedding. Combat The final third of the season, despite the apparent Lexana triumph, undid the earlier snarls and greased the way for the Clana comeback. She became more assertive in her dealings.

Smallville 4x19 - Clark talks to Lana about their relationship

She forced an answer albeit a lie out of Lionel when he was injured. Nemesis She spied on Lex and Senator Burkhart putting more pressure on their relationship. She relayed that information onto Clark. Prototype She did leave Lex shortly thereafter. After the miscarriage, Clark and Lana talked about her future. He offered to help her get out of it. Progeny Then there was the hug and moment following the escape from the Kryptonite death tunnels. In this case, it worked out that way.

Nemesis Clark showed concern once again following her being shot. Noir Then came the Scene in the Loft. Lana said good bye but not before Clark begged her in every which way not to and even revealed who and what he is to her. When her blazer blew up, Clark flew off the handle and went to kill Lex.

Phantom The Clana rescue quota was fulfilled by both parties. He attempted to save her from an unknown problem the pregnancy in addition to her marriage. Phantom In one case, however, he did put her on the backburner to deal with Zoner issue in Seattle.

This was especially true toward the end of the season. The rest of the cast played instrumental roles in moving this process albeit in one direction or another. Martha had several key conversations with Clark concerning his relationship with Lana and the mess with Lex.

One has to wonder what might have been if Jonathan had been taken from the picture earlier. Zod We can only guess and speculate on that one. Hydro Oliver Queen earned a few stripes for supporting Clark early in the season and pushing him outside of his comfort zone where Lex was concerned.

Justice Chloe, despite trying to help Clark and Lana get past each other, actually pushed them back together. She allowed them to see each other at the Daily Planet. Rage She put the full court press on Clark to help Lana during the static incident.

Static She told Lana to talk to Clark about the past. Hydro She hinted that Clark was still haunting Lana to the latter. Crimson She told Clark that he needs to pull Lana out of the marriage and be the hero. Nemesis After the damage done in Season 5, it took most of Season 6 to stabilize the situation.

Oliver had to feel their way into their roles. Other characters Martha, Lois and Lex increased their influence and modified their roles. Ironically, Chloe became even more central in the Clana dynamic. For Clark and Lana, this was especially true.

At the heart of the matter lay regaining of trust in the relationship. Both parties needed to grow and develop. Both needed to become harder to deal with the situations. It was too bad that Lana had to leave because questions persist. And the blazer blowing up only seems to cut off that avenue. Clana Summary Season 7: Her blazer exploding and taking her with it destroyed anything. The romance burned brightly for the first third of the season.

Even before she returned, Clark and Lana both shared a mutual look and wish upon the Moon. Bizarro Then almost in answer to the passionate parting season mentioned above, their reuniting in the Kent Barn stirred the heart strings.

As Lana touched his shoulder, Clark knew it was her and the awesome embrace following it. The subsequent discussions concerning Kara and his own powers revealed a growth as a couple.

Clark reassured her that he still felt the same for her no matter what. Lana replied that she came back to Smallville for him and wanted to grow old with him. She also dug up knowledge on Knox for him. Nice to see someone besides Chloe doing that for a change.

The scene at the end with her arranging the flowers showed more of her making herself at home around the farm. Lara The horse race, picnic, truffles and the attempts to help her deal with borrowed powers also showed his dedication. Nice comic relief by the writers concerning the tremors around Smallville when they were getting intimate. He defended her with Lex later too. Both sides confronted each other about their respective shortcomings. Blue She reevaluated things so as to make herself a better partner even if it was Bizarro and not Clark.

As the Martian Manhunter warned Clark, the Phantom grew up without any love shown to it. Consequently it hated everyone and craved survival. Phantom However Lana brought out the best in it.

For the first time in his existence, it knew love and affection. Bizarro wanted it and milked the opportunities for all they were worth. She told him that she had time to reevaluate things so that she could be a better partner. He wanted to be on same page as her. They worked together at Isis and at the Planet to save Chloe. But unlike the way Clark and Lana were with each other, Bizarro and Lana actually collaborated comfortably.

Chloe suspected that something was wrong. Jor-El released Clark from the ice prison. Clark told Lana about Bizarro. Lana justifiably freaked out when she discovered the truth. She actually loved them both. However she still did the right thing and eliminated Bizarro with the blue kryptonite. Crimson Now she actually took part in one. The last scene at the end revealed a lot about the couple. Lana ached for Clark to be as open and sensitive with her as Bizarro had been.

Persona One could argue that the Phantom tapped into Kal when it created its Bizarro self—the one part of Clark not inhibited by hang ups and such. He was a villain. But I have to say that I actually felt sorry for him at the end. And to make Lana choose like that was a cruel twist even if defined things. At least he helped both Clark and Lana to see their own shortcomings and to move toward dealing with them.

Cure Admittedly, after years of getting on Clark about not being truthful, she turned around and did the same thing. Repeatedly throughout the season, she also has a sense that Clark has a bigger destiny than just being with her.

At this point, I have to stick my two cents in. Having Lana as a Kryptonian with powers does work as the readers of my "Super Lana" series know full well. But that would make too much sense for this show. Wrath He confronted her after finding out about Isis and her spying on Lex. Furthermore he accused her of loving Bizarro and not being able to face herself because of that and her own darkness.

smallville clark and lana start dating

He left for the Fortress and left her vulnerable to Bizarro among others. He was so overwhelmed by her having abilities that he had no confidence to teach her how to use them much less deal with her as an equal partner. In fact, even from the start, he looked at her enhanced state as a threat instead of the blessing it should have been. Wrath His insecurities over her month long tryst and sharing secrets with Bizarro pushed things to the boiling point as well. This prompted Lana to stay with Chloe for at least a while.

Each one has big time trust and affection issues toward the other, the world and themselves. Consequently, they had to confront these issues and resolve them before the relationship could move forward. Despite the problems, Clark and Lana were moving beyond them and toward each other once more.

Siren Combined with her continued soul searching, that might have been enough to save the relationship.