Steve tanner and chloe kmetko dating

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steve tanner and chloe kmetko dating

Make It or Break It is an American television series created by Holly Sorensen. The one-hour . Chloe Kmetko (played by Susan Ward) is Emily and Brian's mother. A flighty free spirit, Chloe became For a while she dates Steve Tanner, who she had met anonymously online. While the two seem genuinely attracted to each. getting worried. Kaylie and Nicky get closer, emotionally, the more they train together. Also, Carter discovers that Chloe Kmetko and Steve Tanner are dating. Steve Tanner (played by Anthony Starke) is Lauren's father and former manager of The Rock. Steve He was engaged to Summer van Horne, but Summer broke up with Steve after He dated Emily's mother Chloe but broke up with her because he didn't feel like he could trust her. Emily Kmetko Make It or Break It Wiki.

I also resent that Sasha doesn't seem to realize I'm better than everyone else. I resent that my best friend tried to get me kicked out of the gym and that she won't believe I'm not dating Carter.

If Only...

I resent that my friends, who I've known and trained with for ten years, didn't stand up for me when Miss Trailer-Trash showed up and knocked me out of third place, which only happened because I had a bad day, not because she's better than me because she has no technique and no consistency and will tank at Nationals next week! I resent that no one has made me feel welcome. It's just to live in it, what did you think? You're gonna live in the parking lot? I prefer a short commute.

What would Carrie Bradshaw do? This sport is about more than perfection and athleticism. It's about grace and beauty, as well. He is one hot crumpet! Between a Rock and a Hard Place [1. Nationals are three weeks away.

I don't have time to be nervous. I can't believe Denver has Kelly Parker now. Is she as full of herself as she comes off in interviews? I'm not trying out for the cheerleading squad, I'm trying to get to the Olympics!

Injuries are a part of the sport. I know when I can push through them, and when I can't. Run, Emily, Run [1. You have an amazing talent inside of you, Emily Kmetko, but you won't be able to find it on your own. Oh, honey, you know how men are: Then later, usually at night, they realize that they need us This is a bad idea.

A bad, bad idea! We could get arrested. No risk, no reward. Worst case scenario, you're the first person in your family to do hard time.

The more I find out about you, Kmetko, the more I find intriguing. You can pick locks?! Yeah, while you were learning backflips and cartwheels, guess what I was doing? Your father must be so proud Who do you think taught me? I'm showing Sasha my new floor routine today.

Classical's not really my style. You're not picking out music for your MySpace page, Kmetko. I bought these at that health food store downtown: You bought flavor-free cupcakes. We need a drink! My source didn't reveal the name of the girl, so I'm going to ask you: It's easy to be gracious when you think no one can touch you.

I can't just give up my dream of going to the Olympics! It's everything I ever wanted. It's my entire life. It's everything I am. All That Glitters [1. I got that dweeb at the front desk to slip me her key, then I waited until she and her little devil worshippers left for dinner. We have like 5 minutes until lights out. Then we'd better hurry. To Payson and Kaylie Come on you two! The girls run out of the room and into the hallway, where they are stopped by Sasha coming out of his room Sasha: Payson, Emily, Kaylie, and Lauren: Would you mind telling me where you're going?

We're just going to the gift shop for magazines Sasha looks very embarrassed and awkward I swear as team captain that I will have us all back by lights out. Girls turn to leave with Lauren still hiding Kelly Parker's bag behind her back Girls They all stop with their backs to him What's in the bag? Follow The Leader [1. Having your coach be the National Team coach is a huge advantage; and one I could definitely use since I barely made the team.

Gumby Girls don't always bend. Emily Kmetko, girl genius and flippity-flop artist! So, you're a man of no faith? Oh, I have faith in facts. See, the good thing about fact is you don't need any voodoo mumbo-jumbo to prop them up. Why can't you just sing your own song? I'm not as brave as you. Fourth isn't that far off from first. Besides, I don't look bloated in pictures. You can't fake bone structure! Are We Having Fun Yet? All I want is to be invisible.

I beat all the other best gymnasts in the country. Why doesn't anyone think I would have beat Payson, too?! I was the new girl at three different schools before I was the new girl at The Rock. If it's any consolation, I know exactly what you're going through. No offense, Emily, you don't. Being the new girl might suck, but at least you still have gymnastics. I don't have anything. A zombie's gonna tutor me in speech class? Sometimes I think we let them get so medal-driven that they forget why they love gymnastics in the first place.

Payson never forgot that. She always loved sharing her love of the sport. Today's her first day. Yeah, I wonder how it's going. How do you think it's going?

Loves Me, Loves Me Not [1. Save the Last Dance [1. Gymnastics is my only way out. It's the only thing that's going to save me from ending up like my mother. Okay, so how mad at me are you? On a scale of one-to-ten? We're going to prom?!

Only if Payson says it's okay. If you don't go to prom I'll never speak to you again. Okay, fine, I'll go.

steve tanner and chloe kmetko dating

We're going to prom!!! Hope and Faith [1. It's nice to have at least one extravagant thing in your closet. It makes you feel like a winner! I don't have a closet. And it makes me feel like a charity case. What about the strict "No Dating Policy"?! That policy doesn't affect parents, Miss Kettle-Black-Caller!

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How can I expect you girls to control your emotions when your coach can't even control his? Personally, I thought you were awesome. They think we're renegades now? They haven't seen anything yet. The Great Wall [1. I didn't go through this surgery for nothing. I'm gonna be better than I ever was. I still can't believe he convinced the Chinese team to come here.

Oh, you know Sasha. He could sell ice to an Eskimo. Water under the bridge. I can't do this. You talking about the job, or what's going on between us? There is nothing going on between us. At least I didn't lose a tenth of a point for pulling my Leo out of my butt crack during my routine! Most of these are from Ellen Beale's. Then you hooked up with the bossy blonde one. But now you're back with the first one?

This is a gym, not a discotech. Less gossiping and more sweating! I'll quit right now! You will not quit Kaylie, we had a deal.

My daughter doesn't make deals with the devil. I've come too far to be passed over. Gymnastics is my life, and I won't let anything, or anyone, get in the way. Any plans for Nationals next year? Just to win it! That was very good, Kaylie Season 2[ edit ] Friends Close, Enemies Closer [2. Did you hear that? That's the sound of my father slipping money into your mother's G-string. The Olympics is less than two years away. I have the rest of my life to be a woman, but right now all I want to be is a gymnast.

So, Steve, I would appreciate it if you'd keep your money in your pocket. Okay, I will keep my money in my pocket. All or Nothing [2. Did you hit your head on a dismount or something?! Why should I believe you?

steve tanner and chloe kmetko dating

He looked over to Lauren, noting that Emily was shocked before looking at Chloe and Steve. He covered her hand with his, giving her a tight smile before focusing on his daughter. She had intended to break Steve and Chloe up so her father would focus on her, but she had never seen him so angry.

They had seen him angry, but never this angry, and never at Lauren. It rivaled a bellow that Sasha would let out to get them to work when they dawdled too long. Sasha seemed to take a cue and turned to look at the other gymnasts. Lauren dragged her feet but when her father came toward her, she hurried faster and was finally running into the office to wait for him. He looked at Chloe, who tried to give him a reassuring smile. He reached a hand up and stroked her cheek gently before turning to take the steps into the office two at a time.

Lauren was waiting for him, her arms crossed over her chest. As soon as Steve entered and closed the door, she started to speak. I don't want her as my stepmom or Emily as my stepsister!

At least not yet. And what is this about marriage? Is that how that trailer trash managed to get a brand new car? You bought it for her? Steve watched Lauren for a moment before giving a harsh laugh and shaking his head. You have dozens of dresses, just like I told you, and you didn't need yet another dress that you would wear once and then it would be stuffed in your closet. Chloe wanted to make the night just as special for Emily as it was already going to be for you and I assisted in making that happen.

If your night was ruined it was because of your own schemes and manipulations!

steve tanner and chloe kmetko dating

She just wants you for your money! You would willingly risk your father's freedom and everything you value so much, the money I have, because you don't want me dating someone?! Not to mention, I would have that mark on my record for the rest of my life and it would affect the things that we could have done. That if I gave you everything you ever wanted that I could make up for the fact that your mother walked out. I told myself that your acting out was because she wasn't there.

I don't want her as my stepmother. Then it became about what you wanted, but that's over now. And it bothers me that her daughter doesn't even see it either. He walked over to the door and opened it. Chloe frowned, glancing at Sasha who was standing nearby.

He simply nodded and looked over to where Emily was stretching. Emily looked up and frowned but followed Sasha's instructions, making her way into the Rock's office where Lauren stood with an annoyed expression. Steve closed the door once again. Our relationship is still very new, but yes, I do like her, a great deal.

And I want to see where this relationship goes. So much so that everyone can see it, yet you don't bother to see the pain it puts her through. She shoves it aside, I see it when I see you say something cutting to her because she doesn't fit your picture of the ideal mom. You have no idea how ideal she is. She frowned a bit when Lauren scoffed, but he only spoke up to stop her. Yes, Chloe has her faults. She may have more than many wish they had, but we all do.

The one thing that I have yet to see Chloe fault on his how much she loves her children. From what little I know and have seen is that she's willing to do anything for her children, including uprooting them and moving them to another state to give her daughter a chance at her dream.

Steve didn't let up the tirade at his daughter, however. You look at Chloe and you call her white trash. Because they don't have the money we do?