Sue and axl dating services

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sue and axl dating services

Brad was first introduced as Sue's boyfriend, and while their romantic Ciarlelli: It might be fun to have a spotlight on Brad dating someone, but. Axl blames Sue, then Brick chimes in: “This is why I didn't want to sit in .. maybe started his own air conditioning company and had a family. To learn more, check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I have read & understood the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I agree/consent to its.

Brad is in the kitchen baking muffins while Axl and Lexie are draped over each other on the couch. Sue feels a pang in her chest seeing a happy couple and knows she's in for a long weekend. She gives them a toothless smile. Sean Donahue has been taking me to dinner a few times a week for three weeks now and I don't know I thought he maybe-" she stops abruptly and breaks her gaze with Axl, tugging at an end of her hair.

For the first time since she left for junior prom without a date, her older brother is looking at her with sadness and pity laced in his eyes. She realizes she must look as pathetic as she feels because Axl only pulls through for her in desperate times. Her eyes water instantly. Axl barges into her room a minute later with a tub of ice cream and two spoons and proceeds to sit with her while she cries for the rest of the night.

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The next morning Sue wakes to the sound of the doorbell and sits up slowly to realize she slept in her dress from last night. She slowly stands up, checking her reflection in the mirror and winces at the redness of her eyes and the tangled state of her short hair. I want to talk to Sue. Thanks for selling me out Axl. What are you talking about?

sue and axl dating services

She seemed down when I dropped her off last night so I brought her breakfast-" "Stop taking her to dinner and stop doing nice shit like bringing her breakfast! You of all people know I want them to be dates. Sue and Lexie exchange surprised glances. Sue feels like she can't breathe, her excitement fleeting as a horrific thought crosses her mind: Axl uncharacteristically sat with her all last night but this was his doing?

He went too far this time.

Sue and axl dating service

Sue flung open her door to go fight with her brother but was stopped by Axl's voice. Why would you think I was here for Lexie? I told you after the date it didn't work out although I didn't tell you it was because I was thinking about Sue. Sean has feelings for her and tried to tell her but Axl misunderstood him?

sue and axl dating services

She should go talk to Sean she definitely should- "So all this time you thought I was cool with it? So wait you've been putting the moves on Sue thinking she has a boyfriend? Mike couldn't take his eyes off their intertwined hands, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't hate the Donahue. He'd tried finding something, anything, that would bring any sense of hatred out of him, but even when he caught them kissing inside Sean's car, there was nothing.

Around this time, I didn't even want to look at Darrin'' ''Oh, Mike'' his wife walked out from the bathroom, with a toothbrush at hand. If you had to pick a perfect son-in-law,tell me it wouldn't be Sean Donahue'' ''I don't know'' Mike sighed.

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It was easier to talk to Sean, and since they both loved sports, they'd often sit on the couch with Axl and watch the latest game.

It gotten to the point that Sue had to point out he'd practically stolen her boyfriend from her, to which Sean joked they'd become good friends.

sue and axl dating services

Of course, Mike still had to pretend to be a little suspicious of him, even if it wasn't true at all. Sue, who'd been helped into her coat by Sean, exhaled. Heck'' Sean grinned, before opening the front door for his daughter and leaving behind her. They exchanged nods, and for once, Mike could say the small smile on his face was sincere. A father's job was to hate any man his daughter brought home, but Mike Heck couldn't bring himself to hate Sean Donahue.

I'm literally so obsessed with Sean and Sue it's not even funny. More oneshots coming up! The author would like to thank you for your continued support.