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Hey, WWE might want to get into the online dating business, because a solo act and Maryse was paired with Ted DiBiase Jr. later in the year. Theodore Marvin DiBiase Jr. (born November 8, ) is an American businessman, actor, and . On the January 12, , episode of Raw, DiBiase returned to aid Manu and Sim Snuka in attacking Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton . DiBiase was a Pro for the fourth season of NXT, in which he and Maryse mentored Brodus. She also explained how living in Los Angeles permitted Ted dibiase jr and maryse dating divas to start a film career and she was looking for.

Ted Dibiase Jr. Confronts Miz and his ex-girlfriend, Maryse: Raw, April 18, 2016

Not to worry though, Ms. Bella, Ziggler still may be willing to give you kids and marriage as he proclaimed on Total Divas if things don't work out for him and Dana Brooke.

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Yet details on James and Cena's relationship are rather sketchy. Kenny Dykstra Kenny of the Spirit Squad has alleged the two were never actually an item, but were just hooking up, or friends with benefits. Speaking of the forenamed Kenny, he actually dated James at one point and the details on James and Dykstra's relationship are as concrete as can be considering the two were engaged at one point.

The two have a baby boy who was born in December of The pair dated for two years from to before breaking up.

Ted dibiase jr and maryse dating divas

The two dated for over 2 years and the relationship ended abruptly as a result of the unfortunate passing of Test. Preceding his marriage to Sky, Hardy had his fair share of relationships. None of these relationships was more prolific then his relationship with former WWE talent, Lita. Hardy may play a broken version of himself on TV today, but it doesn't compare to how his ex-girlfriend and former real life friend played him.

Ted DiBiase Jr.

Hardy also dated Ashley Massaro for a year, not to long after him and Lita had broken up. Shelly Martinez and Hardy were also involved for close to two years before they broke up in Prior to that, Phoenix had married former wrestler Joey Knight in Their marriage lasted one year with the two divorcing in She is currently married to the man billed as the "Rated R Superstar", Edge.

The two recently married on October 30th,which coincidentally happened to be the 43rd birthday for Edge; Edge now has two reasons to celebrate on October 30th. Maryse carried the Diva's Title once more in but her second reign wasn't nearly as long being 49 days. Navigation menu This event might have made Virgil pretty lonely, but it resulted in a new role for Maryse — one where her body didn't need to take as much impact.

After taking a little time off from WWE television she was eventually Ted dibiase jr and maryse dating divas two months later. Maryse Mizanin is a French She commented about her release in while speaking to Diva-Dirt. She also explained how living in Los Angeles permitted Ted dibiase jr and maryse dating divas to start a film career and she was looking for more involvement in that Ted dibiase jr and maryse dating divas. She loved playing different characters and seemed excited about the chance to try her luck on the silver screen.

But she got her start a long time ago and had already carved her place in WWE History. Maryse accompanied The Miz through one of the greatest title runs of his illustrious career.

On September 11th,Maryse announced they were expecting a child. The couple was allowed to make this revelation during an episode of Miz TV where her smiling husband said they wanted to tell everyone on WWE television because it was the same place they met.