Tony ahn and song ji hyo dating

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tony ahn and song ji hyo dating

“Running Man” PD Promises Epic Episode Following Lee Kwang Soo Dating News Seungri [Special MC]; Song Ji-hyo [Special MC]; Dok2 [Special Cast] Kocowa is an pay-to-stream website available in the USA. . I think Tony's mom is my favorite this week lol the way she shouted “KGM” was funny af. Tony An, who recently made his comeback with the song "Top Star", revealed that he's dated 6 female celebrities since his Learn more about "Tony Ahn" on Team (Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo)Female Team (Lizzy, Song Ji- hyo.

It is a non-romantic gesture from his part, but from guys around her age, she is pretty cautious about that.

Tony An reveals that he's dated 6 celebrities

Agree with all the instances you have pointed out linzer03 and I understand your points. Yes, both of them being part of RM is a problem. One of the reasons I was initially pretty skeptical about this couple was also because of the heavy odds against them dating each other. Gary once talked about the difficulty of starting a real life relationship with JH because if they broke up, one of them would have to leave the show.

tony ahn and song ji hyo dating

For JK and JH, the odds are worse. A break up will definitely affect their future participation in the show. On the other hand, if they succeed in their relationship and finally have to declare, it will again affect the future of the show since they are not the official couple. Again, RM is their bread and butter which has given them the kind of popularity abroad unimaginable for korean entertainers.

tony ahn and song ji hyo dating

It is also about being loyal to your castmates since some of them like Suk Jin could find it difficult to emulate the success of a show like RM holds true for most of them in the show, but especially in his case - is it part of the reason he advises JK against settling down? But still, feelings don't go by that and shows also don't go on for ever. I kind of believe that the reason they at least JK have taken such a bold step is because they have seen what can happen if they don't act on feelings that have a chance of developing into something more.

Before that, while JK and JH often interacted closely with each other, it was she who actively sought him out. JH used to like being with JK, but even in episode 70, you can see that when she tries to stand with him and Haha and KS in the train, JK playfully pushes her towards Gary.

Tony An reveals that he's dated 6 celebrities | allkpop

However, you can also see that they were becoming very important to each other. By the end of that episode, you can see how much JK has come to value JH's friendship. Her threat "don't speak to me again" was actually big enough for him to look like he had made a grave mistake.

However, after her dating declaration, things change between them.

tony ahn and song ji hyo dating

I have never seen JK willing to give up a game for another RM member till episode 95 where he lets JH win And we have the ever so mysterious liger couple conversation.

Then in the Beauty and the Beast episode, he actually goes down on his knee and gifts her the prize which is a ring.

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Those seem to me definite signs of an interest in her. Even when she is officially dating someone else, he includes her among his ideal types and praises her personality and beauty. He even goes to her movie premiere with his best friend in tow. Seem to be a lot of concerted effort to get close to her. So, against the risks of RM's future in balance lies the risk of letting a potential good partner go. Since JH has already dated someone, he definitely would know that it can happen again if he continues to be the cautious type or just thinks about the show.

In Healing Camp, one reason JK gave as to why he wouldn't want to date a far younger woman is that then he wouldn't be able to share that many memories with her guess that is coz their growing up years would be in different time periods. JH is the right age and not only that, they have had so many memories together. Again, it is hard to meet a woman who is as competitive as he is and also one who understands him.

We see RM members frequently complaining that JK is always coaching them though one can see how much his coaching has helped them through the years. JH was so earnestly practising with other football players and JK.

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Remember how in one of the early episodes, the RM team has to do the jump rope test and JH is the one who actively asks JK about how it should be done and JK is so engrossed in coaching her that he steps on poor KS's foot? They were also cute, but then they were not that similar in temperament.

And in one ice sledge game that they do with Jang Hyuk, they lose and Hyori holds JK accountable for the loss. In the case of spartace though, that never happens.

Even when JK shuts her in the room in the 2nd idol olympics, while JH is upset initially, she ultimately trusts his decision so much that she leaves after giving him a thumbs up.

Where do you get a girl like that? JH is still so fascinated by JK's 'Mr. One can see it in the recent Heirs episode where JH is so fascinated with JK's detecting skills in uncovering where the others have hidden their leases that Jae Suk kind of looks at her with amusement.

tony ahn and song ji hyo dating

As JK grows older, he would naturally feel that it is harder to meet the right kind of woman. So, once he gets her, don't think he would let her go.

KS once spoke about the ideal girl for JK as somebody who wouldn't try to change him. Being with JH I suspect has changed JK a lot he drinks americano, eats fried food and I remember how when in a chinese fanmeet interview, she was talking about wanting to try steamboat which is supposed to be spicy and JK said they could go and try that and she exclaimed that she didn't think he would eat that.

However, I don't think JH is the type who would forcefully try to change JK since their personalities seem to be similar and she can understand his competitiveness and perseverance like with the gym which may put off some other girls.

With JH too, though she is brave and independent, there are times like in the last episode when she needs someone to lean on. And JK is Mr.

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They must have been in so many games as part of RM where because of his encouragement or coaching, she could do things she would not otherwise have done. Even in the last episode, JK tries to encourage her to put her hand into the box by saying "if there is anybody who can do this, it is you, Ji Hyo". Haha attempts with the scenario of love at first sight. Gary attempts with the scenario of the Monday Couple dating. Kim Kwang Kyu attempts with the scenario of a high school teacher meeting his grown student in the subway.

Tony Ahn attempts with the scenario of friends meeting in the subway. Song Ji Hyo earns a Running ball. Haha is referred to as King Childish and Little Guy. Gary is referred to as the Monday Boyfriend. Bells hide and seek. The mission team must find the four hidden brief cases after receiving the hints. Two of the cases contain revival name tags to use on eliminated team members.

tony ahn and song ji hyo dating

If the mission team does not complete their mission within the hour than the chasing team will win. Song Ji Hyo finds the first case. Tony Ahn finds the second case. Yoo Jae Suk finds the third case. Yoo Jae Suk revives Tony Ahn. Ji Suk Jin is eliminated but it is not shown who tore off his name tag. Yoo Jae Suk is eliminated, and although it is not clear who tears off his name tag is it likely that Lee Gwang Soo did. The Chasing team earns Running balls.