Tumblr abbie salt and sam heughan dating

P-redux — I have to admit seeing Abbie’s like yesterday

tumblr abbie salt and sam heughan dating

Apr 25, If Abbie had been a “fake girlfriend” or a “beard,” the photos would have been out FACTS: Sam dated Abbie Salt from late January to November ilovesamheughan reblogged this from p-redux and added. They would have been conveniently dropped off to P-Redux on Tumblr by now .. Abbie Salt is a red herring because Heughan abruptly ghosted his last beard on And let's not forget that Abbie herself, denied dating Sam and asked "don't. Apr 25, There's another photo floating around of Sam and Abbie and his brother in the Abbie Salt, WAS his REAL girlfriend throughout most of

Sam is a typical salesman trying to sell everything. The best sales pitch has been selling himself as a hetero make sex symbol. Wish he could do the same for his acting abilities. Considering actors who have much larger audiences, many more followers on Twitter and Insta, I'm not sure Sam yet merits PR beyond the normal new season pre-launch and season promotion. Maybe it's possible that he has decided to be proactive in his own promotion and this is the result.

He's aware that there's robust dialogue about his sexual history, and that a lot of people know he's gay.

tumblr abbie salt and sam heughan dating

Unlike Cait, he's been unable to land other roles during his hiatus, so maybe he's decided to beef up the hetero story line on his own in hopes of landing a Bond-like role or something to take him to the next level. Problem is, he's on a steep learning curve and doesn't always make the best decisions because he tries to monetize everything. His intense focus on money works against him. While being Barbour's brand ambassador helps Barbour sell their merch to the older women who comprise his core fan group gifts for their hubbiesit doesn't really do anything to win him the younger, broader audience who might go see a Bond film.

Sam would do well to follow the example of other cable TV leading men like Charlie Hunnam and Travis Fimmel who have landed major film roles by staying off social media and creating a sense of mystery.

tumblr abbie salt and sam heughan dating

All this crap isn't going to position him for the next step and may even hurt his career. And couldn't they mix it up a little like the hardware or pizza shop. He needs to focus on honing his craft. Maybe a return to the stage to reconnect with his roots.

Reality Bites — Well, Sam went to wherever he went alone, no Abbie

As a patron of youth theater in Edinburgh, he speaks of it with such affection. This is absolutely hysterical. Lionsgate is conspiring to create a SM presence for MM? Who TF is she??!? Whenever people have to create a scenario to justify what is obvious - they become Official Deniers. IT's the 1 Rule of crazy Fandoms.

Create a scenario to deny the obvious. The Deniers were trying to says that Sam was in NC looking for real estate to rent when Season 4 is filmed. Nevermind that they aren't going to film anything - Season 4 or 5 or 6 in NC. Yes, the super-shippers accused Jinx of lying. What else is new? But why would Jinx make up a story that would be embarrassing to her daughter Cody? After all, she said that Sam broke up with Cody to go back out with his ex-girlfriend—not a very flattering story for her daughter.

I would think that if Jinx were to make up a story it would probably be that Cody got tired of Sam or met someone else, or it was a mutual break-up—something that would put her daughter in a more positive light. And of course Jinx risked the wrath of s-shippers who descended on her and harassed her. All because she told the truth.

tumblr abbie salt and sam heughan dating

Abbie and Sam Photo of Abbie in New York around the time of the April mid-season 1 premiere Abbie was with Sam in Miami in April verified by witnesses and a fuzzy photo. Upon returning to Glasgow, Sam gave Davie some Barbados rum on Sam indicated in a A picture indicated that Abbie had been Munro bagging in Scotland on Sam had breakfast with Abbie at 26 Grains in London on This is based on a witness who saw them together, a picture of Sam at 26 Grains and a possible picture of Abbie walking into 26 Grains.

Abbie and Sam apparently went clay shooting in Scotland on You end up just sharing facts that mean nothing to each other over empty phone calls. Abbie lived in London, which is quite a distance from Glasgow. In contrast, Cait was working with Sam nearly every day. He could only have meant Abbie and not Cait in that interview.

Sam Heughan Scottish Gay Actor, Lead in Outlander - Part 11

She met him when her sister Charlotte made a TV movie with Sam. She never worked in any show with him. Such good friends in fact that she was willing to fly all over creation to be with him e.

Hangar 10 (2014) Trailer - Robert Curtis, Abbie Salt, Danny Shayler

And if they were just friends, then why did she stop hanging with him all together? The first involved a snapchat video that they found of Abbie talking to some kids in a hot tub. A more plausible explanation for the hot tub is that Abbie teaches children.

Sam Heughan Scottish Gay Actor, Lead in Outlander - Part 11

A friend of mine who is a teacher said that whenever she goes anywhere kids just gravitate to her and she also knows how to talk to them so they end up interacting. Undoubtedly, that was all it was. Supposedly her daughter Emma and her husband live on the island.

Maybe Abbie and Sam would have visited with them for lunch or dinner but Emma and her husband would not have been staying with Sam and Abbie at the hotel, since they live on the island.