Winx club bloom and sky dating fanfiction

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winx club bloom and sky dating fanfiction

After Bloom's breakup with Sky, it was then followed by Stella and knowing that Musa seemed happier with her new boyfriend rather than Riven. It had been months since the Winx Club and the Specialists had broken up. Bloom's breathing got heavier as sky started to suck her sweet part on her guys "if she wasn't already taken we would SO be dating right now!. "Bloom, this is my ex-girlfriend Diaspro, and Diaspro this is my . "Bloom dating me could get you hurt" Sky said, he really does care about me.

When he realized he couldn't he sighed and answered "Yes.

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Bloom stopped in her tracks. You wanted to break up with me so bad. Well now you got it.

Sky turned around to see Stella coming out from the tree she was hidden behind. Brandon found out I was cheating on Bloom and warned her.

She was the one who broke up with me. That means you can focus on us. The conversation did not go well and turned into an argument.

He heard Bloom started to walk his way and quickly backed up and sat near his bike. Sure enough Bloom appeared from the other side. He noticed her smile was gone and that she was about to cry. They climbed on the bike and drove off. Brandon was out of the room, leaving Bloom alone. Bloom yawned and sat up.

She moved over making room for Brandon to sit down. He came over with two coffee and placed one in front of Bloom. He sat down and the two remained silent.

I told him what you said to me and he didn't deny it. I'm glad I heard it from a trusted friend as a warning. Bloom was about to say something when there was a knock on the door. The door opened and the other specialists appeared. Just because he hurt me does't mean you can go and beat him up. I think Brandon should be the only one helping me.

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The less suspicious Sky will be if he finds out we're all turning against him. The door opened up this time with Sky entering the room. Everyone said nothing and just stared at each other. You pushed him away right after 15 minutes!

Now stop being so jealous and calm down, Sky! I'll calm down also we are OVER!

winx club bloom and sky dating fanfiction

Bloom just fainted right there and wasn't found until the next day. Now Sky got a new girlfriend named Layla and she's just new in Alfea. Bloom didn't want to have a new boyfriend just after what happened with her and Sky.

winx club bloom and sky dating fanfiction

Bloom was now often looking out a window thinking about Sky over and over and over and over again since the break-up.

I'll be down," replied Bloom with a sigh. They all went down and saw Sky and Layla flirting with one another which made Bloom sad, jealous, and envious.

Bloom then hurried over to Sky and he didn't even hand her the helmet she had to take the helmet instead. The others left already leaving Sky and Bloom 5 minutes behind because Bloom suddenly dropped the helmet and it rolled away and Sky didn't even help look for it! Finally Bloom found the helmet and put it on her head.

Now we're 5 minutes late! Would you just hurry up so we could leave and I could hang with my new girlfriend! No wonder I broke up with you! Bloom didn't say anything but just sat behind Sky and they drove off. But somehow Sky felt something when Bloom wrapped her arms around him.

He felt like a sudden urge to hug and kiss her! But Sky ignored it as hard as he could but he couldn't and suddenly remembered all the times he's been with her and even he remembered the times they were in bed together! Bloom slowly got off with Sky and saw everyone outside. It had a major black out! So it was closed down! Everyone looked at her in surprise.

winx club bloom and sky dating fanfiction

Sky was then thinking "WHAT! Bloom hasn't spoken for that many days! What am I thinking? But still…" "Bloom is right!