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be for you me love hina dating

Love Hina Again (–) Naru Narusegawa: Hey, let me ask you something. But when you start dating someone and end up falling in love with that. Love Hina Movie Set (Again/Spring Movie/Christmas Movie): Yji Ueda, The gang decides the popular superstition "if you declare your love for someone Not Rated; Studio: Bandai; DVD Release Date: November 4, . that I will keep on watching from time to time to remind me of why I love Love Hina. Love Hina is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. . Shinobu had a similar appearance to Forty Namba from A.I. Love You. . and the ending theme "Be for Me, Be for You" was released on February 28,

The guy can literally do absolutely nothing, and you still have Naru the other protagonist beating the crap out of this poor bastard! The beatings are so random you just can't help but laugh. But somehow, he always seems to respect them, and doesn't want to make them upset under any circumstance it's for his own good Speaking of the Hinata girls, you have all kinds of types here.

Be For You, Be For Me

You have your really smart one and the jealous typeNaru, your michievous one, Kitsune, your really sentimental one, Shinobu, your Samurai kick ass chick, Motoko, and the genious inventor! All of them living under the same roof The colors are bright, the picture is as clear as a crystal, the use of computer graphics was very good as well, and the movement of the characters fluid is well done. That's another thing about the DVD Quality, this is a Bandai product, so expect really good DVD Quality, Bandai seems to alwasys put the quality of their product top notch, so expect no less with this title.

And spreading the series across only 6 DVD's was quite generous of them.

be for you me love hina dating

The Music of Love Hina was excellent. Especially the music inside the anime not the opening and closing songs. Very appealing; some dorky tunes for the funny scenes, and some very romantic tunes for those serious scenes mainly violins and an orchestra. I had some of those tunes stuck in my head for days The opening song was kinda weird at first.

Maybe it was the beat of the sound effects, or the very fast paced song, I don't know. But after a while, it kinda grows on you. I didn't find it to be that good as the in-anime music, or even the opening song, but the girls in those robes was eye candy! But I'll say this, it's not accurate to the original format.

A lot of changes have been made, like the accents for two of the girls, Kitsune and Su. Kitsune was giving an souhtern American accent Kitsune is originally from southern Japan, maybe they wanted to correlate itand Su was given an Indian accent, I take it's because of her looks. But she's not Indian though In fact, I'll admit it I like Kitsune's English voice more But by popular vote, Sub is the way to go with Love Hina.

Too many changes can affect your viewing pleasure, but again, if you're watching it for the second time, give the dub a chance If you're looking for some laughs and some romance, Love Hina should suit your tastes well. Don't expect anything too serious and complicated. Shirai and Haitani, who really are perverts and whose lecherous behavior is exactly what it looks like.

be for you me love hina dating

It takes one of epic proportions in order to bypass Keitaro's amazing healing abilities and force him home during the first term of university. Somewhat averted when he re-breaks the same leg right in the next chapter due to Kitsune tickling him. At one point in the manga, Mutsumi appears to have lost her memory and begins acting like she did as a child.

Keitaro and Naru play along to help her revert back to a more adult state, which leads to Mutsumi forcefully diapering Naru. As noted various times, the girls tend to humiliate or beat up Keitaro simply because he arrives at the wrong time when they are changing or violate them accidentally.

Its even more absurd when one also remembers that they themselves are perfectly all right with it if it's with themselves. Furthermore, the girls frequently "punish" Keitaro for their own mistakes, such as walking in on him naked. One chapter has them worrying about his marks, so they try to cheer him up by letting him bathe with them.

When he tearfully thanks them and mentions his score which is quite high - their concern had made him worry he'd done a terrible jobthey attack him, even though they'd assumed he'd failed, and none of them had bothered to ask him how he did.

Distracted by the Sexy: Happens often to Keitaro, especially from Mutsumi who's too innocent to pay attention to this.

In the manga, when Kitsune, Motoko, and Mutsumi are trying to get a ride to the airport, Kitsune lifts up Motoko's shirt to entice travellers A scene in the manga has Keitaro distracted from a Panty Shot of a random girl before take a train Does Not Like Shoes: Kaolla Su is usually barefoot.

BE FOR YOU, BE FOR ME - Love Hina -

Also, her sister Amalla Su is barefoot all the time. Abuse, Female on Male: If anything turns you off of this series, it will be this.

Had any of the genders been reversed The anime has it somewhat less frequently, but gets correspondingly more violent when it does happen.

Be For You Be For Me (Naru Version) - Love ♥ Hina Again Ending 1

Kanako does call them on it very late in the manga, subjecting the worst offenders to almost a volume's worth of A Taste of Their Own Medicine. Motoko even beats up Haitani and Shirai for talking to the girls while they're on the beach.

be for you me love hina dating

Averted when Motoko gets a stern warning from the police for hitting a man who supposedly groped her. There's a joke amongst the fandom that Keitaro should have studied Law instead of Geology at Tokyo U; that way, he could get payback by filing excessive force lawsuits against the girls, and win really big. Played for laughs with Motoko; whenever things go really bad for her, she suddenly and over-dramatically threatens to commit seppuku, Jidai Geki style.

Defied in the manga. The girls like to assume an unlikely worst-case scenario of Keitaro killing himself if hit with extremely bad news or misfortune. So they try to keep him away from the problem or just be exceptionally nice to him for a change. He picks up on it quickly, but assumes a different worst-case scenario than the girls did. Seta, then later Keitaro since the former taught the latter how to drive! Happens quite often in the series with fumbling for his glasses getting Keitaro another Megaton Punch in one episode, and in another leading to both he and Naru both Blind Without 'Em having a great time on a date, without realizing they were with each other.

Drunk on the Dark Side: When Naru wields the Cursed Sword of Hina. She comes completely unhinged. She provide the trope pic that is particularly noteworthy because she runs across a rooftop to deliver one through an open window Earn Your Happy Ending: Well, not a dog, but Su wants to do this to Tama. She only ends up refraining herself when she rationalizes it would be better to wait for Tama to reproduce. The manga is full of it, but the anime cuts most of the fanservice for the main run of the series.

Amalla Su easily runs carrying Keitaro in her arms. Plus everyone else except Keitaro on the cover of volume 11, in which Kanako arrives. The Urashima family's evil heirloom katana see Sealed Evil in a Canbelow.

Sometimes both eyes, other times just one of them. Very rarely she opens both eyes at the same time. Kitsune, "hidden eyes" version. Grandma Hinata, at least in the manga.

be for you me love hina dating

An ongoing subplot of this series follows Keitaro and his many failed attempts at getting into Tokyo U. Done by Mutsumi on occasion.

Naru's dress when she and Keitaro marry in the Manga. His aunt also wears a fancy wedding dress in the penultimate volume.

Episode 18 has one. Naru is the first girl we the audience meet, but Mutsumi was the first girl Keitaro met chronologically. Ultimately it ends up being Naru.

Keitaro and Naru both had theirs with Mutsumi.

Love Hina Again (TV Mini-Series – ) - Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Naru Narusegawa - IMDb

Shinobu makes it very clear she wants Keitaro to be hers; it ends up being Su. Motoko gets hers when she's assaulted by Su's automatic kissing machine. In the anime, Episode 13 focuses on this, with primary emphasis on Shinobu, although other characters talk about theirs or get involved. In the manga, Naru's wedding dress has feathers on the sleeves.

Despite all of the noteworthy action between Keitaro and Mutsumi, it's ridiculously evident that Naru will end up with him. By the final three volumes, there's literally no hope for the other girls. Nobody ever remembers Haitani and Shirai not even Keitaro.

be for you me love hina dating

Probably the poster child for this trope. The final page of the manga shows the four of them on the roof. Kentaro Sakata's comments to the audience about the anime, its plot, and his role therein.

I suppose that's all the screen time I'm getting this time. The Living Souls Exchange skill of the Shinmei-ryu. This sword-based spiritual technique is intended to temporarily transfer the soul of a possessed person and the intruding spirit into a willing host's body in order to be exorcised in cases where their original body is too physically weak to endure the procedure.

In the second Tie-In NovelMotoko tried to perform the technique in front of her sister Tsuruko, but she ended up switching bodies with Kitsune of all people by mistake, kickstarting the plot of that side-story.

Already in the first chapter. While run from Naru, Keitaro crash in Kitsune's boobs.