Cuao the rules for dating

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cuao the rules for dating

Apr 14, I liked the boundaries and confidence that a set of dating rules gave me. CUAO (Creature Unlike Any Other, how "Rules Girls" are supposed. Maybe you know the Rules but your mom/girlfriend/sister thinks you're being too picky or crazy or overanalyzing and you need a fellow CUAO to look at it with. Feb 10, Monday: Rule #1 advises girls to be a “creature unlike any other”. A CUAO “gets attention by not trying to get attention” and “has too much.

Single women today take control of everything from their finances to their fertility.

cuao the rules for dating

Relinquishing control of my love life for a week only left me feeling powerless. For my part, I plan to throw away the rule book — and hit on men. As it happens, I had got talking to a guy in a club the Saturday night just gone.

cuao the rules for dating

He was younger than me and, in common with his generation, the first thing he did after we exchanged numbers was to add me as a Facebook friend. This is our first text exchange, and he initiated it, which is good Rule 3.

According to Rule 6 I need to wait a minimum of four hours before replying. A few hours go by, and he sends a '? It would have been easier to just pretend the message never came in the first place. Time to cut him loose, as advised under Rule 6. Most gay men are brutal at making the first move. So I approach him and we get talking.

Half an hour later we have swapped numbers. Bar guy texts — success! We agree to meet for a coffee the next week. Still waiting, by the way — four days later. As a general guide to dating, The New Rules does contain some wisdom. I also like the idea of retaining a little mystery and not giving away everything there is to know about yourself in the first encounter. Louise Roseingrave, 32 There was a boy I liked and I was excited to see if the rules would make a difference. I set about rectifying the damage — I had told him about the rules.

I skip the suggested hoop-earrings. I get as far as the door before kicking off the heels and reverting to flats for comfort. Yet, this was a woman who never followed the rules. Feeling guilty about my wardrobe malfunction, I go online. I check my profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Share as little as possible.

cuao the rules for dating

At least in cyberspace, I comply. I miss the call. I consult the book for the correct procedure. I consider Rule 6: For example, we know of a commoner who is now a duchess and married to a future King who had to learn and master the art of certain princess-like conduct which included table etiquette and etc.

I have a very close family relative who works under their orders and has taught me some of these conducts i. By law and due to codes of conduct, I cannot give you names and I like to keep my personal life private but this is indeed very true. She is smart and uses her head. You will eventually get the right guy. We can train the brain to receive new thoughts and think accordingly as new neuropathways are being developed within the brain.

So use those daily affirmations ladies! O loving herself and going about her business! You still feel the emotion pass through you but as a C. O sees herself in such a way where she has developed herself internally i. Your confidence needs to be so high that you think like Kate in terms of when reporters asked her about William, she said: O, because you can only fake it so long!

CUAO Dating Rules Coach Blog – Dating better and getting to the altar!

O makes a daily mental choice to ensure that nothing will uproot her mental and emotional steadiness. He is quoted saying: You will then find out how easy it is to get along.

You are only in control of yourself. As a Creature Unlike Any Other you remain calm and serene the best way you can ladies in all situations by choice and through awareness that you can only control yourself. No matter how close you are to others, ladies make sure your very best friend is yourself!

Ladies, you cannot be comfortable in your own skin until you accept yourself flaws and all.

FEATURE: 'The Rules' of dating and for better relationships

I see it daily when I work with women from my other field of work and just other women in general. Not believing in yourself can leave you unbalanced and un-equipped to deal with the pressures of life. Low self-esteem or no self-esteem can cause all sorts of problems like, depression, emotionally unstable personality disorder, and even leading up to suicide. Building yourself up is very important. Ladies you have a duty to do it for yourself and because your life including your sanity depends upon it, who remembers that story of that woman who called her boyfriend over times on the news and it went around on social media?

When you feel good, everyone else around you will feel good in your presence too. If she was a CUAO and loved herself, that man would have got nothing, no calls, no texts — nothing!

Once you fall in-love with yourself i. Clean up your house! Allow yourself to truly become intimate with your inner-self and have an inner experience where self-love is born leading you into the CUAO mind-set. Many readers, ladies at a few support meetings I have attended recently have spoken a lot about their self-hate and struggling to achieve their goals and etc. This is why I have written this blog that seems to be overdue for some.