Dating made in japan labels for jars

Japanese Collectibles Identifying Marks

dating made in japan labels for jars

Many companies made them and collectors search for cookie jars either by Brush Pottery Company made the first ceramic cookie jar and Nelson McCoy .. Hat Is Lid, Eye Patch, Ceramic, Peter Max, Japan,, 8 In. illustrated, Cookie Jars, Blackboard, Little Girl,American Bisque,Marked,ABC Block Label,13 In. Antique glass bottle marks logo emblem trademark fruit jars, flasks,ink,ginger beer,whiskey I would hazard a guess (repeat: guess!) that some items were made by Info on dates of operation from . Capital Glass Works is marked label size on the bottle and the City and state . The method used for suggesting dates on the following marks is the .. dishes, jars and vases registered by ARDALT Inc. Corp., 95 Madison AVE., New . With a label reading "Takahashi (Import Co) - Made in Japan - San Francisco -

For more detailed information on this rather obscure mark, please see this webpage: Gallo Glass Company, Modesto, California to date. Mark reportedly used since The Glenshaw plant was closed in November of In the Glenshaw glass plant re-opened after extensive renovation and re-organization, and is now producing glass containers and other ware under the name Kelman Bottles, LLC.

G within the raised outline of a bottle……….

dating made in japan labels for jars

Graham Glass Company, Evansville, Indiana. Gemco was the name of a chain of retail department stores parent company: Lucky Storesmostly operating in the Western areas of the United States. Gemco sold a wide variety of consumer goods, including housewares. The Gemco stock was liquidated inand many of the former Gemco stores were purchased by Target Stores. GF mark used by Gijon Fabril. The beginnings of this enterprise date as far back as In Gijon Industrial was formed, which was superceded in by Gijon Fabril.

Bottles and other glassware were made in large quantities until when the factory became a mold-making facility. The most well-known bottles made by this company, of green glass, were made for cider, a very popular beverage produced in Gijon.


The company finally went bankrupt in Thank you Michelle Marie for info on this company. Unknown mark, possibly Chinese pic courtesy Andy E. There are also Chinese characters embossed on the piece. If anyone has information on the origin of this mark, please contact me!

Japanese Porcelain Marks

The glass formula was changed after a lawsuit was filed by Corning and re-introduced in See McKee Glass Company page for a little more general information on this operation. In some instances, the design might be mistaken for a man blowing on a musical instrument………. Peterson,this mark was used as early as by predecessors of Macbeth-Evans. The mark has been seen on lamp chimneys as well as various tableware items.

dating made in japan labels for jars

Trade name of their best-known fruit jar. If you know, contact me and I can add that info to the page.

How to spot a real antique from a fake

Golden Harvest along with Kerr and Ball are the most popular brand names seen on modern clear glass canning jars sold in the United States. Apparently most of them are still as of produced within the US.

Glass Bottle Marks – 3

Year dates from the s and s are usually embossed on the bottom. Another plant location also was operated at Chekotah, Oklahoma until More in-depth info on this glassworks at http: Westmoreland Glass Company, Grapeville, Pennsylvania Initials, arranged in a circular formation, seen on the base of blackglass very dark olive green or dark olive amber ale or brandy bottles of British origin.

On flint clear medicine bottles, usually indicates W. Heinz Glass Company, Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania c. Also, please see next several entries. H found on bottles from the western region of the US …………….

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Hand-blown aqua oval bottles with applied or tooled lips, some shown to have been used for Reuben P. These bottles may have been produced by W.

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dating made in japan labels for jars

I was also unable to find anything that referenced their figurines, even though I have come across many different ones over the past years. Many of these figurines are people, are detailed in designed, and look almost water colored. CDGC - Japan I was unable to locate any information about this company online or in my books but from what I can tell from my beloved figurine is that they made wonderfully solid, beautiful, and one of a kind figurines. This is the only Chase figurine I have come across in my collecting thus far.

Wikipedia also state that there are now several hundred companies which produce Kutani ware.

dating made in japan labels for jars

I would love more information about this company so please message me if you know anything or know of a good resource! Nippon Yoko Boeki Co. This is the mark of the of the "Nippon Yoko Boeki Co" and the factory is still in operation. It is clear that the company was headquartered in Chicago, Illinois per thier sticker. The duck I own is almost a foot tall and weighs 3 pounds. Each item has the "Atlantic Mold" stamp on its base. For over 46 years OMC was headquartered in San Francisco and was an importer and a distributor of porcelain, stoneware, and giftware.

Each completed product was imported to the US and then sold to department stores and gift shops. During its operation, Otagiri also acted as a third-party manufacturer, creating products for greeting card companies and the San Francisco Music Box Company. Otagiri products can be identified by a gold and yellow sticker and the stamp "Otagiri Japan.

dating made in japan labels for jars

Afterward, the brand was discontinued. Garber was alreadya skilled designer of figurinesand in the beginning the company made a wide range of products including general ceramics, earthenware, planters, vases, cups and saucers, and flower holders.

It is known for its high levels of whiteness, translucency, and chip resistance. Its high strength allows it to be produced in thinner cross-sections than other types of porcelain. In regard to a figurine, this whiteness is why bone china figurines and miniatures must be painted as to add dimension, and this is a great clue when one is looking for miniatures that are made of porcelain like a Hagen Renaker for instance.

There were many companies that made bone china items after WWII. Bone china figurines, and especially the miniatures, were extremely popular as they were very cute, oftentimes well made, and a much cheaper alternative to the American made porcelain miniatures.