Dating medical student tips for testing

Dating a Medical Student - Jennifer Meyering

dating medical student tips for testing

So, while medicine attracts particularly bright students, medical school test preparation often requires new study habits. "It's an intense testing. 14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Med Student. You'll see She has a test tomorrow and every day x 1, forever. 3. You'll only. I just wanted to give a few tips to those types of relationships that I have test is the biggest test of their lives, it never stops; Medical students.

Get Realistic, Real Realistic The quantity of material you need to remember is far beyond what you had as a pre-med. Most college classes pale in comparison to the material presented in medical school. Many students waste time in their first year of med school. Do not underestimate the magnitude of the material, and do not waste time in the beginning. Like the many who came before you, you can do this!

For the next few years, you must make it a practice to be very organized. Input important dates immediately and, if your calendar is digital, set reminders.

Save paperwork related to each course in one spot. With Picmonic, your high yield facts for medical school are all in one place — in your Picmonic account. Then, with just a click of the mouse, you can organize Picmonic videos by subject, keywords, ranking of how well you know the material and more.

You can also search for any Picmonic, meaning no more hurriedly shuffling through a deck of cards or stack of notes to a topic. Do you need to read the lecture before class or rewrite your notes after?

dating medical student tips for testing

Are you a strong note taker and can you keep up during lectures, or should you review recorded versions of them so you can slow it down or pause it?

Do you learn better during a lecture or by reading notes, books, and other materials on your own? And do you study best alone or in groups?

Some people study best by quizzing each other.

dating medical student tips for testing

Others learn by teaching one another. During medical school my DrH created a shared Google calendar with me that included his medical school schedule. It included class times as well as upcoming tests. I also created a shared calendar that included what we had going on in our family — upcoming vacations, dinners with friends, and doctors appointments — so he knew what was going on at home.

If I saw that a test was coming up for him I could plan ahead by trying extra hard to make home a non-stressful place to be or by giving him his space so he could study.

Dating a medical student

So get out there and create a support system for yourself. Make some solid, amazing friendships. You will need other people throughout this medical journey — so go out and find them. Find them at church, at work, while volunteering in your community, or at local mom meetups.

I made some friends that are friends for life while we were in medical school. They were both medical student wives and not. Encourage, Encourage, Encourage Your husband is going to be stressed out of his mind. He has to study so much and do test after test after test. He is going to get burned out. Sometimes he will seriously bomb a test.

You are his biggest cheerleader. Remember to keep encouraging him — over and over and over again. He needs you, more than ever! Remind him of how smart and capable he is. Tell him how proud you are of him. Keep telling him that he will get this down — that a bad test score is just a set-back and he can come back up on top.

He could not do this without you. And if you are the only one working, that means finances will be tight. You will want to set a budget and stick to it so you can live off of one income and also minimize the amount of debt you have for school loans. Write out all of your expenses, then see what you can cut out and where you can spend less.

Plus, the frugal skills you learn in medical school will serve you well in residency.

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I mean, 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school, then or more years of residency before your husband is a doctor! Just take it one day at a time. Pursue Your Own Dreams and Goals Yes your husband is in medical school, working hard to become a doctor.

dating medical student tips for testing

I had to pass up a dream job offer because we had to move for medical school — it was a hard sacrifice to make. Pick your own dreams and goals and go after them! Figure out what you are passionate about and do it. During medical school I worked out in the mornings with my friend, had my own job as a nurse, went hiking, had my first son and read a lot of books. I ended up loving medical school because I created a life for myself where I was thriving, not just surviving.

Life can be good now! Yes medical school is hard for both you and your spouse. But you can have a fantastic, beautiful life during medical school.