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We are an Urban Garden Design company based in Bangalore, India. We design , create and maintain fresh, innovative and personalised garden space for. The trickiest part of indoor gardening is giving the plants the right amount of water , without over-watering. The most obvious and ideal choices are terraces, balconies and big windows as they receive the Shabnam Gupta, Times Property, The Times of India, Bangalore . itimes | Dating & Chat | Email. Gardening ideas for balcony in bangalore dating. Gardening ideas for balcony in bangalore dating. Category. gardening · ideas · balcony · bangalore · dating.

Root vegetables like potatoes, onion, radish, carrots, groundnuts can also be grown but they require a larger area. Apart from these veggies you can also grow fruit bearing trees like guava, banana, etc. He advises against growing a mango tree on the terrace as it requires a lot of effort. In summers, your garden requires watering twice a day. Another important thing is enough sunlight. The terrace garden should receive at least four to six hours of direct sunlight, and in areas where the sun is too harsh, people can use a shade to prevent the plants from getting scorched.

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Kadur advises people not to use portable water and do their own Rain Water Harvesting. Chillies are one of the easiest veggies to grow. With the efforts of people like Dr. Kadur, Bangalore has over 5, terrace gardens now, with an increasing interest among youngsters.

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One of his favourite gardens is located in Hyderabad and is probably the oldest terrace garden in India. This 35 year old garden hosts trees like banana, guava and sapota, and the entire terrace is covered with plants, trees and grass. An old man cannot work in his farms as much as he did before. Once he stops, who will produce food for us as the younger generation is migrating to the cities?

The healthy garden of Dr. They will just have to take care of the garden. Kadur has also started engaging school students in organic farming. He believes that schools are the best places to inculcate the habit of farming among young minds. He has implemented the model successfully in BM English school, Hennur where kids grow their own veggies, sell it to their teachers and also bring it to the OFYT events.

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Kadur regularly organizes workshops on organic and terrace gardening. Or have something to share? Here are some creative ideas. Hence, wall mounted in balconies gardens are becoming popular. Drip irrigation system is usually employed in these gardens.

For a kitschy and funky look, not just hanging pots, even soft drink cans, old buckets, toy trays and glass and steel jars can be used in planting saplings.

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If you want to shun the traditional Indian look and optimize space without compromising on looks, go for furniture which is light, portable, contemporary and weather resistant. Your balcony can also hold all the practical items you need.

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Incorporate a shelving system on the wall to free the floor space. For example, if your want to use your balcony for lazing around, reading and relaxing, a comfy ottoman will be a great idea. If you are short of space, go for bean bags or small leather couches. This will definitely swing the aesthetics of your balcony to a higher level. You can add more charm to your balcony with a hammock or jhula. A little investment on the basic structure of your balcony will add a greater charm to your creative efforts.

It is important to pay attention to the wall colour and flooring. For walls, green or yellow or white look best as they give a feeling of closeness with nature. The floor should have weather tiles or normal flooring which is scratch proof. Include the following for a vibrant look.