Mba programs in india for working professionals dating

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mba programs in india for working professionals dating

MDI, Gurgaon, India high rank management institute offering Executive MBA program for working professionals, executive PGDM, 1 Year mba program in Delhi NCR Important Dates for Admissions to the NMP and PGP-EM Programmes. One Year MBA in India by IIMs, ISB, XLRI, Great Lakes, Top Programs, Fee, Placements: As compared to two years full time MBA, the working professionals are offered 1 What is their Fee, Eligibility, Placements, and Admission Dates?. Last date to submit application form online: 26th January Apply Now NIRF ranks WeSchool, Mumbai among the top B-schools Nationally. NIRF- National Hailing from the S.P. Mandali Trust - one of the oldest in India; Prin. afrocolombianidad.infokar These courses easily fit into a working professional's life, the.

One Year MBA in India

Not a refreshers course: The Executive MBA curriculums should not be regarded as refreshers' course. The program includes lecture sessions which are graced by world-famous management teachers for the best benefit of the highly equipped persons in the managerial professions. The professionals exchange their views and experiences. Study of specific cases is another important part of the Executive MBA edification. There are, of course, several other top-ranking institutes in India which offer world-class programs for the genuine aspirants.

Advantages of an executive MBA program It allows the working professionals to retain their jobs at the same time complete with their MBA degree. In executive MBA course, students come from very diverse backgrounds with lots of work experience.

Executive MBA program for Working Professionals in Delhi NCR-Executive PGDM

These shared work experience serves as the best form of case study and helps in inter learning amongst candidates. Executive MBA candidates tend to learn faster having faced real-life hurdles in their jobs.

Each executive MBA candidate is a case study in himself or herself.

mba programs in india for working professionals dating

Executive MBA, unlike the normal MBA program, offers niche specializations that help executives to know in and out about their specific domains. Hence, these courses are much focused. Executive MBA courses are held in small groups and it thus allows building good knowledge sharing experience for the students.

It is ideal for executives who may not be funded by their employers. Since the candidates are involved in full-time jobs they can apply the knowledge simultaneously in their everyday work. Gives you a knowledge edge over others Keeps you engaged in your profession Enriches your macro view of business Enhances your growth and promotion prospects Broadens your circle of network Points to be taken into consideration for Executive MBA As a working professional, it would take some time to adjust to an academic setting especially if you enroll yourself in a full-time executive MBA program.

Besides, imparting knowledge, any process of learning must culminate in reflection and application to synthesize this knowledge for higher objectives. This exciting journey of learning must therefore continue with a quest for more refined forms of knowledge. Refashioning a world-class manager is not just our mission; it is a social commitment and an academic passion with a promise of creating better corporate leaders to enable Indian business organizations to achieve global standards of excellence.

This includes 24 core courses and 12 electives, along with a dissertation which is the equivalent of 4 full credit courses The curriculum design ensures that the pre-requisite courses, wherever recommended, are completed sequentially.

This program aims at a multi-disciplinary approach and offers a blend of courses in the areas of Finance, Economics, Statistics, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and other spheres of management.

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There is a cogent attempt to bring the best in each of these disciplines to acquaint the participant with the problems faced in the real-world. E-MBA program has been designed with a view to offering the participants strategic insight into key business issues by adopting a problem-solving approach to imparting the course inputs.

mba programs in india for working professionals dating

There is an overwhelming need to excite the working managers to this awareness that all business management decisions are often made in extremely fluid and volatile business conditions with many unknown variables impacting the business outcomes. In order to work effectively, such a manager will need exposure to several management inputs along with an ability to analyze the underlying issues impacting their business.

There is pre-requisite course-work within the program which will ensure that participants get an opportunity to understand the practical application of concepts learnt.

mba programs in india for working professionals dating

Executives can opt to specialize in their functional area through a careful choice of available options. There is an option for dual specialization.

One can also choose to opt for a general management program instead of specializing in any area. The pedagogy includes lectures, case studies, quizzes, business games, role-plays, simulations, group work and even films to ensure interactive learning sessions in each class. Participants should expect surprise tests and quizzes to stimulate their imagination; this will also encourage pre-class preparation and self-study.

mba programs in india for working professionals dating

There is a special provision for group work in each course in order to ensure that there is adequate peer-learning. Participants will be divided into small study groups so that they can work in groups and later submit assignments, presentations or projects as an outcome of their team work. It helps transform high potential professionals into competent business managers and decision makers.

Admission to the PGPM is for achievers, high performers and go-getters who want to change the world for the better.

mba programs in india for working professionals dating

Throughout the course of study, emphasis is placed on developing competencies, team-work and leadership, inclusivity principles and value-based management creating "Business Ready Managers" capable of responding to complex business challenges.

Programme commences in April MDI offers two management programmes of one year duration.

An Executive MBA Program Like No Other - Hari Krishnan Nair - Great Learning

Both are the one Year MBA programmes of 15 months each. The major focus of this programme is to match both conceptual issues with real-life organisational problems and on simulating the actual work life.

SOIL is co-created by 32 leading companies. Placements at SOIL are good with many companies recruiting from campus.