Membership database software for dating

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membership database software for dating

In Capterra's Review of Top Rated Membership Software, Sumac ranks #1 for both Ease of Use and Tailor Your Membership Database For Your Needs. 7 of the best free membership management software solutions to compare Event notifications; Excel integration; Member database; Member profiles . years trying to keep an Excel file with all the member data up to date. Wild Apricot's membership management software fully automates the your Wild Apricot database, so all information is kept completely up to date in real time.

Invite other administrators to help manage your organization.

membership database software for dating

Process Member Payments Using our partner, Stripe, securely process payments for your members and check out their extensive suite of reporting and analytics to keep track of your finances. Members Table Search, sort, and filter through your members.

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Members Timeline Keep up to date with recent actions taken by members. Logged events span member payments, event attendance, email list additions, and more! Targeted Member Emails Send ad hoc emails to individuals or groups of members based on a set of criteria, like membership status. Failed Payments Notification Trackurly will automatically inform a member if a payment attempt failed, encouraging to try to make their membership purchase again.

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Sync Email Lists Keep your email marketing lists up to date in one of our popular email communication partners. Membership newsletters have never been easier. Automated Renewal Reminders Remind members of an upcoming expiration date, automatically. No more manual tracking and sending of these common emails.

Send Member Surveys Want to know why a member did not renew?

membership database software for dating

You can automatically send expired members a survey requesting feedback on how you can improve as an organization. Portal for Your Members Enable your members to easily join and stay up to date with your organization. Report - Deleted Contacts List the names of deleted contacts, along with the user who deleted them. Report - Email Errors When you send emails through ChurchSuite, it can be useful to know which emails bounced or were unable to be delivered for other reasons.

The Email Errors report keeps a precise log of any issues with outbound comms to your contacts. Report - Flows Completed Easily manage people through recurring processes using Flows. Use this report to show a list of people who have completed a given Flow. For example, see how many people have been through your newcomer processes in a given date range. Report - Households Generate a list of all households and the number of adults and children living at that address.

Compare household occupancy against Address Book contacts for more accurate church metrics. Report - Jobs With this report, you can gain a really quick and insightful overview of the different jobs your church members have. Ideal for connecting 'like' people or for searching for skills you might need.

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Report - Key Dates Need to see a list of people who were baptised in your church in the last year? Want to see who hasn't done Safeguarding training in a while? ChurchSuite helps you track your key dates. That's why ChurchSuite lets you quickly and easily identify contacts who haven't had a Key Date assigned.

Making sure no one falls through the net! Report - Location Ever needed to know how your Church members are distributed on the map? ChurchSuite's Location report plots each contact on a map and drops a pin on your registered address — visualise where people are geographically in relation to your church.

Report - Notes The ability to maintain notes for church members and, if appropriate, make them available to other pastoral staff members is now even more useful! The Notes report lets you view all notes that have been created against church members.

Filter between changes made by users in ChurchSuite or those made by church members in My ChurchSuite. A complete audit trail.

You can even 'undo' changes! Report - Snapshot ChurchSuite provides you with an accurate, up to date picture of the demographic make-up of your church. Report - Statistics Record the growth of your congregation over time.

membership database software for dating

Add historical statistics manually, then let ChurchSuite automatically record a snapshot of the size of your Address Book each month. Use different matching criteria to increase accuracy of duplicate searches, and then merge any duplicates at the press of a button.

Report - Full Details Generate a printable report showing all details held for contacts. Keep a 'hard copy' of your Address Book contact data, or circulate for people to update their details.

membership database software for dating