Methodist 3 simple rules for dating

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methodist 3 simple rules for dating

Main · Videos; Methodist 3 simple rules for dating. Or sb were to pass, it would preclude students' snowflake to preclude over hedge loft. By Eric Seiberling. In his book Three Simple Rules: A Wesleyan Way of Living, retired United Methodist Bishop Rueben P. Job uses John Wesley's three general. Three Simple Rules: Third, Stay in Love with God We cannot take God out on a date, or buy some nice flowers for God, and chocolates are.

A good number of local churches are using the book in study groups. Job Center for Leadership Development. What are we to make of all this?

methodist 3 simple rules for dating

I am skeptical about such a programmed institutional push on one interpretation of The General Rules. As a denomination, we have a long history of declaring Quadrennial emphases, launching new curricula, and inventing new programs to shore up our declining effectiveness and confused identity as a church. Is this emphasis upon reclaiming one element of early Methodist discipline a genuine return to the sources that launch us forward—a resourcement, as the scholars call it—or just one more campaign of slogans to treat the symptoms of our malaise?

Such a conversation might lead beyond our old pragmatic habits of pillaging our past for present purposes. Since it is a popular treatment rather than an academic one, it should not be held to a high scholarly standard. Still, written by a bishop of the UM Church, and endorsed by the Council of Bishops, this widely-distributed book exercises a teaching function that is worthy of our careful attention.

Does Three Simple Rules provide an accurate paraphrase of the original rules for our contemporary setting? Does it capture the intention and spirit of early Methodism, the real dynamics of its internal discipline? What does it discard as well as carry forward? When changes are made to the original rules, do they maintain the integrity of the original practices in the process of adapting them to the present? When the two texts are compared it is immediately obvious that a great deal of content in the original is left behind, and further, that the context and intent of the original is ignored if not silenced.

They needed and obviously found some instrument that, when used, brought them to a place of transformation. In his sermons he can even use The General Rules as the primary example of the dead formal religion of which Methodists should be wary!

Two-thirds of the way through the book, Bishop Job pauses for a qualification: I find that journaling and walking are both great ways for me to build on my relationship with God.

methodist 3 simple rules for dating

Others are good at meditative prayer or Bible study. The exact form of the spiritual discipline is not what matters; it is how the action helps us stay in love with God.

Look at the verbs in our Psalm for today.

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Sing, praise, give thanks, pursue, and remember: If we neglect those good things it is easy for us to forget what it is that drew us to God in the first place. Our love for God can fade and we can easily forget why it is we need God at all. Constant work on our part is needed to maintain that memory and that love. Staying in love with God is important to our three simple rules because we cannot do this on our own.

As much as we try and do no harm and as hard as we work to do good, by ourselves we are going to fail.

methodist 3 simple rules for dating

The good news is that we are not alone. Staying in love with God is also about remembering and claiming the grace that God offers to each of us. Our good actions are never going to be enough, but with the help of God, more than we can ever imagine is possible.

Over the last three weeks we have been connecting the simple rules to the baptismal vows we make. We are saying that we are linking our life to God, that we are claiming Christ for ourselves and letting ourselves be claimed by Christ. Just as our vows in a marriage yoke us to one another, this vow yokes us to God. Our faith is a relationship, a covenant between us and God.

We have three simple rules to follow in it.

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These rules guide our actions and our hearts and keep us aligned with God. In order to be followers of Christ we must be committed to the work it takes, the effort required. When we follow these rules however, the love and the grace of God surround us and these is nothing we cannot do. Who is a couple you know that has a wonderful relationship and what do you see them do to maintain?

What things do you do to stay connected in your relationship to God?