Pua text questions for dating

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pua text questions for dating

Whether or not you text for a date directly, or just text to initiate contact leading to a phone call, the big question of course is this: What should. My background: I have been meeting and dating girls for 4 years I try to ask open ended questions, and project emotion through texts, but it. Full of idiots who say in a peremptory tone “you must send a text 48 hours “you must call the girl on the phone,” “do not ask questions in your texts”. for a date after taking her number it's good) “when are you available?”.

None of those questions are important to ask before actually seeing the girl or fucking the girl! I do ask other questions besides those 3. For instance in the case of sexting with a new girl on the verge of being picked up online by me. I may ask about her favorite sexual position, 3-somes, could she deepthroat a dick, etc. No lame interview-type questions. So, the type of question and the topic is key. Lame questions run the risk of killing your chances. Interesting and pertinent questions should help your cause.

This also begs the question, a question in which I touched on the other day; why do men go into the question mode? The 2 primary answers are very simple: You see, most guys get their courtship and dating advice from the wrong sources: What makes those sources so wrong when it comes to this?

Because they give men poor advice based on tradition, status-quo and surveys of women. The guy who asks her about work, kids, schooling, upbringing, etc. You can appear attentive and interested in the girl without asking those boring questions that annoy women. You see me do this all the time: The game has a structure. But then ask her to make another question as penalty.

pua text questions for dating

The more questions she asks you the more you can show off. DHV whenever u can with "ok you want a straight answer? Ask questions that you do care about. Tonality plays an important role later in the game. When you describe something, describe it with emotions, passion and like you live it with deep slow seductive voice.

How to flirt via text messages? | Diary of a French PUA

Also another good one is to say "hmm let me say this to your ear because even walls have ears" and then say it with deep passionate voice. Make her lean in. I had girls try to kiss me by themselves after I did that. Make sure to do it like you tell her a dirty little secret, breath on her neck. Do this of course on the end game questions. If your intuition is in sync you can tell when the window opens to kiss her. Girls will often ask if u had a threesome.

The less you give them the more they construct images in their minds. But a text is altogether more convenient and less invasive than calls. So assume with the content of your messages but do not feel obliged to call!

pua text questions for dating

I do call only very rarely chicks I numclosed and that does not prevent me from making them directly to my place for sex. If she does not respond, wait for the next day before you panic. Send your text message and… relax! Harassing a girl makes you lose points. You can try using the challenge or provocation taunt her to make her answer if the easy way is not working.

Pua Text Game – The New Rules of Texting Women

But in any cases, an interested girl will answer at least once a day… so if you need to always feed the conversation and everything… be ready to next her! Anyway, not much longer than hers. Extending messages communicate that you are a desperate guy who never takes a number that then feels compelled to do too much. We must adapt in each case to make the girl invest it is not a good idea to excessively force an unilateral interaction — in this case it would be better to focus on other more receptive girls: On average, three or four sentences, it will be fine!

But certainly not too long shitty romantic tirades do not over-invest when you do not even know if the girl is a good move. It is better to try to make her talk about herself and what she likes. Above all, do not look for the perfect message for hours. If it was that hard to fuck a girl the human race would have died out long ago.