Speed dating for christians

speed dating for christians

In T minus hours, Agent Bagby, investigative journalist extraordinaire, was about to enter the world of speed dating. I synchronized my watch, smiled. Christian speed dating is an out of the box way of meeting Christian singles in laid back settings such as cafes, pubs, churches and clubs. Christian speed dating events, speed date sites and services. What is speed dating for single Christians?.

You have exactly six minutes to talk about anything that pops into your head with that person of the opposite sex.

speed dating for christians

Before the race begins, you are given a sheet of paper and instructed to write your name, phone number, and age category at the top. Then you write the name of each guy or girl that you meet that night on the numbered lines below.

Christian Speed Dating Events

The organizer looks to see if there are any matches. The speed dating organizer then calls both parties and gives the corresponding phone numbers. From there, the girl could call the guy, or the guy could call the girl.

Either way is fine. I had been in a dating drought for more years than I wished to count. And neither did my often worried and openly opinionated self that likely frightened many prospects away. I needed a Plan B, and I needed a little push from one of my good friends to see me off in a new direction. So I headed out to the coffeehouse in my skinny jeans and brown boots, singing at the top of my lungs to some Shania Twain girl-powered song to bolster my confidence.


I got there a bit early, but before long it was time for the somethings to conduct their session. The bell had sounded. I was staring down my first six minutes. I mentally told myself, Forget about this being a date.

speed dating for christians

Forget about impressing the mystery man. Your main objective is to discover who this other person is, like a good journalist would do. With this new perspective, I opted out of asking the popular questions most people would ask: Have you ever been married? Do you have children? Do you want to have children?

Do you have any weird hang-ups or addictions? Those went out the window.

speed dating for christians

And I waited for the opportunity to ask or rephrase or possibly even drop questions of faith like Do you go to church? I reasoned that I wanted to put the single guys at ease and not come across as pressuring, demanding, or intimidating. Besides, how can you get to know the real person in six minutes when you are cramming very personal questions into ever possible second? My relaxed outlook meant that the guy would also be more relaxed and free to discuss anything he wished without the threat of being rejected or bulldozed.

The more I focused on these guys as individuals with their own personal hopes and dreams, the more I sincerely wanted to know their stories. And, man, what interesting stories I heard! I learned that the baseball-capped guy wanted to run his own auto mechanic shop and own a horse ranch. But his main focus seemed to be a girl in his past that he was obviously still in love with. His main fear was her scary mother. A rugged-looking guy wanted to create a book of his poetry and then open a greeting card line— something quite different from the day-to-day job he had driving a laundry truck.

This guy also told me that he was convinced there was a God because when he was young and drunk, he drove into a house, totaled his car, and walked away without a scratch. I wondered what he thought about Jesus. One Filipino fellow was considering joining his friend in Ecuador on a mission trip.

Christian Speed Dating for Single Christians

He sounded like he might be a Christian, or at least a churchgoer. And then there was the guy who worked at the Edgar Cayce Institute. He looked like he wanted to duck under the table when he found out that I worked at CBN! I played dumb and asked him what Edgar Cayce was all about, knowing full well that it is a cult founded by a man people claimed was psychic. He mentioned how Cayce had a sick son and after going into a trance and following some higher power, his son got healed.

I found myself feeling sorry for this guy because I knew that he was lost. I decided that yelling at him or telling him that he was going to hell was the wrong approach.

Christian Speed Dating Events: Pre-Dating

I just chose to listen and be his friend. Before our time was up, I also discovered that this guy had talent as a standup comic.

He shared some jokes with me that were very funny. Administrator free speed dating female ticket to one of fine gifts for single christians that appeals to relationship agencies? Directory in indianapolis, alaska. Encounter is right here are endless possibilities for christians introductions personals, or gains that organises singles, fl.

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speed dating for christians

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