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asian dating sites in pyongyang metro

Over billion men and women live in Asia, making up 60% of the world's population, and Asian-Americans account for % of the American. Unseen DPRK & Entire Pyongyang Metro Tour. DESCRIPTION. tour. Come join us as . End Date: September 11th ; Price: €; Duration: 8 nights, 9 days Visit all the famous must see sites of a Pyongyang tour - Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the DMZ, the Korean War Museum and all the grandest monuments. This is what it's like to ride on North Korea's Pyongyang Metro. The Hyoksin Line takes its name from the Korean word for “innovation” (혁신.

So come join us as we show you one of the most in-depth tours into the DPRK! Train takers depart Beijing Central station at 5: Flight group arrive in Pyongyang at 4: Train group arrive at 6: Dinner at a local Korean restaurant on Ryomyong Street.

Check in and overnight at the Koryo Hotel.

Foreign media shown new Pyongyang subway train

In the evening your YPT guide will show you around the hotel before taking you for drinks and to get to know your Korean guides. Walk to the pagoda on the hill to overlook the main strip. Optional 5 euros extra. Dinner at the famous Wonsan seafood restaurant, a local highlight. Drinks and overnight in Tongmyong hotel which overlooks the gorgeous bay. Friday 6th September Morning Walk around the central square and near the port in the city and see the DPRK Mangyongbong cruise ship with an explanation.

Visit the former Railway Station Revolutionary site where an old Japanese built steam engine rests.

asian dating sites in pyongyang metro

Afternoon Lunch at a local Wonsan restaurant to sample some famous local dishes. Drive back to Pyongyang 5 hours stopping along the way for refreshments. Stop by the Tomb of King Tongmyong — the founder of the ancient Goguryeo kingdom. Drinks and overnight at the Koryo Hotel. Here in the DPRK, the name is synonymous with speed and efficiency.

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The Chollima Movement was a nationwide initiative striving for rapid economic development, and massive rebuilding in the wake of the Korean War. Out of the two lines, the Chollima Line is the better documented outside of North Korea.

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It was completed inwith a total of eight stations spread across a distance of 12km. An accident in put a serious dent in the project however, when as many as workers died beneath the Taedong River while building the Ponghwa Station. Nevertheless the line was completed, and at Chollima Speed, to be greeted with a grand, Presidential opening on 6th September The first cars to roll down these tracks were Chinese; DK4 rolling stock, produced in by the Changchun Car Company.

Sometime around the Pyongyang Metro switched to using German technology, buying in old stock from Berlin. True to form, North Korea has maintained throughout, and contrary to other evidence, that all technology utilised in its metro was Korean-made. InNorth Korea published an English-language guide to Pyongyang Metro, now available from gift shops and museums. Most of the accounts online talk about tour groups travelling one stop from Puhung, to Yonggwang Station. It seems virtually unheard of for tourists to travel more than a couple of stops on the Pyongyang Metro.

So naturally, I was overjoyed when our Korean guide was able to pull a few strings, authorising us to travel a further three stops: The station itself was breathtaking.

asian dating sites in pyongyang metro

The first thing to strike me was the lighting, great glowing orbs of silver and purple. The walls were decorated with murals and carved metal, many of the images depicting the usual socialist themes; industrious workers, valiant soldiers. The cars looked tired, but clean. Some sources have reported spotting German graffiti on the subway cars however, dating back to their earlier usage in Berlin. During rush hours, trains arrive as often as one every two minutes.

These clunking Soviet-style monstrosities look about as much wood as they are metal, and their arrival is heralded with frantic whistle blowing by station staff. Wood doors slam on wood. I remember the noise of the station as well. The heavy train doors were manually operated, slamming closed with a thud every time a train was boarded; this rose with a cacophony of voices, whistles and engines, all set against a backdrop of rousing communist anthems: We boarded a train, squeezing in shoulder-to-shoulder with the locals.

Chollima Speed: Taking a Ride on North Korea’s Pyongyang Metro

The train interior was elegant yet bare, simple seating and wood-panelled walls, watched over by two familiar faces; at the front end of the carriage hung a pair of framed portraits, the faces of President Kim Il-sung and Generalissimo Kim Jong-il. Yonggwang Station Yonggwang, our second station, was opened later — on 10th April We alighted here to take a look around. The extravagant light fixtures are designed to look like fireworks; great clusters of multi-coloured bulbs that hang down from the ceilings in starburst formation.

Two mosaic murals adorn the walls, each 80m long and depicting the Taedong River which flows through the capital. The inspiration behind the theme of Yonggwang Station, like most things in North Korea, can be traced back to a military source.

Glittering almost-abstract mosaics decorate a station on the Pyongyang Metro.