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The Obstacles of Modern Dating and Being Childfree

childfree dating sites

"I saw that there comes a point, in the defeat of any man of virtue, when his own consent is needed for evil to win-and that no manner of injury. The best way to avoid this judgment is to find a childfree dating site. Here you can freely express why you don't want children and share other hobbies and. You are the reason this website exists but you also might be wondering: why would I choose a childfree dating site if there are plenty more out.

This is where I tell them some of the reasoning behind my childfree choice.

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This is finally it. I found the one! What else would I do with my life? Nothing is wrong with wanting kids.

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Just like nothing is wrong with not wanting kids. Being Childfree Presents New Obstacles Some people are true fence-sittersunsure of where life will take them and how they will grow as a person. You can have a perfectly healthy relationship with a fence-sitter but you may worry that your opinion will influence them or drown out their own thoughts. You may worry that down the road they could resent you if they truly did want children.

Others, like the guy in the scenario above, pose as fence-sitters but instead only stick around because they thought you would change your mind. They only said they could live without kids because they never thought it would actually become a reality.

childfree dating sites

Unfortunately, you will have to muddle through a lot of failed relationships before finally finding the right fit. But I suppose that is true for nearly everyone, childfree or not.

childfree dating sites

Same profile as before, except I removed all mention of being infertile and not wanting kids. Changed my offspring details from "Doesn't want any" to "Wants kids".

Did not change any other details, pictures, or anything else about the profile.

The Obstacles of Modern Dating and Being Childfree

Still included the statement that I don't want to date single dads. Interestingly enough, a person with my personality who states that they want children apparently is somehow even less attractive than childfree Chelsea.

childfree dating sites

My theory is that this is because my personality and wanting children do not mesh, at all, so it wasn't a convincing sell. Alternate universe baby-crazy unemployed high school dropout Chelsea Duration: Under "the most private thing I'm willing to admit": Under "you should message me if": I was so, so wrong.

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Maybe you are up for a little day trip to bainbridge to check out the digs you may be cooking in some time I really enjoyed your profile! You seem like a truly remarkable, sweet, and interesting woman: This offensively awful fucking profile got the most attention by far of any of the three: Granted, as you can see, a huge chunk of those messages were under 10 words and made almost as little effort to impress as I did.

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But the fact that any man at all looked at this grammatical abortion of a profile and thought "I need to contact this person for anything whatsoever" really says it all. Do I even need to keep typing at this point?

childfree dating sites

I created a profile which is the polar opposite of everything I have ever aspired to be -- educated, accomplished, well-spoken, witty, classy -- and the guys could not break down my door fast enough.

Better yet, this was the only profile variation that attracted any men who explicitly stated that they don't want kids, thereby demonstrating that precious talent so many men have for ignoring facts placed in front of their face and hoping against hope.

childfree dating sites

For those brave souls who still want to try dating in an overwhelmingly pronatalist world, I recommend avoiding the mainstream dating sites entirely and focusing on sites made exclusively for CF folks, such as YesChildfree. While the pool of candidates will be smaller, at the very least it will save you the headache of wading through endless messages from illiterate babydiggers.