City data nyc dating sites

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city data nyc dating sites

We use cookies to improve our site performance, analyze usage and New York City Data Center Training - November (courses vary by date) Designed for data center facility managers and operators and provides practical. A free, easy-to-use online mapping tool on well-being in New York City created by the nonprofit Measure of America with funding from the Helmsley Charitable. Citywide Payroll Data (Fiscal Year) - City employee Base and Overtime Salary by Fiscal Date Created: October 31, Dataset Owner: NYC OpenData.

Without looking at real data, one can only make guesses about this. Thus, the purpose of this article is to shed some more light on this topic and provide some actual data upon which some conclusions may be drawn. It is important to note that the data presented and conclusions drawn here are geared toward heterosexual men and women i.

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Among the 25 most populated U. An effort was made to include cities across the country, including some on both the East and West Coasts.

The following chart shows these 10 cities and their data. Cities are organized here by their gender ratios: All data is U.

city data nyc dating sites

Census data with the exception of Seattle, WA, which is data. As one can see here, among these cities there appears to be an overall trend of gender ratios skewing toward more women per men. Interestingly, the cities where this did not occur Seattle, Houston, Phoenix and San Diego are all in the western half of the U. It is important to note, however, that this gender ratio data covers all people in these areas and does not take into account the fact that many of these people may be married or otherwise unavailable for dating e.

In order to get a better sense of availability for dating, marital status data was also obtained. Overall, the cities with the highest percentages of single, never-married people were Washington, D.

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These cities also had some of the highest gender ratio figures overall skewed toward higher percentages of women. One possible conclusion to draw from this trend is that these cities may be better suited for single men looking for female partners who are single and have never been married.

city data nyc dating sites

A possible conclusion to draw from this trend is that single adults, both men and women, may have lower chances of finding potential mates in these cities. Further marital status information was gathered on single adults besides those who have never been married.

Specifically, data was gathered on those who are currently separated or divorced, assuming that many of these people are available for dating and assuming that never married people are open to dating them.

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city data nyc dating sites

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