Dragon and kiko dating site

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dragon and kiko dating site

Korean media Dispatch has published photos of G-Dragon and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara on a night out. The two were photographed on. Or are some netizens just jumping to conclusions again like Won Bin and Sooyoung's scandal? An online community site posted couple. A complete list of G-dragon's dating rumours over the years! both parties strongly denied the rumours), G-dragon and model Kiko Mizuhara were .. they were also given the ultimate fan service treatment by the actor himself.

Recently, Kiko Mizuhara revealed she is single on a TV show.

G-Dragon, Kiko Mizuhara spotted on date: report

On the April 8th episode of Japanese show Honma Dekka!? The talk begins at around the Posted by koreaboo on Apr 12 G-Dragon has allegedly been spotted with his rumored girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko once again.

The two were supposedly seen together at a chitterlings restaurant earlier this week. On November 25, a netizen shared the below photo on Instagram with the message, "After work, I came to eat chitterlings with my juniors, and how random?

I saw GD and Kiko. They look good together.

dragon and kiko dating site

I'm disappointed I only saw oppa's face twice. I'm a regular at this place. Bye, I'll come often. The Big Bang member has been seen with the celebrity, who's active in Japan, a few times already, but many became convinced the two were dating when they were photographed spending intimate time with one another this past October. What are your thoughts? Posted by allkpop on Nov26 G-Dragon opened up on the rampant discussions regarding his relationship with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara as photos from their date in Itaewon, South Korea emerged last month.

During the interview, the press mentioned the recent news about him dating Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara. No other statements were followed up.

dragon and kiko dating site

Posted by koreaboo on Nov26 At the time, they again denied being involved in a relationship and identified each other as merely close friends. However, since that event, the pair have been spotted on a date in Paris, another alleged date in Japan, and most recently, a very public date in Seoul. Posted by koreaboo on Oct12 On October 7th, Dispatch released exclusive photos of G-Dragon and Kiko who seemed to be allegedly on a date.

Now a Chinese media has made a video compilation of the pictures. G-Dragon and Kiko have countlessly denied any and all dating rumors since and have repeatedly stated that they are just friends. Now it seems that the two are closer than they claim to be. On October 7th, Dispatch revealed photos of the two laughing, taking pictures and displaying skinship more than friends would do.

Check out the video below: G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on alleged date in Seoul: Kiko and Jiyong met. She gave him the shirt and they hung out as friends?

This could be correct. But it could be a date too. In the middle of the year G-dragon made Twitter.

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He followed Kiko, then Kiko followed him back. After this he also made an instagram account. This month was also good for shippers. In a recent evidence posted, a photo of Baba Nest Sri Panwa was released astounding fans of the similarity it has to the photo that G-Dragon posted earlier on his twitter account.

It has been said that a random person who never knew who Big Bang is, uploaded a photo on his instagram account of the three lads, sitting on the big pillows at Sri Panwa pool under the pink skies of Phuket on Christmas Day.

This is the photo that he posted: He tagged his post with sripanwa, which gives away the information to the prying eyes of netizens. The back profile of the guy on the photo similarly resembled G-Dragon, as seen on this airport photo of his, and the girl on the photo resembled a lot like Miss Kiko. So what could be the cause why the fans identified the girl as Kiko?

Both GD and Kiko returned back to Seoul together the day after.

dragon and kiko dating site

It has been described that Mizuhara Kiko was wearing a KTZ dress, the day she and G-Dragon flew back to Seoul, from Phuket on the 26th of December, as seen on this photo taken by the fan: Mizuhara Kiko came to the airport first before G-Dragon arrived, described the fan.

This is the KTZ dress she wore at the airport which she also happen to model in this photo. So the third person might be Harry Kim since he also posted a photo in Phuket.

Again, many people say this photo is also photoshopped and in this case i have to agree, because it looks really weird. They really could be together that time since G-dragon and Kiko were both there. I have to say this is not a clear case.

Around Christmas time, each of the members had 2 — 3 days off for themselves. Not a big thing. They both write a msg on twitter, and G-dragon went to Dolce Vita with his friends. Some say Kiko was there too, but there is no proof. Once in spring, in August but she could be there on the 18th and in December. But many people say that Rockstar boyfriend os G-dragon. So even if it is not G-dragon. Yes, Kiko was there. You can see Kiko clearly. Few hours later it was deleted.

dragon and kiko dating site

Photo uploaded by Ben Baller. Kiko is right next to him. You can see her shirt. Photo uploaded by Jessica Horwell.