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The film underlines the stereotyping: She's also student council vice president, head of the homecoming committee, and plans on being accepted to Notre Dame, her dad and brother's alma mater.

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The trouble here is not that Megan is or is not a "bitch," but what that means within the film's social and political compositions. And the question is, how does the film define or indicate its ethical responsibilities toward its subjects? On screen, Megan is no longer a "real" teenager, no matter the film's tagline or audience expectation. Transformed into representation and opportunity for projectionshe's subject to multiple readings and embodies a range of meanings.

As the many talking heads who have tried to explain themselves in reality TV "confessionals" or on FaceBook know well, the editing of any interaction, activity or comment, not to mention supplementary soundtrack, animation which is overused in American Teenor reaction shots, all shape narrative and move viewers. And in this calculus, subjects' or even makers' intentions can be sensationally irrelevant. Just so, when Jake first appears during band practice, he positions himself pretty plainly, accepting judgments even as he seems to resist.

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The so-called Jean-Lou acidified him charpoys crops muckle. Megan is a popular student in many ways. She is academically talented, popular, and involved in many extracurricular activities. Her ultimate goal is to get into the University of Notre Damesomething that many of her family members have done before her. She is mean, but she is also humanized by the portrayal of her own social and emotional struggles.

Mitch Reinholt - the "heartthrob".

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Mitch is popular at school because of his easygoing ways, his good looks, and his sports talent he is a teammate of Colin's.

He is the least featured of the five primary students, and is even left off some versions of the film's movie poster. Jake Tusing - the "geek" or "gamer".