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0. 0. SalexBrown 0. salex brown · Maximo 2. 0. taurtis · WolffeyCatz. 0 . Salex Brown Salex Brown with Purple salex date We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and. With Samuel Gladiator, Curious July, Igbar Von Squid, Rowan Artifex. A continuation of the "Yandere High Scool" series. Our three friends Taurtis, Grian, and. Learn about Salexbrown: her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun trivia facts, popularity She began dating fellow YouTube gamer Taurtis.

She makes several attempts to be with Sam, even when he acts like jerk to her. She gives this to Sam, much to his disgust. This prompts to them "dating" for a few weeks. Lady Looks Like a Dude: She had blonde hair and a black beard.

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She shaves her beard after her breakup with Sam and wears glasses because she ate so many Toritos. She doesn't handle Sam breaking up with her well. The Bus Came Back: That is until the last third or so of Tokyo Soul, with stronger feelings for Sam.

Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After she learns that her father is dead, she goes after everyone responsible for his death. This includes Paul Blart and Rowan. She wanted to kill Grian for being involved, but Sam refused to let her have him. She has one dedicated to Sam.

She has a lot of his saliva, his teddy bear and his Game Crab. She's able to find out where Sam lives in Tokyo Soul and is not so subtle about being the one who left a note for him in the mailbox. In the Continuity Reboother stalking escalates to her buying a house next to Sam's and somehow knowing where his room is.

Well, girlfriend, but Sam still isn't happy about "being in a relationship" with her. What Does She See in Him? She maintains a steady crush on Sam, even though he has a crush on someone else and he hurts her intentionally and unintentionally. She was originally with Dom who's just as bad as Sam.

She has an unhealthy obsession with Sam. When Sam and his friends go into her house, they discover her shrine, which has Sam's belongings and saliva. When she walks in the house, she assumes Sam is there for her and she declares that they can get married and have lots of children together.

She was originally in a relationship with Dom before the story starts. She later breaks up with him because she develops feelings for Sam. DomRao Dom is one of Sam and Taurtis's classmates. He holds a grudge against Sam for being the object of Invader's affections.

He, Sam and Taurtis go under witness protection in Tokyo Soul. He doesn't get along with his father, Mr. Being kicked out of his house makes him be a nicer person. He starts becoming a major character after Yuki's father is killed. When DomRao is first introduced, he's shown liking his ex-girlfriend KawaiiInvader, who has no interest in him whatsoever and instead prefers Sam. Later, when Sam and Taurtis dress up as girl versions of themselves, Dom falls in love with those versionsboth of whom have no interest in Dom.

After Sam and Taurtis have both of their female counterparts revealed, Dom is distraught at liking guys, let alone his love rival for Invader. Dom's father, that being Mr. Dorito, soon finds out about this and decides to kick his son out of their home, leaving Dom poor and taking shelter under a nearby bridge.

Dom was originally a bully to Sam, but because of what happened, the tables are now turned with Sam being the bully instead. It takes some time for them to mend their relationship into something more neutral. Past this point, the main trio continue to notice that Dom's clothes get more and more tattered as the series goes on, until he is left with only a cape and very small shorts.

People start to notice that his nipples are lopsided, which are frequently made fun of. He also fights Pepe for scraps of food and pennies. What's even worse, Dom eventually gets used by the trio as a fall guy, the one to take the blame for the murder of Yuki's father.

Not soon after, Dom also gets bribed with pennies to go act as bait for Yuki, who was on a murderous rampage no less! Luckily for Dom, he was surprisingly nimble enough to climb away to safety. At the end of the originally YHS series, Dom has been caught up in all of the main trio's antics with the Yakuza, and now has to move with them away from town in order to live in safety from the Yakuza.

Out of those four, Dom is only a bystander and definitely the most innocent of the four, having killed no one but a snail when he was younger. And he still feels bad about it!

To look even more pathetic, at the final battle between the main trio's allies and the Yakuza, almost everyone is decked out with actual guns. Dom, on the other hand, has nothing but a fishing pole, of all things! He starts to develop incredibly weird tendencies after being kicked out of his house and living on the street for too long.

Once he gets a gun from the main trio, Dom originally rejects the offer, saying "Cool cats says no to guns". After being coaxed into taking the gun, he starts shooting everywhere while making sound effect noises for each bullet shot. Granted, he's homeless and low on money, but it's still weird. Later, when Dom is being interrogated about the murder of the Yakuza leader, Dom gives a very interesting explanation of what happened at the scene.

Yandere High School / Characters - TV Tropes

He saved a kid in the process, that kid became the president! So be thankful your dad died! When Sam allows her to cry on his shoulder, he gets jealous and tells Sam to stay away from Invader. When Taurtis stands on the stool where Gareth hung himself, he comments about how dark he thinks it is.

His girlfriend leaves him for someone else, his sexuality is questioned by Sam and Taurtis, and his father kicks him out of his house because he thinks that he's gay. For the Christmas Episodehe was a parody called "The Drinch". As a part of his Took a Level in Kindnesshe decides that he's done with bullying.

Acts like this to Sam. Like Father, Like Son: He shares some similar traits with his father. He develops feelings for "Samantha" and "Taurisa". That is, until he learns the truth. He has a wide collection of hats he wears.

He starts harassing Sam for "stealing" Invader away from him. He wasn't exactly the richest character in the series.

However, he was able to maintain his clothes better when he was living with his dad. Stalker Without a Crush: He's forced to live on the streets after his dad kicks him out of the house. Even in Tokyo Soul, he's sleeping in a dumpster instead of, you know, the house that he, Sam and Taurtis are sharing.

With his father, Mr. The only difference being a lack of facial hair and different color of hair. Took a Level in Kindness: He becomes nicer to Sam and Taurtis after he's forced out of his house.

Played for Laughsobviously. Dom's life was fine at the beginning of the series, with no major problems except for the fact that Sam inadvertently took his ex-girlfriend, Invader. After Dom realizes that he is supposedly gay, his life definitely takes a turn for the worse and never gets much better after that for the entirety of YHS.

See Butt-Monkey for details. He has one after learning that he was attracted to Taurtis, who was disguised as Taurisa. It gets worse when he also learns that he kissed Sam. SalexBrown Salex is one of Sam and Taurtis's classmates. She was Taurtis's girlfriend until her death. Death of the Hypotenuse: In an unfortunate turn of events, Salex is killed in the thirteenth episode by the local YandereYuki. She has one in her apartment, which hints at who her murderer is.

Unlike her former teacher Gareth, she doesn't want to hurt Sam and Taurtis. During her diary entries, she became nervous and feels like she was being watched. Not much is known about her character. Then again, it was probably done on purpose to emphasize the tragedy of her death. The outfit she wears on her date is mostly blue.

We Hardly Knew Ye: This trope comes into effect as she dies in the thirteenth episode, but the audience knows very little about her personality. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has a blue streak in her hair. No one knows what gender Ellen is. They have worn both female and male school uniforms. Just about everybody uses feminine pronouns for them more than masculine ones.

Because Ellen and Pie's genders are never revealed, it's never established what Ellen's sexuality is. Their left eye is covered up by a bandage, which comes off during Halloween. Possibly one for this Ellen. They have a red ribbon in the back of their hair. Ellen also has supernatural powers, which impacts the plot early on. Ellen doesn't like to talk about what happened to their left eye. It's implied that their left eye has some supernatural powers.

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