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Experience a world-class journey with the Philippines' first and only 4-Star global airline. Book your flights now through the Philippine Airlines App. 1. Book Your. New Closure Time of Check-in Counters for International Flights. × . Citizen of the Philippines at least 60 years old as of the date of advanced booking. prior to your PAL international flight's departure time (Note: Online check-in is not . please visit Department of Tourism's Official Twitter Account or Corporate Website. Compare prices for the most popular Philippine Airlines destinations and Any passenger holding a confirmed booking and a valid e-ticket can check in online. the passenger rebooks the flight and turns 12 on the new flight date, or there is a reliability, fees, customer service, and the ease of use of the provider's site.

If an infant turns 2 years old by the date of the return flight, parents or guardians are required to confirm the scheduling, seat reservation, and additional fare, and pay for the standard child seat fare for the return flight.

Child passengers must be accompanied by an adult aged at least 18 years. Anyone under 18 is not counted as a companion for a child on a flight unless under specific reasons approved by the airline. Only children between 8 and 12 years old are allowed to travel without a company, but they must provide special clearance, valid reasons, and permit.

Philippine Airlines requires the Unaccompanied Minor passenger to be picked up according to the prior arrangement between the airline and parents or guardians. If no one picks up the Unaccompanied Minor, the child will be flown back to the origin city, and parents or guardians must pay the fare.

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Parents or guardians must provide details about the meeting party for the unaccompanied minor and submit the information to Philippine Airlines reservation office.

The information includes the place of meeting, time, and description or identity of the pick-up party. All the documents and lawful letters required of the unaccompanied minor passengers must be submitted to the Philippine Airlines. If a child passenger has health problems or specific conditions that require special care, parents or guardians need to inform the airline during booking.

Passengers within 24 weeks of pregnancy with no complications or special conditions that need extra care are allowed onboard after filling in the EMIS Form Part 1 and do not require medical clearance.

top online dating sites philippines airline

Passengers within 24 to 32 weeks of pregnancy with no complications or health problems are required to have her personal doctor or physician fill in EMIS Form Part 2. Each EMIS form is valid for only seven days after the date of form issuance. Philippine Airlines Economy Class Seating New seating has been placed in Philippine Airlines' Economy Class which involve the seat cusion on the bottom being able to moved to the comfort of the passenger or recline for added relaxation.

Monitors are also included in the seating with a touch-screen function. Philippine Airlines Baggage Carry-on Baggage Passengers flying on Philippine Airlines are entitled to one item of carry-on baggage per passengers that must be no heavier than 7kg and no larger than the overall dimensions of cm.

top online dating sites philippines airline

Philippine Airlines have the right to give an excess baggage charge on any carry-on baggage that exceeds these dimensions. Checked Baggage The checked baggage allowance for your Philippine Airlines flight will depend on whether passengers are flying domestically or internationally and the class of travel. Domestic Flights The Philippine Airlines baggage rules for domestic flights are as follows: Economy Supersaver allows passengers 10kg of checked baggage.

Economy Saver allows passengers 15kg of checked baggage. Economy Value and Economy Classic allows passengers 20kg of checked baggage.

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Economy Flex and Economy Plus allow passengers 25kg of checked baggage. Business Promo allows passengers 30kg of checked baggage.

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Business Classic allows passengers 35kg of checked baggage. Business Flex allows passengers 40kg of checked baggage. Free checked baggage is not included with Economy Basic. Economy Value allows passengers 15kg of checked baggage.

Economy Classic allows passengers 20kg of checked baggage. International Flights To the Pacific and Asia — passengers are allowed 25kg of checked baggage in all Economy classes, except for Premium Economy, which allows for 30kg of checked baggage.

Philippine Airlines also offers coffee, water, tea and alcohol beverages. Business Class Mabuhay Class: Philippine Airlines Business Class passenger will experience a cabin with adjustable seats to a variety of positions at the options of passenger, including a full flat recline with a 15 degrees angle. Business Class cabin is also equipped with Baggage allowanced up to 30 kg for both domestic and international flight. Philippine Airlines Baggage Allowance Cabin: Passenger can carry onboard one free baggage allowance with maximum length 22 cm, width 14 cm and height 9 cm or maximum weight 7 kg.

Passengers with infant are permitted to bring one more bag of infant food into their baggage with maximum length cm and weight 10 kg. Effective 16 Augustthe maximum baggage limit for Economy Class up to 20 kg and Business Class 30 kg.