15 of the biggest dating fails after dark

15 of the Most Viewed YouTube Videos of all Time

15 of the biggest dating fails after dark

One thing that'll give you an advantage in the game of love? Here, we've distilled it down to the very best advice 15 experts have learned. April Beyer, matchmaker and dating and relationship expert "Research has shown that the way a problem is brought up determines both how the rest of that conversation will go. The best-known influencers certainly have popular channels. A year ago we took our first look at the 15 most-viewed videos on YouTube. With billion views to date, it now has a commanding lead over Ed Dark Horse – Katy Perry ft. Juicy J . It achieved this milestone on 8 May , just 97 days after its release. Dwight and Jim will never be best friends, but this is the point in the The fact that the show was able to clue viewers in — while keeping volunteer sheriff's deputy Dwight in the dark — was an inspired twist. Pam, you failed art school. . many classic moments, from the first date of Michael and his realtor.

Seeing how it's so popular, whatever it's doing must be working. Yes, we know you've heard or have had your own horror stories, but you have to appreciate that Tinder makes you aware of potential boos in the area that you never knew existed before.

It's a little shallow, but it gets shit done. We probably don't have to explain this one as everyone and their mother has given Tinder a try at some point.

15 of the biggest dating fails after dark

Yes, you're technically judging the pool based solely on looks, but if we're being real, that's probably what's happening when you go to the bar too. The concept sounds shitty, but it's how our brains work.

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Tinder is seriously great at making people who are physically close aware of other close singles. Not many people can say that they don't know a single person in a successful relationship where the couple met on Tinder yes, even lesbian couples. It's quick, easy, and everyone is on it — a lot of people will resort to re-downloading Tinder instead of taking time to make a new profile elsewhere. While it doesn't really do strategic matching, options are virtually limitless with tons of women in the vicinity who you probably didn't know existed.

Which is clutch, because one of the main lesbian complaints is that, um, there are none around. Matches are close enough to meet within a day, so you don't have to waste time on long distance or wait months to hang out.

The music video was released a week after the single — 17 November It shows Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, and the Hooligans walking around cities, kitted out in brightly colored suits and chains. It was filmed in a range of cities where Bruno Mars was touring. The video was almost as popular as the song, gathering more than 3.

'Office': 15 Best Episodes Ever

Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster — Get Movies This is by far the most unusual video on this list. It is not a music video.

15 of the biggest dating fails after dark

It is not an official video although official copies of this episode do exist on YouTube. And it is in Russian. Some episodes of the English-language version are available on Netflix.

15 of the biggest dating fails after dark

All of the episodes have been uploaded to YouTube over time, and three of them have exceeded 1 billion views. Her legs are covered. This makes the show acceptable to Muslim audiences, including populous countries, such as Indonesia. It is episode 7. Gangnam Style — Psy It would be fair to say that Gangnam Style was an unexpected mega-hit, that set records on YouTube, that some people believed would never be bettered. It stayed in that position for an incredible 1, days.

It reached 2 billion views in Juneand 3 billion in January The video holds a few other YouTube records. It was the most rated video until Februaryand most liked video until August It still holds the record for being the most discussed video. He is one of the most visible symbols of the YouTube generation.

15 of the Most Viewed YouTube Videos of all Time

It is perhaps surprising that he cannot claim more of the videos in this top group, although he does have videos of his songs in positions 23 and The song topped the charts of 13 countries, including seven weeks in the top spot in Bieber's native Canada. Globally, people bought more than 10 million copies of the song in Although this was originally just intended to be a lyric video, it ended up as the main one.

It became the fifth fastest YouTube video to reach 1 billion views, and the fourth fasted to reach 2 billion views. It peaked at Number 2 on the US Billboard The band worked with film director, David Dobkin on the music video. In the video, Maroon 5 crashes weddings across Los Angeles.

This is not staged. Maroon 5 has genuinely crashed the weddings shown in the video.

15 of the biggest dating fails after dark

In reality, each groom was given some notice and agreed to let an unnamed, but famous band play at their wedding, but nobody else connected with the marriages had advance notice.

It must have been a shock to the brides to find Adam Levine serenading them at their weddings. The production team worked with wedding planners in Los Angeles to find suitable weddings for the video.

15 of the biggest dating fails after dark

The band found it a fantastic experience. Some of the grooms got cold feet and had to be talked into allowing the activity take place. Everybody loved the surprise, however. Adam Levine stated, "It was an out of body experience. I had no idea I would be affected by the overwhelming reactions we received from the couples and guests. The song premiered on a Yahoo! Live stream on August 18, The studio released the video on YouTube and made the song available for digital download on the same day.

It stayed in the chart for 50 consecutive weeks. Mark Romanek directed the video, and it features dances choreographed by Tyce Diorio. The song was a huge success.

The video tells a fictional story of Katy Perry adapting to life in the jungle after surviving a plane crash. She even tames a tiger. When Roar reached 1 billion video views on YouTube, in JulyKaty Perry became the first artist to have two music videos exceed that milestone. Bailando — Enrique Iglesias ft. He recorded several versions of the song.