35 anniversary ang dating daan live streaming

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35 anniversary ang dating daan live streaming

Ang Dating Daan religious radio-television program features a Bible-based Q&A segment with Bro. 24/7 Streaming Live Update: The congregational singing for the Worldwide Bible Exposition has started . International (MCGI) for the 38th anniversary of the longest-running religious December 31, at AM ·. Eli live via video streaming. The Ang Dating Daan 36th Anniversary Celebration immensely moved netizens as Eli Soriano during the live English Bible Exposition on January 31, Chorale Group during the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path or TOP) program's 35th anniversary celebration on October 12, It is the only Filipino channel on the web with 24/7 free live video streaming. Watch the Ang Dating Daan 35th Anniversary Celebration this Sunday, Oct

She says she felt it as a waste for such a man, who was so knowledgeable of the Bible and so good at defending it to turn corrupt.

35 anniversary ang dating daan live streaming

She tells me that she heard Brother Eli was infuriated to find Gugulan in the position of authority instead of him, so that is why he led some astray.

These are all LIES! But my heart was heavy thinking how deceived they are. It will be almost two years for me in the Church.

Eli has been leading this congregation as a servant of God for five decades, and tomorrow marks his 51st year of service. If you ask any true brethren why we love Bro. Eli with every lesson he teaches based on the Holy Scriptures. Eli, in order to pull me out of the brotherhood, the Church I now knew.

They pitied me and told me what a waste it was for me to be with the congregation, following after the biblical preaching of Bro. But I knew better.

Ang Dating Daan – Under the Radar Stories

I stood fast to my faith for I knew that they were wrong. Some people simply look into his eyes as he spoke, and they believed he preached in all honesty and commitment. But God works in ways you cannot imagine, that words do not stay merely words, but become actions. Members of the congregation work together, and this in itself is very inspiring. The congregation he led since that time grew much stronger and much faithful.

Lilang mentioned variations between the practices theirs during Bro. Eli never ceased studying the Bible, improving the practices of faith of the brethren as we continued to grow.

Many turned back to the Lord through the efforts of the congregation which did sympathize with Bro. It is also a way to give chance to its followers to ask Bro. Eli regarding their faith which has now garnered a thousand of tweets and followers. The event had a simultaneous charity program led by Bro.

Eli and Kuya Daniel for the handicapped and disabled persons who were the guest of honors.

35 anniversary ang dating daan live streaming

They gave almost over P1-M cash donations, free wheelchairs plus grocery items. Eli has never been hindered to speak the truth in the Bible bravely no matter how risky it is for him. Blackmail, fury, hearsay — these are what Bro. Eli have hurdled and still facing since the beginning of his diligent evangelization of the Holy Scriptures.

His exceptional God-given aptitude for knowledge in the Bible has shut the mouths of fraud pastors all over the world. Many have tried to make him appear phony but they never succeeded.

35 anniversary ang dating daan live streaming

Some have done researches and even watched all his videos on YouTube but they never won and will ever win. None of them can refute Bro. During the same event, Ang Dating Daan celebrated its 35th Anniversary highlighting the giving away of cash donations, wheelchairs and raffle prizes to 12 foundations for Persons with Disabilities PWDs and 1, PWDs in attendance, respectively.

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  • Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) marks 36th year in religious broadcasting

The show is hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon. Masama ba ang pagiging suplado? Alamin ang sagot ni Bro. Eli Soriano ayon sa Biblia. Ang mga maestro sa Ang Dating Daan ay nagtatrabaho.

Ang Dating Daan to Break Guinness’ Largest Gospel Choir Record on its 35th Year

Ito ang balita ni Mon Jocson. October 13, Anchored by: Janis De Vera, Dr. Joseph Lee, and Dr. October 13, Visit http: Sa himig ng isang papuring awit sa Lumikha, sama-samang naghandog ang mga kaanib sa Iglesia ng Dios ng isang song-and-dance presentation sa kani-kanilang mga lugar.

Hindi rin nagpahuli ang mga kapatid sa ibayong dagat. Kaalinsabay nito ay sari-saring public services din ang isinagawa ng samahan.

35 anniversary ang dating daan live streaming