Acca ghana dating scams

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acca ghana dating scams

Ghanaian Times (Accra). Ghana: Six Ghanaians Charged for Online Romance Scams in Us. tweet. share. Google+. comment. email · more. A good friend of mine told me he was talking to a British 33 year old woman living in Accra Ghana with whom he met through and online dating. The majority of these scams are out of Russia and Ukraine Nigeria Ghana and Disabled World warns its members that Internet dating and purchasing items online can be risky. . 4/ I think I have a scammer from Accra, Ghana writing to me.

Look for detail in photos — wedding rings, locations, activities, time of day, how they are dressed — to see if it matches.

Ghana: Six Ghanaians Charged for Online Romance Scams in Us -

Someone claiming that a photo is from a July 4th fireworks party, who is dressed in a fur coat, in daylight, might be a dead giveaway that someone is lying. Using a free inspection service that shows the location and time that a photo was originally taken can shed light on a photo liar.

Cut and Paste Profile Alert Introductory letters on dating websites are often copied by catfish scammers. See if the same information appears in other places or has been copied from someone else by searching for it online.

acca ghana dating scams

For example, someone claiming to be from St. Spelling and Grammar Fail Hear the words when you read their writing, and check their spelling and grammar. A line that sounds like it could be from someone in a far-off country but portraying themselves to be in your same city will usually have a local dialect misfire. Derailing You from the Dating Site Red flags should be raised if, right off the bat, they want to get you to instant message or email, taking you off of the dating site where you originally met.

Always create and use a unique email address that is different than your personal and professional addresses when setting up a dating website profile.

acca ghana dating scams

Too Serious, Too Soon Watch out for someone rushing things. They play on your sympathy and strike when you are the most vulnerable — caught up in the romance and emotional.

acca ghana dating scams

Ask a Lot of Questions Inquire about where they are from, and verify landmarks and spellings of cities online. It is just not a good idea to send a stranger who you have never met, especially in another country, money period.

acca ghana dating scams

Tips to avoid being scammed online. An inquiry from someone far away, often in another country.

Romance Scams

Western Union, Money Gram, cashier's check, money order, shipping, escrow service, or a "guarantee". Refusal to meet face-to-face before consummating transaction.

Examples of Scams A. These claims are fraudulent, as Disabled World does not have any role in any transaction. Scammer will often send an official looking email that appears to come from Disabled World, offering a guarantee, certifying a seller, providing payment services - all such emails are fakes! A person offers a genuine-looking but fake cashier's check you receive an email offering to buy your item sight unseen. A cashier's check is offered for your sale item, as a deposit and the value of the cashier's check often far exceeds your item - scammer offers to "trust" you, and asks you to wire the balance via money transfer service.

Ghana: Six Ghanaians Charged for Online Romance Scams in Us

This scam often involves a 3rd party shipping agent, business associate owing buyer money, etc C. Someone requests wire service payment via Western Union or MoneyGram: Common countries participating in online scams currently include: A person offers to send you a money order and then have you wire money - this is ALWAYS a scam, the cashier's check is FAKE sometimes accompanies an offer of merchandise, sometimes not scammer often asks for your name, address, etc for printing on the fake check.

A seller asks for a partial payment upfront, after which he will ship goods they say they trust you with the partial payment and may say that they have already shipped the goods. A foreign company offers you a job receiving payments from customers. The foreign company may claim it is unable to receive payments from its customers directly you are offered a percentage of payments received this kind of "position" may be posted as a job, or offered to you via email BEWARE it is a scam!

Red flags leading up to the money request should also be taken into consideration.

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Or without ever meeting. Huge, romantic letters talking about nothing. A new sexy photo with every letter. Fine, let them pay. If you get a letter from an agency after a few letters from the man or woman asking for money. You should be wary of any agency using our service to advertise their men or women. Girls look for guys years older than themselves, not If you see a scammer on our website, inform us and tell us how you know they are a scammer.

If anyone on our site ever asks for money, please use the "report as abuse" link below. Foreign profiles are more likely to be scams trying to part you from your money, especially Eastern European and Philippine profiles.

Nigerian advance-fee fraud has also been around for many years, but has lately been on the rise. These scammers politely promise tons of money in exchange for help moving large sums of money out of their country.

acca ghana dating scams

There are legitimate matches out there and in these countries, but you need to be extra-careful and investigate the person you are looking to date. We recommend that you never send money or any other support to any user for any reason. If you suspect someone was trying to scam you, or you were unfortunate enough to have been scammed, then use our comment form below and we may add your report here as a warning to others. Then there was another match from a dating site and his name was J.

I was told that a dating site was hit by these scammer from nigeria and Ghana. I hope that this information will be helpful they both sent me pictures and gave me addresses in the United states and they all said they were doing business in nigeria and Ghana.

The company insisted that I use the shipping company: West African Shipping Company. The shipping company insists in using a wire transfer for shipping while the people that were attempting to purchase the amulets with a credit card.

This was after I had requested an itemized list of expenses shipping, taxes, tariffs etc. I was attempting to find a different shipper when I decided to contact our government and inquire about the cost of these extra fees.