Afterellen natasha negovanlis dating

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afterellen natasha negovanlis dating

When we last saw Carmilla, Laura, LaFontaine and Perry, they were Carmilla's thirst for blood, her vamptastic girlfriend reminds her there are. Carmilla's Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman star in this new feature to come out as a lesbian and jumps head first into the dating pool. Carmilla's final season filming may have wrapped yesterday (cue uncontrollable sobbing) but KindaTV and Carmilla stars Natasha Negovanlis.

So I think people will see people happy to be together for the holidays, but of course there will be weird Silas shenanigans that are also going on.

afterellen natasha negovanlis dating

Congrats on season 2! So where does our relationship stand? Natasha, we all know you have a killer voice. What are you currently doing with your music? And any chance fans might get a Carmilla song next season?

Elise, is Carmilla your first experience in the world of fandom?

afterellen natasha negovanlis dating

For sure it is. I feel like I was always part of fandom growing up in my weird home-schooled bubble. When we ere at the Canadian International Film Festival, we had our first ever autograph session, we had a live panel and were meeting fans face to face for the first time, and it was so surreal.

Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis shine in “Almost Adults”

I almost fell to my knees, I freaked out! I love being part of it, I love being able to interact with people just as I appreciate when people I love interact with me. Do you guys get noticed on the street? Yup, still a waitress! I think Canadians are really polite. I thought it was so weird that they would be a fan of my waitressing.

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I think Season 1 Laura was very much in her shell and was still holding on to the ideals of how she was raised what she was taught to believe in from a young age. Then Season 2, I feel like that was sort of blown wide open and out of the water, and she was grappling to deal with a lot all at once.

I think in Season 2 she was definitely drowning and struggling a bit and as goes in life, made some decisions that maybe she would come to regret later on in life, which is the only place that learning can happen. I think that she learned from her mistakes in season 2 and is starting to come to a deeper understanding of holding on to who you are and still making space to learn from the world and other people.

Natasha Negovanlis - AfterEllen

Stepping back into her shoes was not challenging—it felt very comfortable. And they are the same challenges we face for every season. It was just sort of like, oh, ok, this is how you do it! So getting back into that schedule was a little bit challenging.

afterellen natasha negovanlis dating

But I think a challenging part is showing her vulnerability while maintaining her strength. But I think even in life, to be vulnerable is to be courageous. The two of you have been partners in crime in this big adventure between Carmilla and Almost Adults. Just as our characters have been tested and put through the ringer, and have been making discoveries about the world and themselves, I think Natasha and I have also been going through that along with the show.

Like Laura and Carmilla are both very independent people, and Natasha and I are both very independent people. I think a big theme in Season 3 is that if crazy stuff is happening in the world, I want to do it with someone by my side, and I want to do it in a way that supports someone else as well as myself.

Yeah, I mean, well said. You both may be the stars of Carmilla, but before we go, lets give some love to your castmates.

What would you want everyone to know about your amazing cast?