Ai de mi fang joe cheng dating

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ai de mi fang joe cheng dating

To Watch: Episode 1 Cast: Lee Da Hae as Xiao Xia Joe Cheng as Chen her a free place to stay if she can pretend to be his girlfriend for a day. My final feelings on this Ai De Mi Fang is that it was very touching in many of. Wang Xiao Xia (Lee Da Hae) has always had a rough life but faces the Original title: 爱的蜜方; Romanized title: Ai De Mi Fang; Also known as Joe Cheng. All Innovation · AI & Big Data · AppDynamics BrandVoice · Cloud · Consumer Tech · Cybersecurity Wang Feng, singer, million yuan. Li Na Yang Mi, actress, 27 million yuan Joe Chen, actress, 33 million yuan I' m a senior editor and the Shanghai bureau chief of Forbes magazine.

Just like any normal Taiwanese drama, it stressed the family theme very strongly.

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The music was great, I enjoyed many of the songs. Lee Da Hae plays the mold of my favorite heroine. I thought they were very dynamic, expressive, and defining.

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She really created a character who came alive on screen and you could get her emotions from just her expressions. Joe Cheng played the stoic and serious Hao Feng.

ai de mi fang joe cheng dating

I think he made a good performance for most of the drama, however, I felt like he lost it a little during the last few episodes. His expressions were a bit too stiff and unreadable, contrary to his early showings.

He made a good transition from someone who was cold and condemning into a warm-hearted person. The characters of Li Yang, Xiao Xiao, and also the Chen father were all very nice additions to the cast.

ai de mi fang joe cheng dating

I think the writers did a little un-needed overdrive on his character on the romantic front, but it was not extremely coarse. My final feelings on this Ai De Mi Fang is that it was very touching in many of the early episodes and it also felt like it captured many elements of a good drama.

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There were just enough characters to keep it interesting and the acting was very decent. Probably one of the elements that most people would have an issue with would be the dubbing of Lee Da Hae.

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I for one did not find the dubbing to be distracting or terrible. In fact, I barely noticed it at all unless I specifically paid attention to her mouth. Often times mainland dramas will dub over their mandarin speaking cast with different voices and completely ruin a good drama. The story seemed more driven by a string of chance encounters rather then actual plot and character development.

Every misunderstanding possible can be found in this drama.

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We find that she is resourceful, intelligent, and ambitious; but all these traits seem almost non-existent when she was trying to bring Shao Jun back to her side. Her decisions, her thoughts, and her interactions with other characters especially during her time living with the An family, are all much too unrealistic. Her character is supposed to be innocent and thoughtful, however, her actions in the An household prove the opposite.

Her presence causes the greatest pain and suffering and yet she is undeterred? Perhaps the director and writer wanted to imply her genuine and deep love for Shao Jun but I feel like they created inconsistency in her character and actually made her seem more of an antagonist instead of a pure-hearted and victimized protagonist.

The music was great.

ai de mi fang joe cheng dating

The supporting cast was also very nicely put together. Lin Bei Bei and Fan Yu were some of the more memorable characters with great supporting performances.

ai de mi fang joe cheng dating

Their acting and portrayal of their characters brought much more empathy and emotion out. Song Yao also succeeded in being the affable nice guy however I see a lot of change in his character after he meets Cheng Hua at the club, an almost instantaneous change. He seemed to have no prior bad feeling toward Cheng Hua even when he was witness to her damage on the An household and also her intimacy with Shao Jun in the parking lot.

There is plenty of tear-jerking family drama. There are definitely elements of a good drama and indeed parts that kept my interest.