Air bud 1997 latino dating

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air bud 1997 latino dating

Read Common Sense Media's Air Bud review, age rating, and parents guide. PG; ; 98 minutes. Save Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews. We speak family. Air Bud Entertainment, is celebrating 20 years as a trusted family brand. Offering over 20 original family-friendly films. Kevin Zegers in Air Bud () Bill Cobbs and Kevin Zegers in Air Bud () Air Bud () Kevin Zegers in Air Bud () Charles Martin Air Bud 3 · Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch · Air Bud: Spikes Back · Air Buddies .. Release Date.

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Deleted Scenes There are three deleted scenes featuring descriptions from director Raja Gosnell. The first two are extensions of Chloe's experiences in Chihuahua nation, including a vision quest where our heroine drinks some "magic water" and is transported back in time to ancient Mexico. Here she learns more about her breed's history. The scenes are interesting to see, but are a little bizarre. The last deleted scene features a sort of alternate ending sequence.

Audio Commentary This feature is your standard voice-over from the film's director, Raja Gosnell. It should be noted that the commentary is only playable on the Widescreen version of the film. Blu-ray Features I did not review the Blu-ray version, but the following features are exclusive to that version: A good home theater set-up could help you appreciate the song heavy soundtrack.

The picture is clean. It's nice to have a choice of widescreen and fullscreen available. Don't forget that fullscreen plays right away when using Disney's Fast Play option.

Nothing fancy about the disc interface. It's nice looking and easy to use.

Air Buddies (Video ) - IMDb

The movie was pleasantly entertaining. I watched it with my year-old daughter.

air bud 1997 latino dating

Neither of us saw the film in its initial theatrical release, but both of us had the same reaction to the film's marketing campaign in fact, my daughter brought it up on her own: The commercials for the film's theatrical release seem to give imply that the movie was about Papi, the male Chihuahua.

In reality, the movie was primarily about Chloe, the female dog lead. The marketing campaign featured singing Chihuahuas that are not found in the film anywhere. We both thought it was a bit misleading. As an adult, I found the commercials annoying, and it turned me off to the film. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. For a talking animal film, it was entertaining with some great background visuals and some funny moments. It's not a Disney must-have, but the year-old liked it, and I'm sure your kids will, too.

If the film stayed where I thought it would, in Beverly Hills constantly making rich dog jokes, my review would be worse.

air bud 1997 latino dating

The Mexican adventure, given the film's marketing, was a pleasant surprise and increased the watchability quotient quite a bit. The film is rated PG for some mild thematic elements. I can mostly surmise that this is due to some possibly frightening scenes involving the doberman Diablo in the dog fight sequences, a scene where Delgado has a flashback to his partner on the police force being hurt in an incident, and a scene near the film's end where it is implied that Chloe is dead after she crashes into a wall.

Rosie Outgoing, talented, and totally self-absorbed. Rosie knows she's going to be a big star someday, just like her parents.

air bud 1997 latino dating

She just wants the day to be today. She loves her siblings dearly A lead role in her very own feature film. Kano The most fearsome canine bounty-hunter currently living, Kano will do any job for the right amount of money — even if that job is destroying Christmas.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Air Bud: Special Edition

Cindy Kind, good-hearted, and patient, Cindy is pure down to her tiny little bite-sized hair-ties. The youngest of the four pups and the runt of the litter, Cindy is - funnily enough - the most mature, and takes after Tiny more than the other puppies. Her meek nature means that, much like Tiny, Cindy is often swept up in the crazy schemes of those around her — especially her brothers and sisters!

air bud 1997 latino dating

Peace on earth, and goodwill to dogkind and everyone else too! Now his raw talent and genius is going to waste! With nothing else going on, he winds up the latest member of the mean team A tropical vacation that lasts all winter. Brody Brody's the wild card: The only boy in the litter, Brody is quick with a joke and obsessed with finding new ways to go fast. A ride in Santa's sweet, sweet sleigh. Scrappy Tiny's long-lost twin sister, Scrappy has gone from street-rapper to superstar since the two were reunited.

Currently on tour in Japan, she still finds a little time to visit her beloved though, she thinks, spoiled nieces and nephews. A week off tour to spend with her family