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alt support childfree dating

There are some comments I need to make regarding afrocolombianidad.inforee. The nitty-gritty of evidence: afrocolombianidad.inforee says they're going to give me reason to date. -Mark Langsdorf Sign in to reply. Newsgroup afrocolombianidad.inforee, k threads, k posts, ranked # 4. replies. Dating: Easier for CF men or women? started 2 years ago. 2 years ago. The Childfree Choice. likes · talking about this. A community page for people who have made the decision to remain childfree, are curious.

So, we set out to meet some childfree couples. We wanted to learn what they are all about. It Just Felt Right! Canada and New Zealand, too. I set up a profile and logged onto the site. I was shocked to hear these words as they left my mouth: Should we just start one? But we knew we had to start a group.

It just felt right! It started out of curiosity. We wanted to know what childfree people are like. What fills their time?

I had high hopes of seeking out a handful of couples, maybe a dozen childfree people this way. I was ecstatic when our inaugural member, Jessica, joined! And beside myself when 7 couples 14 people! The group grew like gangbusters!

Within a year, the Meetup included over couples. All looking for connection and community. It was right in front of him. With a little help, we can find each other! What kind of parent would intentionally do that to another person?

And yet you suggest I be that kind of parent. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Paul, 1 Corinthians Children would just ruin the time I have left to live. You yourself will still be dead someday.

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People have no responsibility, zero, to sprog they don't produce. Unfortunately, they lived in such a narrow, closed-minded society that they felt pressured into having kids. As a result, they resented their own children. If my parents had never had me, I wouldn't be here to have any regrets about it. D and never crawled into the ol' booze bottle.

If I'd had the option, I woulda given up my life for that. My child will wipe your ass when you're older! Why not eliminate the middlemen? How dare you criticize the way they spend your taxes! You don't know what they go through! Once you've been a politician, then you can talk! And the fact that we have no children enables us to view children in a more objective way than parents do. I give good blowjobs too, doesn't mean i want to be a hooker! My advice is they get a job.

They DO have their own parents, don't they? Why are there tax breaks for them? Hell, if they are little adults, they should be paying taxes. Also, if they are little adults, this nonsense about taking violence off T. After all, they are little adults right? Whales would have stopped stranding thmselves as oceanic pollution levels dropped back to zero. Without the EMF fields migration routes would re-establish. New species would begin to develop, and the Earth would once again be whole and well.

Since the world is over-populated, perhaps it would be better if more people thought like us. Instead of "me, me, me" it's now "mine, mine, mine! What if everyone thought the way you do? You're just being selfish When will you have your own children? Links Part 2: Of course, as far as I'm concerned.

But don't be upset if things get a bit Parents are not welcome to post to alt. This group is for the childfree and for childless people in the process of deciding whether to be childfree.

If you read this group and feel you have to oppose the absence of children: If you don't believe it, check out Breeder Troll Bingo, conveniently available on the Web at http: If you say anything that's on the Breeder Troll Bingo card, you will be ridiculed, at the very least. The original Breedertroll Bingo site is now defunct, but a similar site exists at http: This is generally frowned on in alt.

When the denizens of alt. We just want to blow off steam, or commiserate with others who might feel the same way. And since it's looked down on in our culture to complain about children or parents anywhere else, alt. Therefore, "yabbuting" is particularly heinous invasion of space. ASC is a completely different ball game. ASC denizens are not interested in performing cultural anthropology upon parents, in understanding why parents or children do the things that they do.

They will therefore not respond with gratitude to being "enlightened. Posting "yabbut" on ASC is the same thing. It's real people posting, and real people often disagree. Sometimes it's difference of opinion, sometimes misunderstandings.

Cyberspace doesn't allow for body language and inflection. Rabbit For some reason, some people who would never think of starting an argument in support groups like alt. You are putting your selfish need for entertainment and the last word before our need for a support group. Elise Just as freedom of religion is now generally seen to include freedom FROM religion, the childfree state properly includes the right to be free of lectures on parenting issues.

I feel like the a. In real one-on-one life, I talk about everything with my friends, and I like to do that here. I figure that if someone doesn't like the off-topic postings, they can scroll by them. Charter and FAQ

Rabbit Well, this is alt. Because the idea behind a support group is venting. Why does AA always talk about drinking? To someone just stepping in, it would indeed seem that all we do is complain. But here's another way to look at it. I feel no need to say, and most people don't want to hear, "Well, I did my work today, computer worked fine. I won't do that, of course, but it makes me feel better to be able to turn to someone and say, "Goddamn computer! I'd like to send it to Mars! But all it takes is one screaming one to make life miserable for everyone in the restaurant, and that's when I want to complain about it.

I would never put anyone through that hell again. Scott Eiler When I was a child, there were people then who didn't want children, and didn't want the company of children. That was okay with me.

alt support childfree dating

Mari Yes, and I wasn't a planned, wanted child. You have no idea of what kind of misery that can cause a child - they pick up on that very easily.

What kind of parent would intentionally do that to another person? And yet you suggest I be that kind of parent. Mari And the Blessed Virgin Mary managed to raise the Son of God without "personal bonding leave," lactation breaks, or a special pumping room. Kent Yes, and fortunately I grew out of it. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Paul, 1 Corinthians Death is our future.

Children would just ruin the time I have left to live. DPH Maybe, but unless a lot of people stop turning out 3 of them, there won't be much of a future.

alt support childfree dating

Rabbit I care enough about "our future" not to subject it to my lack of maternal instinct. Janet No, badly disciplined and selfish adults are our future, if parents don't start training them for true adulthood.

Sunfell Only if you believe that as soon as those children turn 21, every older generation will retire. I expect to work until the day I die. I am my own future. We can't cop out by saying that somebody else is the future.

When I'm dead, it certainly won't mean anything to me if the human race goes on or not. Making a baby, or even a clone, does not make you immortal. You yourself will still be dead someday. Well, I wouldn't have to worry about it then, would I? Rabbit How do you know they didn't? Ilene Bilenky Yup, and the planet would be in somewhat better shape, too. People have no responsibility, zero, to sprog they don't produce.

Elise Then maybe my mom would have gotten her Ph. D and never crawled into the ol' booze bottle.