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ambas latino dating

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What is your role within the museum?

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What characteristic of yours is most needed for your job? Other questions I ask vary on whom I am speaking to, but for each person I've always asked these three, and with each person, the questions revealed a passion for what they did.

ambas latino dating

I could see the commitment to their work in their eyes, but when each person began talking about why they did what they did and which characteristic of theirs helps and drives them to do what they do, I realized that whatever work I go into, I want to be that passionate about it. Hearing each person's stories of how they got to where they are now made me think that this is possible for as well. The interviews started on Tuesday, but an artist, Julia Anne Goodmancame to the museum to conduct a special event in the Art Loft prior to that on papermaking.

Children came in to blend up recycled paper yes, in an actual blenderpour it into a butterfly mold, and create their own paper butterfly.

ambas latino dating

This activity not only was entertaining for the children, but it sparked conversations of migration. The kids and their families were asked about where they came from, and families began to explain about the different areas of the world they originated from.

Migration discussion during paper-making art activity with children and their families. Courtesy of Samantha Rodriguez. This activity also helped me practice Spanish. While kids were waiting in line, I would ask them questions about the butterfly they were going to make. Some kids came in speaking only Spanish, and when I asked them these same questions in Spanish, I saw their faces light up and they brought their butterfly to life.

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He has served on the Governor's cabinet as executive director of the Department of Natural Resources and chief legal counsel to the Governor. Salazar was elected Attorney General in and re-elected in She came to the United States with her family when she was seven years old.

She lives in Miami and has represented Florida since SinceRos-Lehtinen has demonstrated 20 years of legislative leadership. She served four years in the Florida House of Representatives and then became a state senator. Though conservative in some issues, this outspoken opponent of Fidel Castro is a champion of Hispanic causes and tax reform, an international defender of human rights and democracy, a politician who condemns oppression.

ambas latino dating

She is very connected to her constituents and their concerns. People like her, so she is likely to represent them for a good while. My mission is not over, and if God gives me an opportunity, and voters vote me back in, I'd like to remain.

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The man in charge of the Bush '04 campaign for the Southwest Region descends from Spanish settlers of New Mexico with a history in politics. His great-great-grandfather was a territorial legislator in and his grandfather a Republican legislator in The youngest of eight, Sanchez beat out the state speaker of the house to become a state representative, His trajectory is what many aspire to: Sanchez says, "The biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans is that the Democrats want to keep Latinos reliant and dependent on big government through the hand out, whereas Republicans want to empower Latinos through lower taxes and personal responsibility, and smaller government with the hand up--and will allow Latinos the ability to live the American Dream.

ambas latino dating

Lucille Roybal-Allard was born and raised in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California, and since has represented her district, which has the largest Hispanic majority in the nation.

She was the first Latina elected to Congress and the first woman to chair the Hispanic Caucus. Her career in Congress has given her a reputation as consensus builder and supporter of social legislation. Proud of her Mexican roots, she thinks the Latino population is not just a minority group. Cuban-born Sanchez arrived in Texas at age six when his family escaped the Castro regime.

Hispanic Houstonians came to recognize his father's voice as the Spanish radio announcer for the Colt. Heading for his second bid for the mayoralty of Houston this fall, Sanchez has many convinced he'll triumph this time around to become the city's first Hispanic mayor. Sanchez made an extraordinary showing in the mayoral race ofcoming within 10, votes of incumbent Lee Brown.

ambas latino dating

His strong performance in that race stimulated widespread interest among GOP leaders eager to court the Hispanic electorate, who urged the year-old Republican to run for Congress.