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amy pollock dating

Re: Abby Pollock. Post by cat29» Sun Apr 16, am. HoardganizedJen wrote: I feel like a lot of what she said on the Doctor's was not made for the. Mar 15, The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. Instagram star and fitness model Abby Pollock is proud of. Feb 1, Abby Pollock is another Insta-famous fit chick from Toronto, Canada, who's using side-by-side pics to show how simple it is to get the perfect.

Figure skating had been my main focus until first-year university when my school schedule started to get a little crazy. Skating was taking up too much time and left me feeling stressed out! I stopped skating in Fall and started lifting weights and making more conscious food choices in December I was seeing changes in my body that I never thought possible…a butt?!

My lifestyle changed to let me fill the void left by quitting skating, while balancing the demands of studying engineering full time. Where does your motivation come from? I strive to continuously challenge myself in all aspects of life. I like juggling school, fitness, and my personal life, along with their respective goals.

To me, nothing is more satisfying than achieving my goals and then going on to pursue even greater challenges. What are your next goals?

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My main focus for the next few years is on working towards my IFBB pro card. I see competitions as single-day celebrations of this newfound way of life; the way I feel is the real reward. What is your training routine like? My main focus is on improving the conditioning of my backside to match the front, particularly in my legs and glutes. I was hesitant to make the switch to this style of training but it has allowed for enough rest time and no cardio.

My favorite exercises are variations of more standard ones that my coach has made up. We do a lot of work with different planes of motion, resistance profiles, and timing. I knew she was a keeper when she got nerdy on our first session together and started talking about the moment arms in my stiff-legged deadlifts!

Have you had to overcome any obstacles to get where you are today? Since starting this lifestyle I have become a much more purpose-driven person. Every action I take is with my goals in mind.

Having less time has forced me to eliminate the non-valued added experiences from my life. If a situation is not benefitting me, whether its a relationship or activity, I feel free to take it or leave it. I now realize what I am capable of and that I am responsible for creating my success whether bodybuilding-related, or otherwise.

I very rarely have cardio in my plan. Instead, we get my heart rate up by reducing rest times and working supersets into my training.

The Stairmaster is great because I can play around with different step timing, distance, direction, emphasis…you get the idea. I like to dance on the Stairmaster.

By obstacle course training, think military or Spartan race style courses.

amy pollock dating

I did a few Spartan races last summer and loved how they included tests of both endurance and strength in their courses. This meant that, while studying and completing regular cardio workouts, Abby was only consuming around to 1, calories per day. On a typical day during her lowest points she would only have a vegetable smoothie for breakfast then eat a small salad for lunch and dinner, all while working out hard.

This news, combined with some issues in her love life caused Abby to look for a way out of her suffering. She wanted to feel stronger and healthier and more able to deal with her issues. As a result, Abby gradually increased her caloric intake to 2, calories per day.

amy pollock dating

Through building a proper workout routine and eating properly, she managed to transform her body completely. She realized that through lifting heavy weights, she could build the physique she actually wanted rather than looking thin and unhealthy through starving herself.

Once she had built a fan base on Instagram, she began to use this page to post motivational videos and images. For Abby, she believed that it was ideal platform to help other women who were struggling with their weight.

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As a result of her popularity, she then began to produce videos on YouTube to get her face out there. This allowed her to reach out to an entirely new audience, and by she had gathered overfollowers.

After discussing a new plan with her trainer, she cut back to two shorter cardio sessions per week. As well as cardio workouts, she also began lifting heavy weights with the intention of building genuine muscle tone. As she began to complete these sessions, she noticed impressive gains in her glutes and quads. She was building the body that she had always dreamed of, with the weighted exercises she had always feared.