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Andrea Savage of truTV's 'I'm Sorry' is my personal hero

andrea savage dating

7 hours ago 'I'm Sorry' starring Andrea Savage and Tom Everett Scott returns to truTV for its second season Jan. 9. Season 1 is now available on Netflix. Dec 5, Andrea Savage is a talented American actress, writer, and producer. Unlike other celebrities, there is no rumor of Savage dating anyone at. Andrea Kristen Savage (born February 20, ) is an American actress, comedian, and writer known for her roles in projects such as Step Brothers, the.

Taking center stage as a heightened version of herself, Savage steered her semi-autobiographical show's first season through the anecdotes of her real life, adding in other stories from her writers room along the way.

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What resulted was an unapologetic and fresh five hours of quality comedy, centered around—dare I say it—a bonafide role model. Watching Andrea wait in line for a cup of coffee could give most 30 Rock hijinks a run for their money.

Throughout I'm Sorry's first season, Andrea and her husband Mike, played by Tom Everett Scott, face relatively run-of-the-mill obstacles, situations, and people. Living in Los Angeles and raising their young daughter, the pair copes with a healthy combination of successes and hiccups, none of which are particularly noteworthy.

I’m Sorry’s Andrea Savage answers your burning questions

Okay, the ass cubes thing was of note. As a result, the comedic beats of the show are delivered almost entirely through the cutting observations and witty back and forths of its imperfect, but lovable characters.

andrea savage dating

Under the harsh spotlight of a limited plot, I'm Sorry's edgy and tight dialogue rarely falters. Why should all of them be good on TV?

Andrea Savage Is Married! Compares Real Life and On-Screen Husband And They Are Kind Of Same

Because a lot of ones in real life really are terrible. So this is what she puts up to in her married life! She has never been fond of expressing the details about her marital life and the identity of her husband in front of the public, which is why no major details can be added in this segment regarding her husband.

andrea savage dating

But this is something which will be updated as soon as any sort of details surface. But despite the discreet nature of her when it comes to her married life, it is known that she is a mother in real life too. Before she met her present-day husband Mike, Andrea got involved in plenty of public as well as a private relationship with numerous man. Inspired by her real life as an alumni of the Groundlings, Savage portrays a comedy writer who is occasionally hampered by an improv-honed, inappropriate mind as she and her husband Tom Everett Scott navigate Los Angeles' awkward moments as adults and parents.

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Reached by phone the day after she first saw her face on a bus ad for "I'm Sorry" while driving with her mother "I screamed," she saidSavage talked about her new series. How did this show come together?

I had an idea for wanting to do one of those single point-of-view shows that was like kind of playing a version of yourself and based on your life. I developed a lot of shows over the years and script development and. I really was just getting a little weary of the mom roles that were coming to me as I was approaching 40 and was like, "Why does every mom role have to be married and sexless and boring, or a terrible mother?

I have funny stories that have to do with parenting but also have nothing to do with parenting.

andrea savage dating

I wanted to show a female character on TV that I had never seen before. Usually in half-hour comedies, there's the wacky husband and the disapproving spouse. This series flips it on its head. It was sort of [the idea], but also as we go along in the series too [we didn't want to] give Tom [Everett Scott] the thankless spouse role either.

Andrea Savage Is Married! Compares Real Life and On-Screen Husband And They Are Kind Of Same

I didn't want to show a couple that has a child who have been together for awhile and are sick of each other. I really wanted it to be like they still like each other and get a kick out of each other. Tom Everett Scott and Andrea Savage.